People Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut about Conspiracies or Crimes? Maybe Not So

Rambo: The only problem with conspiracy theories is that they go against a basic fact of life: PEOPLE CAN’T KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT SHIT.

Once more than one person knows about a crime, you’re busted.

People Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut about Conspiracies or Crimes?

You also hear this about crimes. It’s not necessarily true. A teenager, I believe a teenage girl, murdered another teenager some 20 years ago. A number of other teens knew about it or even witnessed it. 20 years later, not one of them had talked. All of this came out after she was finally arrested for the crime.

A Lot of People Talked about the CIA Murder of JFK and a Way Too Many of Them Ended up Dead

It’s clear that a number of people know that the CIA was involved in JFK’s murder and a number of folks with reason to know these things have come right out and stated that it’s true.

Apparently a whole lot of other folks are keeping their mouths shut. Way more people than you think are keeping their mouths shut about this stuff. Remember early on how many people with peripheral relationships to this murder were ending up dead in mysterious ways, often just before they were supposed to meet with the FBI.

I have seen an actual worker at an insurance firm talk about all of these very strange murders. He said that based on actuarial tables, there’s no way on Earth that all those people died in that short period of time through non-homicidal means. It simply couldn’t have and therefore didn’t happen. It looks like if you knew something about the JFK murder, you were in serious danger of getting murdered. A good reason to keep your mouth shut.

People Have Blown the Whistle on Republicans Stealing Elections with Voting Machines Since 2000

We know for a fact that Republicans have been stealing elections with the computers for a long time. A man who tried to blow the whistle on it ended up having his dog poisoned. Soon after, he was found dead in a hotel room under mysterious circumstances. He had said that he was afraid that people were following him. So one guy who blew the whistle on the election stealing was murdered.

We were trying to figure out who killed him, and we finally settled on the idea that George Bush, Jr. had his own group of thugs and hired killers who he could send out to kill for him.

Other than that, Karl Rove himself told a Republican operative that the Republicans had been stealing elections with those machines since they were put in in 2000. He also said that if the election was close, say within 3

It seems that the candidates who stole the presidency seemed to know about the thievery. So did a number of top officials like Rudy Guiliani based on statements they made. George Bush Jr. and Donald Trump apparently knew that their elections were stolen with computers. None of these people talked, at least not publicly.

Dick Cheney Had Paul Wellstone Murdered and No One Talked

It’s also pretty clear that Dick Cheney had Paul Wellstone murdered decades ago by messing with his plane and causing it to crash. Former Senator Barbara Boxer has openly accused Cheney of this murder. We looked into that deeply too, and we came to the conclusion that Cheney had his own group of hired thugs or killers who he could call on to do dirty stuff.

The implications are rather frightening – that a number of our highest ranking politicians have teams of personal thugs or killers who they can call on if need be to do dirty stuff against the enemies of the politician. And apparently the crime will not be investigated. All people have to say is, “The murder was related to US intelligence,” and everyone backs off, especially local agencies. And the FBI always backs off in these cases.

This is a lot of people do talk about these known conspiracies, but nobody believes them, the media refuses to report it and memory holes it.

White Helmets Blew The Whistle on Fake Chemical Weapons Attacks

40-50 former Al Qaeda White Helmets, an organization set up by the British MI6 spy agency, moved to Europe, mostly Switzerland, and made a video. In the video, each of the ~45 former White Helmets state that there were no chemical attacks by Assad in Syria and that all of the attacks were faked by Al Qaeda and other jihadis, usually with the help of the MI6.

That’s ~45 people blowing the whistle. The video is out there and you can go watch it. What’s the result of that revelation? Nothing! The entire West still insists that Assad used chemical weapons on his people though he didn’t do it one time. So do all of the media outlets and states of the West. So does the official history organ of the planet, Wikipedia.

What I’m saying is it doesn’t matter if people come forward or not. Even if they do, no one listens to them and everyone says they’re lying. And they can have their careers ruined or even be thrown in jail. Look at Assange and Reality Winner. You can also be murdered and the killers will never be caught. Look at all the murders of those who knew too much about the JFK assassination.

So the “if lots of people know it, someone will talk” argument doesn’t really work.

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