About These “Bisexual” Women

Most of these “bisexual” women aren’t even really bi. They’re just straight women who have sex with women sometimes, mostly just to turn on guys. I’ve had a few of them tell me this is the only way they will have sex with a woman. Three of them referred to it as “performative lesbianism.”

I had a 65 year old girlfriend recently. She said, “You have a wandering dick,” which is a fact of course. She said, “Do you want me to get you a girlfriend?” WTF. Your own girlfriend offers to bring another woman around for you so she can be your girlfriend too! She also offered to bring another woman around so they could put on lesbian sex shows for me.

She had done this before when she was in a 3-way live-in relationship with her, her husband, and another woman. She wasn’t into women at all and in fact she even ridiculed lesbians and called them “carpet munchers.” And she ate pussy herself! WTF.

I met a 23 year old woman recently with an older man thing. She offered to bring another young woman around for me. “We’ll eat each other’s pussies while begging you to fuck us.” She also said she was into “performative lesbianism” and she wasn’t much turned on by women.

I’m convinced that most “bisexual” woman are just straight women who are not much into women at all but have sex with women just to turn on guys.

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3 thoughts on “About These “Bisexual” Women”

  1. I believe pornstars are about the same as your average American woman. The difference is certainly less than it used to be.

  2. So-called lesbians offer sex to guys.

    They seem to love White betas. They might fuck an alpha but they generally don’t want White men overshadowing them, which is easy for a the man to do.

    Lesbian ideal look is to look like a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Have you seen him as a girl:


    Even now he’s a standout in AI generated gender swaps:


    Most lesbians look more like Jared Fogle. It’s amazing how many look like the same pudgy short-haired bitch.

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