Don’t Be So Quick to Reject “Conspiracy Theory”

Americans have very good reason to suspect conspiracy. American governments and government agencies have a horrific history of conspiring against citizens and lying about it.

The FBI under J.E. Hoover sent a blackmail letter to Martin Luther King Jr, instructing him to commit suicide lest his sexual history be exposed. The Freedom of Information Act has led to whole volumes of FBI files being made public, showing it had files and actively interfered in the lives of innocuous groups and individuals.

The FBI admits its COINTELPRO program was designed to insert disinformation into various organizations in the hope they would spin out of control.

Similarly, agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration are known to have given informants kilos of cocaine as payment or incentive. There was warrantless wiretapping exposed by Edward Snowden. The CIA experimented on the unknowing with LSD, plutonium and syphilis.

So Americans come by the conspiracies legitimately. What you sow, so shall ye reap, someone once said. Americans are highly trained conspiracists.

The government sterilized the feeble-minded (i. e. blacks), incarcerated the homeless after Louisiana floods, and routinely classifies everything Top Secret. Most recently, government agencies have taken to seeding protest marches and demonstrations with thugs who start fights and riot in the streets to discredit the efforts. So yes, there is reason to suspect conspiracy.

None of this justifies the crazy conspiracy theories like the Sandy Hook false flag, Pizzagate, Moon Landing fake, “the UN is about to invade the US,” “the Las Vegas shooting was orchestrated by Obama or Mexicans or ISIS,” and so on.

But we see that US foreign policy is rife with conspiracy. In fact, US foreign policy itself seems like a huge conspiracy about which, I might add, the truth is never revealed.

I’ve revealed the lies the US State has peddled regarding Russia, the Russia/Ukraine war, China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

Bottom line is the US is a pathological liar about the countries it sees as its enemies. In any war situation, the US Lie Machine goes into overdrive.

Look at how much the West has lied during this Ukraine war. I’ve tried my best to uncover the lies, but there are so many that it’s hard to keep up with them. These lies are being recorded as historical fact by the US media and Wikipedia. I’m worried about the future of History as a field of inquiry because History itself is being so mangled and destroyed on Wikipedia and in the Western press.

Will historians in the future be able to untangle this  web of lies to figure out what really happened? And please note that anyone who tries to reveal these lies and report on what really happened is labeled a conspiracy theorist or a conspiracy monger. It’s getting to the point where with regard to US foreign policy and US policy during wars it has an interest in that I would say

Conspiracy theory is truth and the official story is always a lie.

I’ve taken this a bit further to the point where I am starting to think that there is so much lying in the West now that we are getting to the point where I might say:

Life itself is a conspiracy theory.

We also seem to be entering the what I might call “The Era of the False Flag.” I’ve never seen the West doing false flags and fake attacks as I have in this Ukraine War. The Syria War had a lot of false flag attacks too.

I’m not sure why false flags have become so popular.

In part it is because the media in the West is controlled by the Western Deep States, so the West can set off any conspiracy theory they want and be assured that the media will go along with. Tucker Carlson was the only one who refused, and look what happened to him. There is not one single major news outlet in the West that will call out the lies, fake attacks and false flags of the West. That’s pretty terrifying and pathetic right there.

I’m not sure what’s going on. I think this Russia matter has driven the West insane. The decades of Russia hate that the West smothered us with in the Cold War has come home to roost. The USSR and later Russia is the ultimate enemy of the post Cold War West. Note that no one in the Global South particularly gave a damn about the USSR or cares about Russia. It’s only the West that is afflicted with Russia Psychosis.

A few examples of fake attacks and false flags.

All of the chemical attacks in Syria were fake. Syria destroyed its chemical weapons just like Iraq did. The Deep State honed in on WMD’s and chemical weapons because that was the only way they could intervene legitimately in the war. If Syria used WMD’s, the West had a right to attack Syria. So the endless chemical weapons fakes took off.

Keep in mind that all of these attacks were done by Al Qaeda, ISIS, or allied groups.

The dead in the chemical attacks were all civilians, often Christians or Alawis, who had been abducted from villages in the north of Syria and kept captive. They were murdered in large numbers before the attacks, typically with carbon monoxide poisoning but also in other ways.

The First Attack “Chemical Weapon” Attack in Damascus in 2013 under Obama

Many victims of the first chemical attack had their throats slit. I wasn’t aware that sarin cut your throat! The murdered enemy civilians were then presented as “chemical attack victims of Assad.”

Obama almost attacked Syria after that first attack, coincidentally exactly one year after Obama drew his red line that said, “Any use of chemical weapons by Syria will result in a US attack.” Pretty suspicious! There was almost no sarin found at the scene of the attack, although a few civilians and even rebel forces had very low levels of sarin in their bodies. The levels were so low as to not cause any harm. The rebels had apparently released a small amount of sarin to make the attack seem more real.

The MI6 examined the sarin and concluded that it was not Assad’s sarin. All of Assad’s sarin had a particular quality to it and this was “bathtub sarin,” probably made in Turkey. The MI6 reported this to the CIA and the CIA told Obama that Assad didn’t do the attack. Obama called off his attack but he never told us that the attack itself was fake. To this day, everyone in the West believes that Assad attacked his people multiple times with chemical weapons. Not even one of the attacks occurred.

