Why the Links to Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin’s Newsletter.

The main reason I am linking this stuff is because she lets you use her stuff for free and second, because her world view is about as close to mine as you can get. So if you want to figure out where I really stand at least on geopolitics or US foreign policy, there you go. I’m not sure of her exact politics, but politics like that tends to be associated with the “anti-imperialist Left.”

It’s also been called the “Alt-Left” and people like her have been condemned as “Red-Brown” or forming an alliance between the Left and fascists because they support Iran, Syria, etc. But it’s hard to make an argument that Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah are “fascist.” The only people making that argument are anarchists and they’re crazy.

Generally speaking, a lot of these people identify as socialists of one form or another but they don’t necessarily identify as communists and they’re not necessarily associated with one of the nutball Western sectarian communist parties, most of whom refuse to support Russia, China, Syria, or Iran on the basis that they’re all “capitalist.” Dumb, huh? Talk about purists.

A lot of people seem confused about my ideology. Well, here you go. She is me. I may as well be channeling this woman! So I’m going to keep republishing her. My politics is also a lot like that of the publication The Gray Zone. Seymour Hersch is a bit of a liberal, but I love his investigative journalism.

Lately my politics has lined up very closely with that of Jeffrey Sachs, economist who helped wreck Russia in the 1990’s. It also lines up very well with the politics of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and the Chavistas in Venezuela, at least in terms of foreign policy. I also closely align with the foreign policy views of China, Russia, and the BRICS of the Global South.

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