One thought on “Remember: Ukrainians Are the Good Nazis”

  1. Tats are not always reflection of the core person. I’ll say many will rock Swazis or whatever and not be Nazis. Robert knows this as a former punk (rocker). Some anti-fascist punks might look like Nazis. I think some believe it’s badass to mention anything “Nazi” in some songs, even if it’s anti-Nazi. I’ve watched biker gang documentaries, and some of them use Nazi symbols for shock value and to be badass. Ukraine is so odd. Yeah, there’s Nazism going on but also stuff Nazis wouldn’t approve of.

    Women are followers.

    One pornstar has Nazi tats. She’s done Blacks and fecal porn since, perhaps as punishment. I recall she got the tats because of her boyfriend. She adopted some Nazi things for her bf then then a hairy porn director wearing a speedo and gold star of David chain walked her into a dark room…

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