The Root of the Problem of Which the Ukraine War Is a Mere Symptom

Russia kept warning us that the West was asking for trouble with this endless expansion of a hostile military alliance with the stated goal of the destruction of Russia or its reduction to a weak, easily-controlled colony of the West which would allow the West to loot its resources at will. The model is the Yeltsin Era.

NATO wants nothing good for Russia. It’s either total subjugation or destruction. The earlier model was subjugation, but it’s shifted to destruction. However the “Destroy Russia” plot in which forcing Russia into this war with Ukraine was the centerpiece is not working out well. In fact it may be backfiring.

That photo above is all you need to know about why this war is even happening in the first place.

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4 thoughts on “The Root of the Problem of Which the Ukraine War Is a Mere Symptom”

  1. Did you mean the camp of the saints?Have you ever read the sci-fi WN novel hold back this day by ward kendall ? It was published back in 2006 and pretty much predicted the current “clown world “ that we are living in; I remember reading it in the fall of 2013 and thinking to myself naw the world would never get this crazy…

    1. Yes, Camp of Saints, correct. I said Ship of Saints?

      Ward Kendall? Ok I will look him up. If it was held back, how did you read it?

    2. LOL, ok. It wasn’t help back. It’s a book by Ward Kendall, “Hold Back This Day,” LOL. It’s also White nationalist. Yuck. I really don’t like those people.

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