18 thoughts on “When America Brings Freedom and Democracy to Your Country”

  1. This is not talked about enough but this article sheds light on an important angle and US military bases in other countries:

    The story of a black American Army private who ditched a tour of the DMZ and ran into North Korea has taken over the news cycle due to its novelty value, but the incident is an opportunity to discuss the anarchy and dysfunction the United States exports to its satellite states through its 750 overseas bases in 80 countries.


    1. Hey thank you very much! Yes I read half of that article. Problem is every time I write about that subject of Black men acting bad, I get called racist! So it makes me not want to write about these subjects, even though the article would be based on simple facts.

  2. It’s amazing how essential Blacks are to anti-racist Whites. I will get comments like “What about Morgan Freeman? Neil DeGrasse Tyson is smart, etc.” just walking by random White strangers. At times Whites’ defense of Blacks seems as paranoid as Jews’ defense of Jews.

    1. I will get comments like “What about Morgan Freeman? Neil DeGrasse Tyson is smart, etc.” just walking by random White strangers.

      I don’t understand. What do you mean?

      One more thing: these people apparently do not understand the law of averages.

      1. I walk by White strangers and they’ll say things like that to me. It’s odd. Happened to me recently near Lake Superior, very White area.

        1. Why would a White stranger say, “What about Morgan Freeman? Neil DeGrasse Tyson is smart, etc” to you when you are walking by them? Are you talking to someone else at the time about Black people?

          1. No, not sure what triggers that response. It’s a rare occurrence but it happens.

    2. I just got called “racist” again! This time in a text message. See why I don’t write about Blacks very often? I hate being called racist because I don’t hate Blacks at all or at least I do not wish to hate Blacks, let’s put it that way.

      There’s really not much of any way for me to write about this race honestly without getting called a racist. The only way to write about Blacks and not be called racist is to lie about them!

      1. You’re not racist.

        A lot of local Blacks seem hostile to Whites on social media. I really don’t like what they’re about. The most angry Black faces I see also have lighter skin, for whatever reason.

        Whites do way too much for Blacks. You’ve made me softer on Jews but I honestly haven’t heard a good argument for Blacks. The best ones we all know are culturally White.

        I guess they’re different, I can appreciate their uniqueness. They can be innocent. A religious guy I know tells them about miracles, and the Blacks are big believers. Of course there are racial and cultural reasons for that. At the end of the day the truth is racist against Blacks.

          1. This is actually a fact. To me it’s worth it though. I’m willing to pay Blacks to act better, which is pretty much what social programs are all about. Conservatives scream about them but I’ll tell you what – you take away those programs and see how they act. 100% certain that they will act far, far worse. So to me it’s worth it to bribe them with social programs to act better. Also there’s the human factor.

            Blacks have a right to survive, to have shelter, to have medical care, to have work, etc. As long as they are not in jail, they are deserving of all of these basics of life. I am willing to provide any Black person with the basic amenities of life no matter how they act. People say what about the ones that act bad. Sure, there are lots like this. Well, if they act bad, put them in jail if you catch them breaking the law. They’re acting bad but getting away with it? Oh well, then they still get the basics.

          2. I just got back from Walmart, and some Africans were throwing coins(dimes) at Whites. Some Whites were complaining about the red marks.

            Blacks from Africa are their own thing, and folks seem to have more run-ins with them. I suppose they’re the source of Black culture. MN folks are liberal but many may not be when it comes to Somalis.

            White punks can be dicks but it’s more social. I have a very White appearance and dress the part, so sometimes wigger types will mess with me because I look so White and nerdy. I’m pretty swole now but it’s happened. Wiggers may not respect Whiteness.

            Black men are less likely to mess with me socially.

            Black women seem to mess with me more than anyone. I was just checking out a girl in tight booty shorts at Walmart and her Black friend called me out on it. They were being followed by younger Blacks.

            I do treat Blacks different at times, I did not even look at this Black chick. Black women can be fiesty too, sort of like lesbians. Hitting a strong Black woman or tough-acting butch does seem like a lesser offense than breaking a little frail thing.

            Middle Eastern women were in the makeup area. For all their covering up, they’re sure into their looks.

  3. “People who reside in an area where Blacks are the majority tend to understand them better. Also, older Blacks tend to be more culturally assimilated to Whites. My Army father was stationed in Germany, and his Black buddy hated other Blacks. Military Blacks can also be very Whitewashed.

    Culturally Black Blacks tend to be more survivalist than Whites, as they naturally understand jungle law more than Whites do.

    Blacks are typically extroverts. This may make them appear more friendly, but deep down they only care about themselves. Just look at any Black leader in Africa.

    Blacks are dirtbags when no one is looking. Their image is often faked. They often carry many keys around to appear important, drive a caddie but have no house, etc.”

    One of mine.

  4. There’s at least a few types of Blacks. White-acting Blacks, Black-acting Blacks, and Fresh-off-the-ship Africans. There’s little wrong with the White-acting Black women I know. They just seem embarrassed by the basic Blacks’ poor behavior and likely have mixed emotions about their race.

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