Western Jews Have Been Holding Hands With Damned Nazis Since World War 2

Here it is 2023, and the Jews of the West are back to their old tricks, allying with Nazis again! There are very few Jews in the West who will stand up and defend their people and refuse to ally with their enemies.

As noted, Russians committed few pogroms until the Civil War. Almost all pogroms before that were done by Ukrainians. In the Civil War, the Red Army saved the Jews. How do Western Jews react to this? By allying with their worst enemies who pogromed them for 120 years, the Ukrainians! And by waging all out war against the descendants of the Russians who rescued them. Sickening!

Of course under the USSR, all pogroms ended. Antisemitism was made a capital offense. You will never see a Western Jew praise the USSR for this. However, some Israelis have noted this and I respect them for that. I despise Shamir but he noted that the USSR was good for the Jews. In fact he said it was the most Jew-friendly country in history. And I do respect him for that, much as I don’t like him. Shamir had some core moral values, a solid core of a conscience at the base of his personality. There were lines he would not cross.

How did the Western Jews react to this after World War 2? By going to total war against the Soviets who saved their sorry asses.

And they started lining up with Nazis right away. Western Jews have been hand in hand with Nazis ever since World War 2. As you can see, they are working with Nazis again in Ukraine. One prominent Western Jew even said he was supporting the people (Ukrainian nationalists) who murdered his family. But he justified by some crazy contingency. This man had no moral core, zero, a void.

A lot of Western Jews are like this. Everything’s a goddamned contingency! Core moral values? Zero! Everything’s up for grabs. I’m sorry but I will not support people like that. My religion is an extremely radical Reform Jewish sect called Christianity. We believe in having a moral core and don’t believe in the anything goes to get what we want, ends justifies the means, no rules, everything is fair game, zero sum game of far too many Jews.

Patton talked about this at the end of World War 2 when he came out against the genocidal Jewish Morgenthau Plan which planned to genocide the German people and do to them what the Nazis planned for Russians in Generalplan Ost.

He said this was a war between what he called Anglo-Saxon values and what he called “Semite values.” By Anglo-Saxon values he meant true Christian values, at the core of which is the concept of Mercy which is absent form most forms of Judaism. He saw the Morgenthau Plan as a rejection of Christian Mercy and an implementation of the eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth values of the Old Testament. No general could make a remark like that today. He’d be run out on an antisemitism charge.

This is one thing Christians really don’t like about Jews. The lack of a core moral base. Aligning with their worst enemies. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a Western Jew, the best way to fight antisemitism is to have a core base or morals.

For instance, Honest Guy on here is Jewish, and I believe he has said that he will ally with lots of people, but he will never ally with Nazis. I respect that! He’s defending his people! He’s refusing to ally with his enemies!

There are a fair number of Jews like this in Israel too, and much as I despise Israelis, I must say that I have a tiny bit of red glowing love and respect for the fact that they stand up and fight for their people. They refuse to ally with their enemies. They have a small glowing core of morals at the base of their essences.

Any Jew who will ally with Nazis is someone I’m not going to talk to, sorry. Come back and talk to me when you grow a moral core.

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