Got Involved with an Extremely Perverted Woman Recently

I got involved with a really perverted woman recently. She was 29 years old and she had a severe older man fetish. She got involved at age 16 with an older man in his 60’s. It was all perfectly legal as the AOC was 16 in that state. She wanted me to come live with her and the girls but didn’t want to, and also she was fat, and I’m not into fatties.

When I first talked to her on the Net, she talked about her two young daughters, nine and 13, who were outside sunbathing. She referred to them as “a couple of tarts.” That seemed pretty weird to be sexualizing her young daughters that way, but you would be amazed at how many perverted women are into quasi-child molestation. They usually have a thousand kinks and this is just one more perverted kink for them.

This woman had been filmed in a gangbang with five men.

The had been double penetrated quite a few times.

She wanted me to fuck her ass just as much as her pussy because she was an anal sex freak. I’m really dubious about that sex act unless they clean themselves out first and this woman refused to clean herself out, so I wasn’t into it.

She was into all sorts of insane perverted stuff.

She wanted me to piss all over her and even piss in her mouth so she could drink it. She referred to herself as a “human toilet.” She wanted me to piss in her ass and in her pussy, which I think it really weird.

She was as submissive as they come, a total filthy slut (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) She was also bisexual and had had sex with women a couple of times, mostly to turn on guys. But she was basically a straight woman.

She and her two daughters, nine and 13, walked around the house naked all the time and laid on the bed naked relaxing. I assume that’s all perfectly legal. the mother “gave the girls baths” in the bathtub. However, she told me that she “washed the girls all over.” I have no idea if that’s legal or not. They also routinely showered together. If one was in the shower, usually one more would join them. I’m not going to say if I got in the shower with either of those girls. Is that legal? I have no idea.

You’d walk into the bedroom and she and the 13 year old would be sprawled out on the bed naked. I was definitely over there when they were all walking around naked and I assume that’s legal. Right?

I’m not going to say if I took my clothes off too and participated in their nudist household. For one, I’m not even sure if that’s legal. If you get involved with a woman with a couple of young daughters who has a nudist household, do you get to walk around naked in front of all of them?

I’m not going to say anything else about this except that I didn’t have sex with those girls and I was very careful not to touch them in illegal ways. Of course I touched them, patted them on the back and on the top of the head and even hugged them a few times. I assume that’s perfectly legal.

The mother wanted me to bathe the girls in the bathtub. I’m not going to say if I did that or not, but if I did, I was real careful where I touched them, though their perverted mother instructed me to bathe them “all over.”

I also went to a nude beach with the mother and her daughters. That’s certainly legal.

The mother said she wanted me to “break in” the 13 year old, but I said we needed to wait until she was 16, the age of consent in that state. She agreed. WTF. She wants me to “break in” her 16 year old daughter, that is, instruct her in how to have sex? Probably while the mother is watching? LOL it sounds like a dream. That’s like something right out of a porno movie.

Look at the lives we Chads get to live, even in our 60’s! I would have done it too because the AOC in that state was 16. I have no qualms about having sex with a perfectly legal 16 or 17 year old girl, even at my age!

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4 thoughts on “Got Involved with an Extremely Perverted Woman Recently”

    1. I think he was right. The female sex drive is like a dormant volcano. But when it erupts! Get out of the fucking way!

  1. Biggest freak I met was also on the fat side. She wanted to be drugged and fucked while unconscious. Female sexuality is something else.

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