The Future of the World Is African

Not to beat up on Black people or Africans, but this picture of the future doesn’t make me feel very optimistic. Africa is extremely poor and Africans are flooding into Europe in search of a better life. Most of these people are a poor fit for a largely White Europe, and as a group, they’ve caused all sorts of problems.

I’m ok with letting a few select Blacks in. A friend of mine from Togo had a PhD in Computer Science and regularly worked with MIT Computer Science folks on cutting edge issues. They let him into France along with his sister and maybe the rest of his family. I’m not sure about the rest of his family, but I’m not worried about him becoming a problem for France. But far too many Africans are coming in to Europe completely unscreened, and they are causing serious problems in France and Italy and lower levels of problems in Ireland and the Scandinavian states.

This whole mess is looking more and more like The Camp of Saints, a vicious but prophetic novel.

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4 thoughts on “The Future of the World Is African”

  1. I sort of like Blacks because they’re damn near all extroverts. I went somewhere where much of the help was Jamaican, and I liked many of them. Then in the back of my head I’m thinking, “Why not East Asian help instead?” Blacks and especially Caribbean Blacks don’t have the best reputation.

    I do prefer Africa to India. My father and I talked about India today, and we agreed it’s a shithole. I don’t even want to go to India.

  2. Detroit and Chicago Blacks are seen as a cancer on surrounding areas. Is a few good Blacks worth the horde of shit? No way.

    1. If all we bring in is the cream of the Caribbean and African crop, I don’t see how that’s harmful. We’re simply not going to let the rest of them come here! Although I might let in any Black with an IQ of ~98. I’d have to think about that. I’d definitely let in any Black with an IQ of 113+.

      1. I seen a Russian prison where one guy was Black and added something positive to the mix. Russians may be the opposite of Blacks.

        I’m uncomfortable with a large amount of Blacks because I know damn well some of them are up to no good.

        Sometimes the effect on Whites isn’t positive either, we’re silly enough in the West without Blacks (catnip for Whites).

        I actually had a good interaction with a Black who punched me in the back of my head yesterday. That’s Black power, technically bad for you but it has some clownish Urkel innocence. A clown pies you in the face or a coon punches you, it’s just TCB. If I followed my heart, I might accept more Blacks. Since we live in Clown World already, I believe more logic is in order.

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