Rightwingers Pushing a Stupid “Child Sex Trafficking” Movie

I forget what’s it’s called but you can read about it. The people pushing it are rightwing idiots, Trumpist fascists. They are in deep with the Pizzagate BS whereby an elite group of pedophiles (in the US they just so happen to be high ranking members of the Democratic Party) traffic in “children” all over the globe.

They supposed harvest “adrenochrome” from these kids’ adrenal glands and most of them are Satanists. Problem is I’m not aware of any evidence that any of these maniacs ever harvested this “adrenochrome” from any kids’ adrenal glands and I’m not aware of any cases of any humans using this human chemical as some sort of a drug to get high. Anything’s possible but you know, extraordinary claims…etc.

The rightwing psychos who made this movie are all over the Net saying that “Hollywood tried to stop us from making this movie” I guess because Hollywood is the “child sex trafficking hub” of the world or something. I’m not sure how true that is. Anyway this Pizzagate BS has exploded to the point where a vast percentage of Republicans think that “Democrat” is synonymous with “Satanist pedophile.” No, really. I’m not kidding.

The movie is supposedly based on this “child sex trafficking case” down in Colombia that sounds a lot scarier than it really is.

Yes they had kids, boys and girls both, all the way down to age 11. Yes they were kept as prisoners or sex slaves and not allowed to leave. However, if you watch the undercover video of the “kids” at a (cop sting) sex party that was supposed to go down (but got raided by cops before it started), you will notice that almost every girl you can see in that video (though their faces are blurred) more or less looks like a woman or at least an older teenager.

Few if any look like little children. The video explains via weasel words that 54 “kids” between ages 11 and 18 were at the  party. Never mind that an 18 year old isn’t a kid in Colombia or anywhere else, but have no fear, the feminists are working on it, and soon these shrews and hags will make it so 18 year old girls will be little children too!

Anyway, the fine print. I was confused because those girls looked more like women than little girls. Turns out that 25 of the 54 were 18 years old! See, the drew the line up to 18 for a reason – to make it sound scarier and more evil! There are photos of these girls after the place got raided and they all look like very young women or at the very least, older teenagers.

So there’s nothing here but bullshit. Yes, a bunch of very young women, age 18, were apparently kept as sex slaves and trafficked to men. That’s lamentable but it’s nothing like this “little kiddie sex trafficking” bullshit that they’re peddling it as.

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5 thoughts on “Rightwingers Pushing a Stupid “Child Sex Trafficking” Movie”

  1. I believe elite sexuality is different, going back to ancient times.

    Pizzagate was fishy. I wouldn’t point to it as proof but it raised eyebrows.

    The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives sexually might be homosexuality. I went to a Green Party meeting as a young man and the gays there were happy to see me.

  2. There’s sort of a latecomer vibe. Neocons are just starting to get hip to conspiracy theories that Alex Jones was talking about years ago. Almost every older woman I know is a conspiracy theorist now. Years ago, not a one.

    Leftists can be conspiracy theorists too.

    I don’t believe the woke are capable though.

    A distrust of Jews is also not uncommon. Yet another path to anti-Semitism. On YouTube years ago I was told something to the effect of “conspiracy theories are OK, so long as they don’t involve Jews.”

    Though now much more is off-limits.

  3. I used to roll my eyes at conspiracy theorists and their Nazi paranoia. I was like “Yeah right, no way Jews are Nazis.” With recent events, I do believe some Nazi elements survived in the West. Nazis bowing to Jews or Jews bowing to Nazis seems all too real now. It’s like hating Nazis might’ve just been a mask in the West. What the Western elites really hate at their core is Commies.

    Alex Jones used to say Arabs own the media I said, “Yeah right, Jews own the media.”
    I may have underestimated Arab influence too with the Saudi-PGA merger. Though Jews seem to dominate, they aren’t the only one who can.

  4. Back in the day, Jew-friendly conspiracy theorists were seen as a lower tier, but they got more exposure due to not being banned. Now I think they just ban all conspiracy theories. Originally Anon was respected. then they had a glownigger Anon the was more PC.

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