Analysis of TG and Sissy Thought Reform as Demonstrated by a Redditor

From a Reddit group called TGandSissyRecovery.

This sub is a support group for those struggling with TG and Sissy porn addictions.

It deals with the sissy phenomenon. These men are not autogynephiles. They are not transsexuals. They are not ROGD people. They do not experience gender dysphoria. They are not homosexuals. The onset was not in early childhood or around puberty. Instead these are straight men who have developed an adult-onset sex kink or paraphilia caused by pornography in which they imagine themselves as women getting fucked by men in a sexualized fantasy.

Just to make things incredibly more complex, actual literal autogynephiles also often have these sissy fantasies and there are a fair number of folks who are just gay men who get into this too.

It’s all rather complex and it might take you a while to wrap your head around it. I’m talking to one of these guys right now. He’s really interesting and he’s unbelievably nice. He’s already changed my mind about these folks and trannies in general. My new views is if this is what makes you happy and gets you off, then it’s a good thing.

I copy-pasted a link from the group here. It is a breakdown of the sissy phenomenon from the point of view of someone critical of it.

I’m going to break down how thought reform worked on a specific individual based on their post. Screenshot here, and by quoting his original post:

For a bit of context I’m currently a 21 year old trans girl. I’m not on HRT or anything yet, but I plan to get on it one day when I am able to.

Anyway, to get into it, I started off like many of you. I saw some harmless MtF or feminization captions and was intrigued. I thought “Hey, looking at that makes me feel so good. Let’s masturbate to that more.” At first I didn’t feel shame with the TG captions I was jerking too.

But one day I stumbled upon a sissy hypno video and that sent me message after message saying I should wear bras and panties and be a girl. I felt overwhelmed and ashamed when I came. I thought, “I’m a guy I shouldn’t enjoy this it’s just a bit of harmless fun.”

So, firstly we have a young man here, 21 years old. He does not state he is gay or bisexual, though at the time of the post he identifies as a transgender girl. Not that he is one, but that he identifies as one.

While browsing pornography he came across some “harmless” MtF captions and/or feminization captions and got jolt of dopamine. As he states, it makes him feel good so he masturbated to it. He is explicit in mentioning that he felt no shame. He was simply horny and found something that was transgressive and resulted in a strong jolt of dopamine, different from what he usually masturbated to.

One day while seeking stronger dopamine jolts, he came across a particular “hypno” video that really got him off – but also had reality kick in post-orgasm. He knew there was a line he had crossed. “It was just harmless fun,” he states, but you do not feel shame from harmless fun. Again, he does not state he is gay or bisexual – but he does like a strong jolt of dopamine provided by transgressive taboo-breaking in some form (as a great, great many people do).

For years it was on and off, watching sissy porn, buying something femme, purging, trying to only watch straight porn for ages and ages. But I just couldn’t enjoy it. I always came back to trans or sissy porn, specifically transformation porn. There was just something about it that drew me back all the time.

Here he discusses taking further steps: watching sissy porn, financial involvement in his fetish, then purging (which is attached to shame and attempt to gain self-control), then trying to engage with heterosexual porn. He found difficulty enjoying it as it does not provide as strong a transgressive taboo breaking jolt of dopamine. That “I shouldn’t do this…” type of naughty feeling.

He understands he’s not gay or bisexual and that he’s emotionally and sexually attracted to women – but he’s already desensitized himself to typical heterosexual pornography. Most men can remember how naughty and transgressive it felt the first time they saw a naked or partially naked women. But now he is partially desensitized to it, yet he still wants that dopamine hit. He’s biologically wired for it.

So, he continually returns to the taboo-transgressing porn of his choice. Think of it like someone on a diet who gets tired of it and regularly goes back to junk food three or four times a week.

Sissy and trans porn had unlocked something inside of me. A desire I had hidden since I was a child. Thinking back, now there was clear signs that I wished I was a girl.

Even before I started having any sexual thoughts I used to get sad watching girls’ toys or clothes adverts on TV because “Boys won’t be able to get that” and then in school I remember having thoughts wishing I was born a girl multiple times but then ignoring them and burying them deep. But the porn I stumbled across had dug a little scratch at the surface that was getting harder and harder to ignore.

Here, we get into gnosis or “revealed knowledge”. The first key here is where he says he had something “unlocked” inside him – meaning, prior to this revelation, it was locked inside him. Gnosiological “revealed knowledge” is not empirical knowledge. It’s not based on science or reason.

