The West Isn’t Left at All – It’s Fascist and Nazi

If you support fascism, you’re a fascist, right? That’s what we call citizens who support fascist governments in their countries, right? If you support Nazism, you’re a Nazi, right? Wasn’t that what we called citizens in Germany and elsewhere who supported Nazi Germany. What else are Nazi supporters but Nazis themselves, right?

If you support fascism, you’re a fascist.

If you support Nazis, you’re a Nazi.

Look how brainwashed the West is about Russia and think again. Look at the “socialist” countries in Europe supporting death squads (Colombia, Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil), fraudulent stolen elections (Bolivia, Honduras, Ecuador), fascist or authoritarian coups (Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Ukraine, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Guatemala, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia), massacres of workers and minorities (Ukraine, Bolivia, Haiti, Turkey), shootdowns of passenger liners (Ukraine, Iran), Nazi mass murders (Ukraine).

The European “socialist” population is going on with all of  these outrages.

The West isn’t Left at all. The NATO Anglosphere West is Nazi and fascist and has been since WW2. And that’s the fault of their pro-Nazi, pro-fascist populations.

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One thought on “The West Isn’t Left at All – It’s Fascist and Nazi”

  1. the West ain’t Nazi, it’s subservient to Jewish supremacist interests. Real Nazis hated Jews and wouldn’t ever let Jewish supremacists to take over their countries. You are living proof that Jewish supremacists have taken over – 9-11 was an Israeli job in collusion with the Jewish Neocons in the PNAC doc. Your white ass not willing to recognize this simple fact along with having cognitive dissonance while posing as a “leftist” is a part of the problem. Most of the leftists are virtue-signaling as well.

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