What’s Really Going on in Haiti


Washington is getting ready to invade Haiti as it has done so many times in the past. As always the invasion will be done to prevent a people’s uprising or revolution in the country.

I read with great interest the articles describing the gang wars in Haiti and the US’ desire to invade the country to restore order. As the US never invades anywhere to stop crime, it seemed fake. Nevertheless, there were reports of a lot of gang violence going on. I knew there had to be something fishy going on though because the US imperial state never engages in any foreign military action for a good reason as a general rule. There’s always some sleazy imperial motive behind every single thing the Pentagon does.

It turns out that the apparel industry is applauding this looming invasion. But what would they care about rampant crime? Probably nothing.

The article above is interesting because it shows how fiercely the US fought when Haiti tried to raise the minimum wage from $1/day to $5/day. We finally settled on $3/day. I know that the US invaded Haiti to unseat the democratically elected president (elected with 92

Then we sent in Blackwater mercenaries to get rid of Aristide. They knocked on his door in the middle of the night armed with automatic weapons and told him his government was no longer and he was leaving the country. Aristide had no choice but to go. Afterwards, the new rightwing government rampaged through the ghettos, murdering 3,000 Aristide supporters. The Aristide supporters started fighting back and of course the US can’t have that, so we called in the UN. The disgusting UN is simply the handmaiden of US imperialism for some time now. A number of countries sent troops to Haiti as part of this fake “peacekeeping force” which was really sent to attack the Aristide supporters fighting back against fascist death squads.

The fake new government installed by the US then passed a new law banning Aristide from ever returning to Haiti and banning his political party, Lavalas. Keep in mind that 92

Yes, there have been very bad gang wars in Haiti, but the US has never cared about that there or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, the invasion to stage a coup to throw out Aristide was done on the basis of “stopping the chaos” as Aristide’s Haiti was supposedly descending into chaos. It wasn’t but even if it was, that was a fake reason for the US going in there.

However, recently there has been a truce between at least half the gangs in Port au Prince led by Jimmy Cherizier who created a new organization called the Revolutionary Forces of the G9 Family and Allies or FRG9.

He gathered many of the gangs together, got them to stop fighting, and created a leftwing revolutionary organization, FRG9. They kept their guns but they would now use them in service of revolution. They also vowed to stop all violent crime in the city. So the FRG9 also became the police.

As soon as the FRG9 was formed, propaganda articles started appearing in the West calling Cherizier a terrorist and accusing the FRG9 of robbery, rape, murder, and mayhem. As the FRG9 was formed via a truce among gangs and serves as a police force to fight violent crime, this is undoubtedly a lie. The US ambassador started threatening Cherizier. The French ambassador did likewise. This is when all of the articles about out of control gang violence started appearing in the Western press – after a gang truce that saw the gangs unite to fight violent crime!

The intervention is now on the way. The gang violence excuse is just another of America’s endless imperial lies as it’s dropped dramatically. We actually are going in there to stop this left revolutionary force, the FRG9, in its tracks.

Whew! It took me so long to figure this out! See how hard it is to understand the world when all of the Western governments and their controlled media are lying to you all the time. The truth is buried on obscure blogs and podcasts that are very hard to find. It took me over a year to find out the truth about what is going on here.

Obviously this intervention is being done to support US apparel manufacturers who run sweatshops where workers work in horrific conditions. I believe the Clintons even had an investment in one of these sweatshops that produced baseballs.

Even the members of the fake socialist Squad are on board with this Haiti invasion, including Ilhan Omar. See what I mean when I say there’s no real Left in the US?

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