Cluster Bombs: Biden Is Lying Again

About those cluster bombs the sadistic, venomous, murderous Biden just sent to Ukraine, the US is lying about them. The Pentagon says they have a 2

Perhaps the new ones have that rate, but even that rate is way too high. These bombs are from the 1980’s. The dud rate is 14

Also, the liar Jake Sullivan said that there are mine-clearing operations that can get rid of cluster bombs. Well, it’s not so easy.

The US dropped 270 million cluster bombs on Laos. 80 million of them or 30

If it’s so easy to “de-mine” those cluster bombs, why doesn’t the US do it in Laos and Cambodia? Good question! The truth is that this de-mining never seems to happen – note the outcome in Southeast Asia. Also a number of US officers are on record opposing cluster bombs because it’s very hard to get rid of them by demining because they are hard to see. Hence a lot of US sappers have been blown up and badly injured by these infernal weapons.

See, Ukraine doesn’t care about those bombs. They don’t care that 20

A prominent Ukrainian politician went on TV and said that that the 3 million Russians in the  Donbass were “excess people” who should be exterminated. Other pundits have gone on TV to say similar things.

Others have later echoed him. Plans for a massive invasion of the Donbass just a few weeks after Russia invaded have been leaked. All of the residents would be told to leave for Russia or be killed. No doubt an awful lot would simply be murdered as “collaborators” anyway. In Izyum, 1,900 residents, including 93 schoolteachers, were accused of being “collaborators” and hauled away with bags over their heads when the Ukrainian army took the town back. None of them have ever been seen again. They’ve probably all been murdered.

Indeed, I released a video of Ukrainian forces in Kupyansk shooting female schoolteachers in the head and letting their bodies roll down hills into a pit. The teachers were Russian language instructors who had been brought form Russia to teach Russian. No doubt this was the fate of the Izyum teachers.

A pro-Ukrainian Chechen said all Russian civilians should be killed, even children, I suppose on the “nits make lice” theory.

The head doctor of the Ukrainian military said he gave an order to castrate all Russian POW’s. Indeed a number of Russian POW’s were returned to Russia having been castrated. Russia has kept this information close to its chest, as it fears that if word gets out about this, its citizenry will scream for blood.

There is a video out of two Ukrainian medics castrating a Russian soldier, who then dies. Ukrainians did this act, and then they released the video with the message that this is a video of Russian troops castrating a Ukrainian soldier. Every shithead in the West bought this lie and went hysterical. However, the medics were wearing Ukrainian uniforms. They had blue medic gloves and Ukrainian medics use blue gloves. Russian medics use white gloves. The medics had on blue and white shoes that were sold in Ukraine around the time of the Olympics 15 years ago.

So Ukraine doesn’t care how many of those Russians are maimed or killed. The cluster bombs will mostly be maiming or killing Russian civilians because that’s mostly who lives in these regions. Ukraine is just fine with Russian civilians and kids getting their legs and feet blown off for decades to come by these cluster bombs.

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