You simply KNOW it at one point and did not know it previously. It is similar type of “knowledge” that people who say “God told me” speak of, or in the “I read the Bible, I believe in it,” or “In the Bible it’s written, so, yeah, God ‘told me’,” manner but in the “God revealed this truth to me in a manner, trust me bro, I KNOW.” manner.

At this point, he starts to re-write his history based on this “revealed knowledge”: he claims he had a desire hidden since his childhood (one he never knew or thought of, but was always there). With this “revealed knowledge” as his lens, he mentally combs over his memory and starts viewing himself differently.

A young child’s harmless thought about clothing advertisements turns into confirmation of his newly received bias. It now has meaning. It was a SIGN that something was “locked away” inside him since childhood. Likewise, childhood thoughts of what it would’ve been like if you’d been born the other sex, thoughts that are relatively common among both sexes (common curiosity, noticing of differences, perceived advantages and disadvantages, etc.) become more “proof” that his “revealed knowledge” is real and that he had to bury it.

But! His newfound pornographic fetish that provided him with powerful dopamine hits, well, it wasn’t fetishistic or enjoying a perversion – that’d be a bad thing, it was actually something locked away inside him!

I still of course felt ashamed and in denial over this. I stopped watching porn all together and started focusing on my life. I had got too addicted I told myself. But when I started trying to live my life as a man again I was just depressed for months and months.

Until one day my girlfriend was teasing me calling me a good girl, and I just gave in and let her and enjoyed it. That opened the flood gates. I asked all my online friends to call me a girl and use a new name for me.

Here he pivots back to the shame and denial. His rational mind knows he’s lying to himself. He’s fairly lost control of his ability to orgasm: not enough dopamine and either no orgasm or not a very potent one. So he stopped watching pornography period. He clearly states his recognition that he had gotten “too addicted.” He viewed himself as “not being a man” while engaging in his pornographic thought-reform induced fetish.

The thought being reformed was the rational part of himself that recognized his pornography addiction, the fetishistic style it took, and the natural regret and shame for losing control of his sexual pleasure. Of course, he stopped getting the large and regular dopamine hits he found himself addicted to, and once cutting them off, he felt depressed. This is a natural thing when cutting off from a pleasurable substances like alcohol or drugs but it applies to dopamine as well.

His rational and logical mode of thought was being reformed to believe instead in his “revealed knowledge”, and eventually while being teased about being a “good girl” by his girlfriend, he threw in the towel. It felt good, he liked it, he wanted more. Like an alcoholic falling off the wagon. At which point he started asking his online friends to refer to him as a girl and use a new name for him, presumably a feminine one, to feed his addiction, which was tied to his thought reform.

I had always been a girl my whole life. I should’ve been born one. Being a woman is my destiny. The sissy fetish under the guise of “I was being made to do it by hypno” let me explore myself when I was in denial because I could just blame how I felt on the hypno. But the point is my gender and sexuality are mine, the hypno didn’t make me do it.

So if you feel a certain way and want to be more feminine and/or you like men or women as well from watching sissy porn then don’t feel ashamed. Even if you end up deciding something isn’t for you then that’s ok too. Experimentation is important when you’re exploring you gender and sexuality. As long as it isn’t something permanent there’s always the option to live your life any way you want.

“I had always been a girl my whole life” is his gnosis. He simply KNOWS that he has ALWAYS been a girl. The fact that he’s a man, a development was to create sperm and not to carry eggs, has a girlfriend, and is heterosexual, all rational thoughts… gone. Out the window. He was just secretly a girl and didn’t know it. “I should’ve been born one” does not make any sense in this context – how can you have “always been a girl” but “should have been born one” if you always have been one?

Note: he does not refer to a crippling gender dysphoria in his childhood. He does not recount having any thoughts of how his body is wrong, his body disturbs him, has an irrational and powerful dislike of his genitals, or anything that is associated with genuine transgenderism. He had a thought about a TV advertisement and regular, innocent thoughts as a child about the grass being greener on the other side for the opposite sex (something both sexes regularly think of a few times during childhood).

Rather than admit that he has a pornography addiction to taboo-transgressing fetish (Boring! Guy’s who have that are bad! He’s not bad, and he’s not perverted!), he instead hides in his “revealed knowledge” that he was always a girl. Therefore it’s only rational that upon witnessing thought reform gender pornography that he was actually, really a girl this whole time and didn’t know it. He tries to apply rationality to his gnosis, stating “… the point is my gender and sexuality are mine, the hypno didn’t make me do it.”

