I’m Against Ukraine Because Ukrainians Are Wicked Nazis

Never seen the US or the media project as much as they do now. Also never seen the US involved in so many false flag attacks. This whole Ukraine war has been one giant false flag attack after another. Disgusting.

That’s one more reason I refuse to support these Nazis. They’re basically evil as far as I am concerned. I don’t support evil countries or forces unless the other side is worse. Ukraine is obviously the Principality of Darkness in this war. Russia is the Angel in White, enforcing the Kingdom of God and Good. It’s simplistic but true.

Russia rarely if ever hits civilian targets in Ukraine. There have been only a couple of Russian war crimes, whereas with Ukraine the whole damn war has been one giant war crime. See? They’re evil. That’s why I call them Nazis.

Russia hasn’t done false flags in this war. Ukraine’s done nothing but. Wickedness.

They have treated Ukrainian POW’s with compassion and sensitivity. They want the Ukrainians to surrender. If you want the other side to surrender, you treat them nicely. Ukraine on the other hand has murdered so many Russian POW’s I can’t even keep track of them. A number of Ukrainian units are on record saying that they have executed every Russian soldier they took prisoner. They are on video saying this. Nazis.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Ukrainian Army gave an order to castrate all Russian POW’s, and in fact, many Russian POW’s came back castrated. They’ve been doing this since 2014. They also at times come back missing fingers, toes, legs, or arms. I don’t think even Nazis did that!

There is a video of this showing two Ukrainian medics castrating a Russian POW. He dies afterwards. Ukraine released it but said he was Russians castrating a Russian and the entire West got fooled and went along with this. To this day, there are West-tards ranting about Russians castrating prisoners. We noted that they wore Ukrainian uniforms and had the blue gloves of Ukrainian medics. And they had Ukrainian symbols on their shoes. Castrating POW’s? A physician making it an official policy? That’s evil!

Ukraine has routinely murdered its own soldiers for going AWOL or for surrendering or even retreating. There is a recent video out of Ukrainians retreating carrying a wounded. Another Ukrainian unit comes upon them, shoots them, and kills them all. Just evil.

Russia has never done this even one time. All of the reports about Russian blocking units are lies. A former officer in Wagner said Wagner was executing men for surrendering or refusing to fight, but we later learned that he was ordered by his Norwegian handlers to tell these lies. He made a video talking about it.

A Ukrainian soldier recently executed another Ukrainian soldier for speaking Russian! Shot him in the head. The others didn’t like it but no one turned him in. From 2014-2015, Ukrainian soldiers were executing people in Mariupol for speaking Russian. They executed a Greek woman in a Greek village for this. They terrorized the Greeks the whole time they were there. They’ve also been terrorizing the Hungarians in the West since 2014. The Hungarian language was just made illegal in Ukraine. Evil people.

In Izyum after the Ukrainians took over they took away 2,000 civilians, all wearing bags over their heads. The abducted included 93 schoolteachers, many of them women. None have been seen since. They were probably all murdered and rolled into pits like the lady schoolteachers we saw getting murdered in Kupyansk. That’s what Nazis did.

Russia has never done this a single time in this war to my knowledge. They’ve never gone into a town, threatened to kill everyone in town and then led thousands of people away to be murdered, accusing them of being collaborators. Russians have arrested a few civilians for being guerrillas behind the scene or helping them. But they killed Ukrainians who worked with Russia. Russia has not murdered even one of these guerrillas or their helpers.

Shot in the head, rolling into a pit. Once again, imitating their Nazi heroes who also dug pits and made their victims stand over the pits, shot them in the head and let them roll into the pits. How evil can you get?

That’s how we know Katyn was done by Nazis. A former German soldier recently confessed that Germans had done Katyn. His unit was stationed there and he saw the whole thing. Also all bullets were German bullets, except Russia did it? Huh? And all of the bullets were from 1941 when the Germans controlled the area. The Russians controlled it in 1940 when the massacre supposedly occurred. But it really happened in 1941.

The Ukrainians threatened to kill everyone in the town, calling them all collaborators. They banned the use of rubles in stores and said they would only accept hyrvinas. They shot a woman in the head for trying to buy something with rubles. A man said they were executing people all over town. He said there was a dead man in front of both houses next to him, both shot in the head as “collaborators.” Just pure wickedness. He was trying to figure out how to escape.

We also have a video of Ukrainians surrendering to Russian forces and walking towards them when their own men in the rear shoot them and kill them all. See why I call them evil Nazis?

Their heroes are Nazis and they act a lot like them. They act like Nazis! They’re that depraved. I suppose it’s logical because Ukrainian nationalism is simply Nazism and all of their heroes were proto-Nazis or Nazi collaborators.

Even before then, Ukrainians were busy pogroming Jews. You hear about “Russians pogroming Jews,” right? Well guess what? From 1820-1905, it was all Ukrainians pogroming Jews! The Russians didn’t do it. There was finally one pogrom in Russia and another in Belarus around 1905-1910.

The Ukrainians ramped up their pogroms. In 1919, the Ukrainians committed 2,000 pogroms against Jews. 30,000 Jews were killed.

Finally during the Civil War, Russians started pogroming Jews in vast numbers. But those were the Royalist Whites we were supporting. We even sent troops to fight with them. In contrast, our enemies in the Red Army were generally rescuing Jews every chance they could.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Against Ukraine Because Ukrainians Are Wicked Nazis”

  1. Nazi werewolves in wolf form. Didn’t know that about the languages. I can’t even tell Russians from Ukrainians, I only know when the Ukrainians come out with their suppoet Ukraine flags. Russian gals I know seem low key about it, maybe they have to be in the US.
    I’ve actually seen alot of pro-Ukrainian military videos in the Western media before all the blatant siding with Ukraine, the West has always seemed to support them. Something seemed abit off with their military, they weren’t thinking and seemed like amatuer meatheads.
    Killing a bunch of civilian women obviosly is evil. German Nazis were capable of evil in an intelligent Bond villian way but Ukrainians seem to behave as animalistic brutes.

    Sounds like a high level of insanity in the Ukrainian military. Killing a fellow soldier on your side just for speaking Russian. A policy of castrating enemy combatants.

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