It appeared that Turkey was deeply involved in this false flag. The Jews (this means Israel0 ran interference for it too, intercepting a phone call from the Syrian Defense Ministry asking, “Why did we launch a chemical attack on Damascus?” They didn’t say that the army had done this. They had only heard this repeated by the foreign lugenpresse and assumed it was true. According to the Jews and the media of the West (who speak with one voice), this proved that Assad launched a chemical attack on his people. Except it didn’t.

US Attacked Red Crescent Convoy near Aleppo, Syria under Obama in a False Flag to Blame Russia

As the battle for Aleppo was reaching a crescendo, a convoy of Red Crescent vehicles appeared in the era to help the wounded and deal with the dead. The US flew a drone over the convoy and fired a Hellfire missile at it, killing ~10 workers and wounding 20 more. These were health care and ambulance workers. The US immediately accused Russia of bombing the Red Crescent convoy. However, the video of the attack shows an explosion that only occurs with a weapon that a US drone fires. Even Pat Lang accused Ashton Carter of pulling a false flag attack and murdering health care workers in a false flag to accuse Russia.

The Mass Murder of Wagner Mercenaries in Syria on Fake Pretenses under Trump

Over in the eastern part of the country, Wagner and the SDF traitors who work with the US were faced off across a river in Deir Ez Zor province. The SDF was guarding an oil field. There were secret negotiations going on between the SDF and Wagner whereby the SDF was going to vacate the oil field and let Wagner guard it. The SDF then left the oil field, signaling Wagner to take over. Wagner crossed the river in the middle of the night and moved into the oil field.

Very quickly they were bombed in the middle of the desert by US aircraft. They were sitting ducks with no cover and 200 of them died. They had been double crossed to take over the oil field and then they got attacked. Then the US media put out a fake story that Wagner had “invaded” the oil field in order to steal it so Wagner could run it to make money, but the US quickly bombed them. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then went on TV and told this fake story. He also gloated that “We killed 200 Russians.” He was gloating as he said that.

The Russian Bombing of 40 Different Hospitals in Aleppo under Obama, All of Which Were “the Last Hospital in Aleppo”

There are four government hospitals in all of Aleppo Province. Even though they are in enemy territory, Assad continues to pay their salaries. The hospitals are open to all. However, I believe that the rebels have set up a number of field hospitals. A lot of these hospitals have also been turned into rebel bases housing rebel soldiers and weapons.

Russia had been bombing these rebel field hospitals, often housed in nondescript buildings. I absolutely do not agree with that, but that’s what they did. Every time the US media reported that Russia “bombed another hospital” in Aleppo.

At some point, they reported that Russia “bombed the last hospital in Aleppo.” At one point, Russia had bombed “the last hospital in Aleppo” something like 40 times! In other words, they bombed 40 different hospitals, each of which was “the last hospital in Aleppo.” Suzanne Power was a spokesman in Obama’s State Department. She went to Aleppo while this was going on and she was hysterical, screaming one wild lie after another. I have no respect for this lying freak after that.

The US Is Occupying Syria’s Oil Fields and Stealing All Their Oil

The US is occupying almost all of Syria’s oil fields. We are pumping the oil and then shipping it out of the country and keeping the money either for ourselves or to give to the SDF traitor Kurds. So the US government is stealing almost all of Syria’s oil.

The US Has Set Most of Syria’s Wheat Fields on Fire to Starve the Syrian People

The US government has set a very large portion of Syria’s wheat fields on fire on purpose. The purpose here is apparently to starve the Syrian people, where malnutrition is a serious problem.

The US Put Massive Sanctions on Syria Due to a Dodgy Atrocity File

The US has put massive sanctions on file due to “Caesar’s Law” passed when a man named Caesar revealed photographs of dead bodies supposedly murdered by the Syrian government. Definitely some of those people had been murdered by the Syrian government. Many showed signs of beatings or torture. However, of the 50,000 photos, at least 20,000 of them were not killed by Assad. 10,000 were simply photos of rebels who had been killed in the fighting. Another 10,000 were simply civilians killed in the fighting.

So a good portion of the Caesar files are fake.

US Sanctions Always Cover Food and Medicine and Have Resulted in Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths, Mostly of Children

The sanctions on Syria, like those on Venezuela, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and Nicaragua, cover all trade, including food and medicine. Heavy US sanctions on any country always cover food and medicine and they always result in many civilian deaths.

During the North Korean famine and in later years when North Korea had poor harvest and needed food aid, the US refused to give food aid to them and in fact stated that all food aid to North Korea violated US sanctions. So we were just trying to kill people, civilians, with that policy.

US sanctions on Venezuela of course cover food and medicine. The sanctions have already killed 40,000 Venezuelans.

America continues to kill.

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  1. Pizzagate raises eyebrows. I actually turned many into conspiracy theorists by introducing to Pizzagate while the pizza was still fresh. I think the Satanic elite are into fucking kids, and the common folk hate that.

    I tucked my kolovrat and talked to a religious man today. He hated commies first. Commies were the Devil. He was an older man and my Grandma probably would agree.

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