There’s No Such Crime as Child Rape

I always thought there were two different crimes, child molesting and child rape.

Most of the time adults have sex with small children (under age 13), we call it child molesting. It’s a perfectly good term that’s been in use forever, though it’s not used much anymore as it’s been idiotically replaced with “pedophilia,” as in, “the crime of pedophilia,” or “they’re trying to legalize pedophilia.”

First of all, pedophilia’s not a crime. It’s not against the law to be a pedophile. Pedophilia is simply a particular way of thinking or a sexual orientation where the person, almost always a man, is primarily attracted to small children and has little or no attraction to mature persons.

It’s obviously not against the law to have this sexual orientation, and quite a few adults, probably 3

Once again, most sex between adults and small children has typically been called child molestation. It’s generally though not always consensual on the part of the child because children don’t understand what sex is, so they typically just go along with it.

I always thought there was a separate crime called child rape, typically involving a stranger, often an abduction, extreme coercion via force or the threat of force, often the use of a weapon, and not infrequently physical harm or the death of the child. Turns out there’s no such crime and all of the laws against “child rape” or “rape of a child” simply describe run of the mill child molestation. I don’t think it’s helpful to the victims to refer to this crime in this matter. It probably makes the victim of molestation a lot worse.

To tell the truth, a lot of people who go down on child molestation are really going down on child rape because molestation is not always consensual. I’ve talked to a couple of women who fought back against it and had to be raped or assaulted, one by her brother and another by her father. I’ve talked to another woman who told me she used to cry when her father molested her. Later she started liking it and going along with it, but at first she hated it.

As you can see, most child molestation is in the family, and the family member, almost always a male, is typically not a pedophile. In fact they are typically no more pedophilic than you, me, or anyone else. About 80


I did some research and there’s no such crime as child rape. All of child rape now simply refers to child molestation, which is a mischaracterization because rape should only refer to force or the threat of force. If the child goes along with it or even enjoys it, then it should be called molestation.

Arguments that all child molestation is really child rape are vacuous. Molestation is a crime because while little children can consent psychologically and typically do just that, they cannot consent legally because according to the law, a child is not allowed to consent to sexual activity with an adult. This is done to protect children from adults who molest them, and I’m not opposed to it at all.

The latest term is “child sexual abuse” and it’s dumb. It’s tied in with psychological, verbal, and physical abuse.

The problem is the last three all involve some sort of aggression or violence against the person, be psychological, verbal, or physical. These are attacks. They are indeed abuse because they are attacks or assaults against a child. The problem is that “child sexual abuse” typically does not involve aggression or violence. It’s not even correct to characterize it as an attack or an assault because there’s often no hatred or contempt involved. These emotions drive all abuse. In other words, there’s no abuse without hatred, contempt, bullying, or sadism.

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One thought on “There’s No Such Crime as Child Rape”

  1. The world is full of blind hatred of pedos. I’ve been there. I was a noble knight defending chaste White women and children for the longest time. Robert gave me a heart to heart on pedos, and I’ve laid off them since.

    Pedos may be the most acceptable group to hate. The far Right might hate them even more. I seemed to meet more pedo hunters there than elusive Jew or Black hunters.

    Some comments on a nearby case:

    As we can see, many want to call anything with kids rape. Even lesbianism which’s barely foreplay.

    I’m not going to fully go to bat for pedos. It seems like a waste of energy, but so too is the extreme paranoia and hatred of them.

    The bitch accused of child rape by Normies is pretty homely. It’s sort of a Western White loser tax. I have little in common with this woman. I think a lot of NAMs do this a lot too. No big deal in the ghetto, so I’m told.

    No country for Old White Men. My issue is Wokies are upset that James Bond was fucking younger women. They don’t even want me, Lindsay, Pacino, or De Niro fucking younger legal women. Piss off.

    Old school White supremacy would’ve shielded us from this BS. “Don’t fuck with him, that’s a White man.” Even some non-Whites taken in and adopted by Whites would have that privilege. “That’s Master Gump’s boy, don’t fuck with him.” Despite it’s ugliness, White supremacy was better for us old White men. Anyone that doesn’t like it is free to leave European/offshoot lands and go back to their own self-made Hell.

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