The Israeli Government Is Shockingly Honest about How They Report on the Internal Conflict in Their Land

I actually have some respect for the Israeli government because while they carry out massive lie operations that rocket from one end of the globe to the other, sucking in everyone, they are actually quite honest most of the time. For instance, the nuclear missile attack on Beirut disguised as a fireworks, no, Hezbollah weapons factory explosion. Which is it? See how the story changed all the time? Real stories don’t do that. If it’s changing into a new story every time you wake up, it’s a false flag or fake attack.

Also a team from Veterans Today arrived at Beirut airport the next day with Geiger counters and radiation detection equipment. They were denied entry to the attack site!

However, most of the time regarding the low level guerrilla war on the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel, the Israeli state is remarkably honest. It’s amazing because they’re Jews and Jews have a well-deserved reputation for lying like rugs (not that there aren’t some quite honest Jews out there, like our commenter Honest Guy for instance).

If Israel says that a Palestinian was shot dead while trying to carry out a knife attack or a run-over operation on a soldier, you can be assured that that’s what happened. They seem to report their casualties accurately, but there are many times when the Palestinians at the scene say they inflicted KIA and WIA on the Israeli Army, and nothing gets reported. The Palestinians say that these combat deaths get reported as accidents of various sorts. Wouldn’t that come out sooner or later?

Most of the people killed in the invasions of towns and cities were indeed shooting at Israeli soldiers. See all those reports of Israel “killing kids?” LOL those “kids” were teenage boys shooting automatic weapons at Israeli soldiers. That’s the part that the Palestinians are leaving out.

Attacks conducted inside Israel are reported in a straightforward fashion and all elements of the story are factual.

They’re even honest about Syrian air defense missiles that go astray and rockets from Lebanon.

In a recent fight there were rockets launched out of Lebanon. Now Israel could easily have lied like snakes and said Hezbollah did it, but we knew that was not true. Instead Israel said that Hamas had fired the missiles inside Lebanon and Hezbollah had only granted permission. They could have so easily lied about that but they didn’t!

One thing that they do not report is when they shoot at medics and doctors who go out to try to assist the wounded. Israel has killed a couple of these medical workers. That’s damn dirty. Also when Israel wounds Palestinians near Israeli forces, Israel refuses to allow Red Crescent ambulances to come to the scent to rescue the wounded. Pretty low-down and sleazy.

They do take prisoners alive and they don’t execute them after they detain them. Extreme torture is probably not common but I recently heard of a case where a Palestinian suspect was arrested and beaten so severely in custody that he suffered massive internal organ damage and had to be sent to the hospital. So in this case they would have beaten a POW to death.

Considering that almost every country that fights a counterinsurgency, especially in their own country, fights in an unbelievably cruel, dirty, and war-criminal style, it’s quite shocking that Israel goes about this in such a relatively civilized fashion. Who else gives people five minutes to leave a building before they bomb it? No one.

Of course I absolutely despise Israel, but I believe in giving credit where it’s due. The question is why Israel is so honest about how they report this war. I think it is because they have such a bad reputation with so many people and countries that they have a PR problem which makes them very sensitive to how they come across. Getting caught in endless lies is bad PR. I’m just guessing here. Also Israel likes to play the role of the “civilized party” in this conflict, a designation that is sadly not without merit.

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6 thoughts on “The Israeli Government Is Shockingly Honest about How They Report on the Internal Conflict in Their Land”

  1. Jews in town have “Peace on the Middle East” on their sign near their synagogue.

    I’ve seen a Jew, Muslim, and Christian talk. The Christian really took a passive role. Christianity has become a Jewish bitch in a way. There’s softness in Christian DNA. I wonder if it’s softness towards Jews especially. Christianity’s all through a Jewish filter now. Once I got out of Catholic school, a teacher stated that Christianity was a slave’s religion. Even after Jews Christianity is submissive to other faiths. Much of this is modern but Christianity had sunk pretty low on the totem for whatever reason.

  2. Wikipedia:

    Goldfinger (the Bond film) was banned in Israel after it was revealed that Fröbe (actor who played Goldfinger) had been a member of the Nazi Party. However, he left the party before the outbreak of World War II. After several years, the ban was lifted, as it was found that Fröbe likely saved the lives of two Jews by hiding them in his basement during the war.

    I think Israelis are straight shooters, and some Jewish stereotypes may not apply to them. As a Jewish Nazi character said referring to Israelis: “Those aren’t Jews.”

    I wonder how many Nazis were hiding Jews from Jew-hunter types. Maybe it’s a minority but it seems like more than a few

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