Trump’s Foreign Policy: Isolationism Is a Poor Description

Lozter: You do know that Deep States, the CIA, all were against him? He tried to make America a more normal state, from the international point of view.

Ok, your notes taken into consideration.

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Isolationism Is a Poor Description

Trump tried to make peace with a few of our so-called enemies, but it didn’t work.

He tried it with North Korea but then he tried to attack them.

Trump went back on all of his friendly overtures to Russia and put sanctions on it many times.

Trump in Latin America


He practically declared war on Venezuela and he had to be talked out of invading the country. The Joint Chiefs flat out refused to carry out his plan to attack Venezuela. He tried to assassinate Maduro. He put a total economic blockade on Venezuela and rejected the last free and fair election that re-elected Maduro.

The US has tried all sorts of coups against Venezuela – military coups (repeated ones), assassination attempts (the US may have murdered Chavez), business lockout coups, business strike coups, legislative coups, violent riot coups (repeated attempts), and finally, the rejecting of a completely fair election and the installment of a fake president who never won an election in his life.

This is the final coup and Biden is sticking to the program here and supporting this ridiculous fake president. Instead he said some idiot who never won an election ever was somehow the president of the country.

He had a top Venezuelan official arrested for “violating US sanctions” by trying to buy food for his people. According to the US, our sanctions laws go all around the world. How on Earth do our sanction laws go all over the world. Sure the US can sanction another country with sanctions saying it’s illegal for Americans and American businesses to do business with X country. They also can’t use our banks or our currency for money transfers. That’s all perfectly legitimate.

Trump literally stole three Iranian oil tankers heading to Venezuela on grounds that they were “violating sanctions.” We sent them to the US and stole all their oil. Trump froze all of Venezuela’s foreign assets and seized Citgo. He stole $30 million from Venezuela. The UK stole $3 million of Venezuela’s gold. He rammed a Venezuelan warship and then said the Venezuelan ship had attacked our ship by ramming it and threatened to attack Venezuela.

But the US puts sanctions on say Iran and Venezuela and the sanctions say that anyone who trades with them is violating US law! Bullshit! How on Earth do US laws go all over the world and apply to everyone in every country? That’s crazy nonsense.


He put massive sanctions on Nicaragua because they tried to put down a violent riotous coup with violent, armed protesters who murdered many people. Sure the state cracked down on them hard. For cracking down on them at all, they got huge sanctions put on them for violating human rights! He started a violent coup that tried to overthrow the government. 300 people were killed. Biden has kept the crazy sanctions against Nicaragua.


He massively tightened the blockade on Cuba so it’s truly a blockade. Furthermore, US laws go all around the world, so any country that trades with Cuba can get in trouble with the US. Also, any ship that docks in Cuba cannot dock in a US port for six months. Biden has hardly loosened any of these sanctions.


He supported a rightwing coup to overthrow the democratically elected president in Bolivia. He said the winner stole the election and they put a rightwinger in power who lost the election, but we said she won. So we stole an election for the Right down there due to sheer fraud. All of the EU/NATO countries supported this fascist coup. The fascists then proceeded to murder ~50 people.

They were Christian fascists who hated Indians and Indian religions. Very sick, perverse, reactionary freaks. Also they were very racist and many of them are out and out White Supremacist Nazis. They have rallies in the East where they fly Nazi flags. They attack Indian rallies and murder Indians. They aren’t even really White people – they’re mestizos, but they think they’re White and that’s why they buy into Nazi White Supremacism.

Trump supported all of this.

Trump in the Middle East


Trump lured a Wagner group into SDF territory in Syria by telling that them the SDF was withdrawing and Wagner could have control over the oil wells there, and when Wagner came in, they said Wagner was invading and bombed them, killing 200 Russians. Trump doublecrossed Wagner.

The British Fake Chemical Weapons Attack in Douma

He ended up attacking Syria with cruise missile after the US and its allies sponsored a fake chemical weapons attack false flag. The truth was that there was no chemical weapons attack at all. Some people had been killed by smoke inhalation in a government bombing raid and the US said they had been killed by Syrian chemical weapons. The people in the town said the rebels gathered them together and told them they were going to fake a chemical weapons attack and if they didn’t go along, the rebels would kill them.

Then they rushed into the hospital and started spraying water all over the doctors and patients because they claimed they had been hit by chemical weapons. All of this was filmed like a movie production. They filmed a shell crashed into a bed, but it had been placed there and it was not a chemical weapons shell anyway.

First they said it was a sarin attack, and then it changed to a sarin and chlorine attack, and then it changed to a chlorine attack. Notice how you can always spot a false flag or a fake attack because the story keeps changing? The media screamed that Syria had waged a chemical attack on its own people, killing many of them, and it demanded that Trump do something.

