And You Guys Wonder Why I Don’t Like Cops…


It’s mostly in the private Delphi group. They’re mostly a bunch of cop lovers and justice system lovers in there. I definitely hate the Injustice System.

How many articles like this do we need to see? Did you see the conditions that Epstein was being held under on Riker’s Island? That place needs to be torn down. By the way, Epstein didn’t kill himself. He was murdered. He had to be. There’s no other explanation and that’s based on the autopsy.

I don’t necessarily hate cops because some of them have been real nice to me lately. But I was a crime victim for a few months there and cops are great with crime victims! You would think cops have no empathy whatsoever, being what they are, but the sympathy and empathy they have for crime victims is amazing!

The depth of their compassion is hard to comprehend, especially as they’re cops. Of course a lot of them are still huge assholes and bitches (the female cops are bitches), at least here in this town. While some of these cops were being very nice to me as a victim, a female cop was being a total bitch to me apparently because I made the mistake of talking to her and knowing her name!

I still say that unless you’re a crime victim, the further away you stay from cops the better. If you’re not a victim, there’s just nothing good to be had by having cops around in a lot of cases (not all, as even some cops who pulled me over have been real nice).

Basically the further away from you they are, the fewer problems you will have. I’ve been arrested by them a couple of times, interrogated about a crime that never happened by two psycho detectives (who came within an inch of beating a confession out of me), Yep they told me that if I didn’t confess to this crime that never happened, they were going to beat me up right in their office. And a few cops who pulled me over and gave me tickets were big dicks, including one just recently.

I’ve been pulled over by them a number of times. They came to my door not long ago and threatened to arrest me because of a neighbor complaint. In the other town I was in, they threatened to arrest me for a crime that in my opinion never happened. They came to my house one day to threaten to arrest me for trespassing because I went on this psycho’s property, though it wasn’t marked.

In other words, I’ve had a bunch of bad experiences with cops in my life. Tends to leave you not necessarily hating them, but it definitely puts a sour taste in your mouth towards. I definitely don’t see cops as being there to serve and protect, though they are in a sense. To me they’re something else, something not good.

I don’t get into the cop-hating of the anarchists, antifa, and the BLM abolish the police morons. Some things are necessary, like death, taxes, mosquitoes, and cops. Or we’d be a lot worse off without them, let’s put it that way.

On the other hand, I’m not a cop-lover. I neither love nor hate them, but I trust them about as far as I could throw one of them.

I will tell you one thing, though. You get those cuffs put on you and get thrown in that cell even one time with the way cops and guards normally treat people and you will never think the same about cops, jailers, guards or the whole rotten system ever again. If you’re still a cop-lover or system-lover after that, there’s something wrong with you.

I will tell you one thing for sure and that’s that the vast majority of cops in the US support those prison conditions 100

I guarantee that the vast majority of prosecutors, judges, parole and probation officers, prison and jail guards, etc. have no problems keeping our penal institutions in that shape. Otherwise they would speak up about it, right? A few judges have spoken up about this. They’re imposed ceiling caps on jails and prison populations so they don’t get too overcrowded.

My brother recently served seven weeks in a local jail. He was also fined $7,000, which he will be paying off until the end of his life. These fines are absurd. The conditions in there can only be described as the 9th circle of Hell.

Sometimes I think cops should have to get arrested and jailed as part of their training. I’m not sure how it would work because you would have to make it as realistic as possible.

The arresting cop and the cops at the jail would be required to be as mean to them as possible, and the guards would not be informed about who they were. Perhaps you might have to have a cop or guard in the know who was within sight of this cop going through this program to make sure nothing bad happened. I don’t want cops getting beat up by other inmates, cops, or guards as part of this training.

I would make prison and jail guards go through this same training.

I would put all these cops and guards in PC (protective custody) because I’m really worried they might get hurt or killed in GP (General Population).

You think this is a good idea? Let them see what it feels like to be one the people they arrest and jail.

My generation went to jail! 25


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One thought on “And You Guys Wonder Why I Don’t Like Cops…”

  1. A lot of butch lesbians seem to be attracted to jobs like cop, prison guard, etc. I’d hate to be a cop in a big city. Moving to Whiter pastures like Montana seems like a smart move for a cop.

    Feminists are illogical. They actually think a man asking woman out is a crime. A woman can feel victimized without being a victim.

    You made a pass at me in your office, and I turned you down. I don’t know if you meant to make me feel like shit after that or if just happened or some of it was in my head. What you did was wrong. I let you make me doubt myself.

    Seen this on a show today.

    The guy was an authority but it’s as if hitting on an adult woman is the equivalent of rape in feminist eyes. “You hit on a chick and get rejected, you should sleep with one eye open” was the message. The woman’s biker bf showed up at his house at night to scare the “evil hornball” straight.

    An issue I have with cops is they are known to side with the woman, however wrong she is. It’s Blue Knighting. In the documentary I recently watched, the cop told a guy getting beat by his lady that if she broke a finger while beating him he’d arrest him.

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