Does Public Opinion Push State Rhetoric or the Other Way Around?

Answer? Both are true.

Sure, but if public opinion started seriously going off of the direction that the powers to be want it to be, it would start showing up in polls. Furthermore, public opinion pushes elite opinion more than you might think. If a majority of Americans stated in polls that they want no more military support for the Ukrainian Nazis, one interesting thing that would happen is you would start to see some elites changing their minds to go along with the public’s opinion.

But public opinion tends to follow elite opinion and not the other way around, and in general, Americans are completely brainwashed by whatever the elite masters of discourse demand that they believe.

For instance, on this Ukraine-Russia war, there are absolutely zero major media outlets anywhere in the West that will give you anything but the full Western propaganda lines. Furthermore, all outlets are singing with exactly the same voice and reading from the same lines. They may as well be robots. So your average person has no access whatsoever to the other point of view. Sure, there are some weird websites like this one with the other side, but who reads sites like this or the opponents of US foreign policy? NO ONE, that’s who. 0

It used to be that speech was free to anyone who could afford a printing press or a TV or radio license, but the Internet threatened to change all of that. Notice who quickly the elites moved to reign in the Internet? Very quickly, the presidents of Facebook, Google, and Twitter were sitting on important committees in the Executive branch having to do with US security policy. Just like that! They got roped into the Deep State quick!

Now Musk is a bit of a renegade, but he’s not that much of one, and he’s paying a price for not joining the Deep State. Before we censored the press by making media production unavailable to anyone not a millionaire or now a billionaire.

When the Net threatened to democratize speech, the elite flipped. The Net was getting flooded with wrong-speak and thought crime.

What to do? They quickly outsourced all of the censorship to the private sector! The private sector worked in service to the state, as handmaidens, and censored and banned all speech that opposed US foreign policy. Even Musk is doing that now. We’re never going to get real free speech in this country, and what’s worse is no one seems to care.

About polls, as an example, when people spelled out the Clinton health care plan in the early 90’s, solid majorities of 65-70

See? They supported the plan as long as you didn’t call it the “Clinton plan.” Obviously these morons didn’t even know what was in the Clinton plan. All they knew was that the masters of discourse told them it was bad. So therefore it was bad. No reflection at all. That they supported the idea as long as the word “Clinton” was removed from it never occurred to them.

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One thought on “Does Public Opinion Push State Rhetoric or the Other Way Around?”

  1. Hillary has always been out of touch with the people. Note how she was shitting on coal-miners to a bunch of coal-miners.

    American ignorance is celebrated by the media. Gran Torino (“zipperheads” make num num thingies) and more recently – A Man Called Otto (Mexicans make num num dishes and females can effectively become men).

    The only old White men being celebrated are ignoramuses who are multiculturalists at their core. I’m into different cultures myself, but I try to learn about them, not just love what I know nothing about.

    Perhaps the key to loving Jews is loving without knowing. It’s a theme often promoted by the media, the ignorant hero.

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