He is relying on the concept of a genuinely gay man coming to the realization that he is sexually and romantically attracted to men as he matures, an immutable characteristic, and claiming that his “revealed knowledge” is the same thing, but in a completely different matter. He’s always been a woman, always had this sexuality (despite who knows how many years of sexual and romantic interest in women, a girlfriend, etc.), it was just “locked” inside him until he had his revelation.

In this way he can openly acknowledge that “sissy hypno” doesn’t work, he was not hypnotized – that’s silly and not real – rather he came to accept an undeniably true fact about his very being. This is how he protects his cognition from reality and the rational part of his mind that was fully aware he was pornography-addicted and had a transgressive fetish.

He does not have to ask himself:

“What is more likely: that I have always secretly been a girl without knowing it OR that I’m one of the huge, gigantic proportion of men who have a kink or fetish in the only time in history where we’re have 24/7 access to virtually any kind of pornography we want at the tip of our fingers?”

He then goes on to tell others in his situation not to feel ashamed (he dealt with his shame by denying it any legitimacy due to his personal gnosis, his revealed knowledge): just enjoy your kink and/or fetish, if this one doesn’t give you the right amount of dopamine, try something else, just keep chasing that dragon until you’re sated.

Now I’ve accepted my gender and sexuality I honestly enjoy all kinds of porn now. Trans porn, sissy captions and hypno, even cishet straight porn gets me off now that I allow myself to jerk thinking about being in the girls position. The point is trust me when I say don’t deny how you feel. You’ll be way better off if you accept who you are and live your life truly how you want to. As always be safe in how you explore yourself though. 🥰

Rather than stating he’s accepted his “gender and sexuality” it would be more accurate to say he has “accepted his own personal revealed knowledge” rather than “accepting I’m fetish porn-addicted” and points to his growing experimentation with a variety of transgressive taboo-breaking pornography that provides a powerful dopamine hit.

His thought reform is at the level where he can “enjoy” “cishet” (adopting the slurs of indoctrinated gender cultists) porn as long as he subverts it by imagining himself as the woman, at which point it provides enough of a transgressive taboo that he can get the requisite amount of dopamine. When he states “… Trust me when I say don’t deny how you feel,” it is being used as “Be your true self! Your feelings can only be true! This is who you really are on the inside!”

It is being used as a euphemism – what is really being stated is, “Whatever gives you those big dopamine hits that give you strong orgasms is real. Don’t deny your pornography addiction, don’t deny your fetish!” His gnosis does not allow him to admit that – anyone who states that would be a bigot because they just don’t understand and he is really just a girl, even though he’s a man.

Admitting to reality when you’re so wrapped up in the delusion created by thought reform that he so clearly believes is reality would be crushing to his psyche, so he does not admit it and leans further into the delusion.

In closing, his statement of “You’ll be way better off if you accept who you are” plays on tolerance and acceptance for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals that is well understood and accepted, but what his “revealed knowledge” filter translates “Believe your kinks and fetishes define you and indulge in them excessively” into “You’ll be way better off if you accept who you are”.

The “sissy hypnosis” worked on him – it’s goal was never hypnosis as is commonly understood, it’s goal was thought reform, and the goal of this specific thought reform was to nudge individuals into locating gnosis, or having a “revelation.” This is how a normal, heterosexual man with a girlfriend ends up believing he was always a girl and identifies as transgender (not IS transgender): replacing reality based in rational logic with pseudo-reality based in cult doctrine (gender ideology).

He is not transgender in the sense most people understand the word, when applied to a male. He did not have debilitating “gender dysphoria” or body dysmorphia from a young age. He does not mention being disgusted by his genitals or body in any manner. He does not mention or touch on any of the things that would’ve gotten a DSM-IV diagnosis of “Gender Identity Disorder”.

Such people do exist, though they are extremely rare. Instead, he is identifying as someone in that situation, due to his gnosis, his revealed knowledge that was induced through thought-reform and reinforced by powerful dopamine surges provided progressive transgressive taboo breaking.

He is in essence using his fetish to pretend he’s the same thing as what’s described in the DSM-IV. You can think of “identifies as transgender” in the manner described above as “trans face” in the way people refer to “black face”, even if there is no negative intent behind it; rather, just a young and very confused man whose inability to accept reality has led to him embracing delusion to avoid cognitive dissonance.

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