I’m Just a Regular Old Liberal Who Went off the Plantation

As a commenter noted a while ago, for most of my life, I have been “a man of the Left.” Leftists, progressive, and liberals can scream all they want that I’m not on the Left, but that doesn’t make it not true. I utterly despise most forms of conservatism, including most social conservatism.

I rather like Putinist Russian conservatism, but I have some issues with that too. I like some of the rightwing parties in Europe like the National Front in France, the Sweden Democrats in Sweden and the Alternative for Germany party in Germany.

People say that all of these parties are fascist. I don’t think they are, but if they are, it’s a fascism I can get behind. The National Front is almost “leftwing fascism” (if that makes any sense) as their platform was one of the most economically leftwing on the last ballot. Or are they simply “leftwing conservatives?” I believe the AfD are similar, though I’m not sure.

In that sense, Putinist Russian conservatism is almost “leftwing conservatism” because it is quite socialist. Even Turkish fascism is fairly socialist. Some Arab regimes referred to as fascist like Syria and Iran could be called “leftwing fascism,” that is, if they are fascist at all. Saddam was probably influenced a lot more by Stalin than he was by Hitler, and Saddam’s Iraq was a very socialist place.

The US liberal-conservative spectrum is absent in most of the Arab World, Central Asia, and much of East Asia. What do you call Iran? Left or right? How about neither? The Taliban? Left or right? Who the Hell knows? Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, the Stans, and most of Africa? Same thing. Our concepts of left and right make no sense in those places.

Today’s liberals are wrong on feminism and are getting away from true liberalism, which I believe Robert subscribes to.

This is exactly correct of course. Really I’m just a regular old liberal-to Left Democrat. Have been my whole life. That’s been my trajectory. No matter how much I hate the liberal-Left, I hate US conservatism and maybe conservatism period far worse.

I almost always vote Democrat and I have my whole life. I was even active in Democratic Party politics for a while. Sometimes I vote Left third party but not usually.

I absolutely despise US centrists, and I don’t like centrists in most of the world. A centrist is someone who supports conservatives half the time! The Hell with that!

The liberal-Left keep screaming that I’m a conservative and they ban me right away from all of their forums, so I keep looking around for types of conservatism that I can jibe with and not finding any. Actually I hate most forms of conservatism that I find on the planet. They keep screaming that I’m a fascist, so I keep looking for types of fascism the world over that I can get behind, and I don’t find any.

I suppose if Syria is fascist, I could support that sort of “left-fascism,” but I’m not even sure if it is fascist! I’m not sure if there is any fascism in the Arab world. It’s a rather alien concept to them.

I don’t even like most social conservatives! Believe it or not, I don’t even like most overt homophobes that I encounter online. They actively hate homosexuals, especially gay men. I don’t feel that way at all! Of course, I’m not wild about male homosexuality and most lesbians hate men, but when I ask myself if I hate gay men, the answer comes back no.

I wish there was no such thing, and if I could wave a magic wand and make them all straight, I would do it. I  think they can’t help it, and this makes it very hard for me to hate them. In fact, it makes me think we should respect them. On the other hand, I’d rather keep them away from me, and I’d prefer a divorce from them.

Gay men are a plague for straight men. There’s nothing good that comes of most close relationships with them because all they try to do is fuck you and mess with your mind to try to convince you that you’re really gay. That’s a mind fuck I don’t need. Like Jews and Blacks, the less I think about gays, the better.

I find that I can get away from much of my dislike of these groups if I simply don’t think about them. If I don’t think about them, I don’t really have strong feelings about them one way or the other. I like it a lot better to not hate Jews, Blacks, or gays. My soul feels better. It’s like the more you think about them, the more you dislike them LOL.

I’m a bit socially conservatives but true social conservatives really put me off. This is a serious problem I had with Russian and East European social conservatives. They came off like uptight, old-fashioned prudes, and that really put me off. The Russians came across that way strongly, and that surprised me. I’m not down with that type of social conservatism they have over there.

Frankly, I can’t stand US social conservatives, and I don’t agree with them at all. They strike me as a bunch of old-fashioned prudes. Keep in mind that I’m coming out of the avant-garde art movement, and social conservatives really hate modernism! They only like old stuff. They’re boring.

Also, I’m a degenerate in a lot of ways, and a lot of social conservatives are into being “good boys.” A lot are religious and highly moralistic too. I’m not a good boy and I haven’t been since I was a teenager, sorry. I’m a permanent rebel.

Liberals and the Left totally hate my guts, but I must say that those are my people, no matter how much they hate me.

The basic values of conservatism are despicable and absolutely alien to me. I hate their guts! Especially US Republicans. I really, really hate those kind of conservatives. I hate Latin American conservatives.

I don’t like Japanese, British, Polish, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Azeri, Filipino, Indonesian, SE Asian, South Korean, Hong Kong, and Indian conservatives. I don’t go for the anti-Communism of most of those groups. The Croats, Spanish, South Koreans, Italians, Turkish, Azeris, and Indians are basically fascists, and I cannot support that at all.

Though Communism has its issues, I’m not really an anti-Communist. I suppose I think if people want to have that sort of a system, they’re entitled to it. And as a socialist, of course I’m sympathetic to it in some ways.

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