The CIA quickly figured out that there had been no attack. The CIA director paid a personal visit to Trump and informed him that there had been no attack and the whole thing was a big false flag done by the British MI6. Trump heard this but went ahead and ordered an attack on Syria with 90 cruise missiles when he had been told flat out that there had been no attack. This is the sort of person Donald Trump is.

Most of them were shot down or went off course via Russian electronic warfare and few of them hit their targets. But the Pentagon lied and said none of the missiles had been shot down and they all had hit their targets.

They attacked chemical weapons sites that were empty shacks, government buildings or in one case a pharmaceutical laboratory. All of these had been inspected by the UN and no chemical weapons were ever found. In fact after Syria destroyed its chemical weapons, the UN certified that they were destroyed, but the Jews and the US started a big lie afterwards, reminiscent of “Iraqi WMD’s” about Syria retaining hidden chemical weapons that the inspectors had somehow not found.

Fake chemical weapons that didn’t exist, just like in Iraq. Even though  the American people were told that the Iraqi WMD’s were a lie, the state then tried the exact same lying trick with Syrian WMD’s which were as invisible and nonexistent as Iraq’s.

Of course the entire US media went along with the new WMD lie just like they had all gone along with the original Iraqi WMD lie. And the American people fell for this new “Syrian WMD” lie even though it was the exact same “Iraqi WMD” lie that they had fallen for before. Americans must be the stupidest people on the planet. They’ll believe anything!

A UN team went out and investigated and came back with a report that said that whole attacked had been faked by the British MI6. The report was quickly retracted and buried and the team who wrote it was fired. A new team was put in who wrote a new fake report saying Syria had done a chemical attack on its people.

The UN agency director who suspected the truth of the story was fired after the US (John Bolton) demanded he be fired. A new liar director was put in who was a slave to the US. The investigators who were fired continued to go before the media, but they were locked out of the media. To this day, the official history by the US government, all of the media and Human Rights Watch and the rest of the grifters is that Syria staged a chemical weapons attack on their own people in Douma.

The whistleblowers have all been shut out of the media and some may have been fired. The notion that this was a false flag, completely proven by the UN team, is now an “insane conspiracy theory.” Anyone who talks about it is a crazy conspiracy theory mongering kook and is immediately discredited.

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran

When the Houthis bombed Saudi oil refineries, Trump lied and said the attacks had come from Iran from the north. Then his Saudi friends produced fake photos and did a fake conference with missile parts to claim it was really the Iran that did it. All of the media lied and went along and said the missiles came from Iran. To this day, the official US story is that the missiles came from Iran. It’s a lie. The Houthis made the missiles and shot them from Yemen.


He let Israel drop a tactical nuclear bomb on Lebanon and then made up a fake story about fertilizer blowing up when there was nothing but dirt and rocks in that dock. There were three US spy planes over Lebanon when the Jews dropped the nuke. Having three planes over Lebanon at once is unusual and it shows that the US was in on the Jews’ plan to nuke an Arab city.


He killed Soleimani and Mohandis for Israel. He killed them when he blamed them for an attack that killed an American at a base when the attack was actually done by ISIS.

The Iraqi Legislature told our army to get the Hell out of the country, and Trump refused. He said we are staying here whether you like it or not. Then he told Iraq that he would freeze (steal) all of their US foreign reserves ($3 billion) if they didn’t obey us and do what we say.


He started a fight with China because they dared to challenge and even defeat us in a few areas of trade and business. He banned a number of Chinese products like Huawei on fake national security grounds that it might have a backdoor for the Chinese government to spy on users. However, no one has ever found one of these security holes.

People keep searching for them all the time and none have ever been found. But because one might turn up any day now like a unicorn, we have banned Huawei. Also Huawei came out with 4G that was the best 4G on Earth, totally kicking ass on US 4G and really everyone else’s including Europe’s.

The US then went around the world threatening every country that bought China’s superior 4G. We tried to force them to use our totally inferior 4G. Now we are threatening war with them because they are starting to seriously compete with us economically and have recently surpassed us as the world’s largest economy. So that means we have to fight a war against them. This is how these imperialists think.

Never mind that all Windows OS’s have security holes in them for Homeland Security to spy on every Windows user in the world. The US demanded that Apple put a security hole for Homeland Security in its OS, but it refused.

Trump arrested a Huawei executive for “violating US sanctions” even though US sanctions only apply in the US.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Foreign Policy: Isolationism Is a Poor Description”

  1. I think his missile attack in Syria was a total bitch move. I remember watching the news thinking “What a bitch.” US shouldn’t be on the military offensive. That makes us the bad guys. He was caving to the powers that be, and they still seemed to not reward his endless brown-nosing. I don’t think his heart was in it, but he was throwing them a bone, which is what matters.

    The reality is he was/is a stooge like Biden with his mental faculties intact, which makes him more responsible. Trump talked a good game and pulled the wool over people’s eyes, which also makes him worse. One of us, (◔_◔), yeah right. I actually respect a lot of his supporters. They’re better than he is, but I’m not brainwashed.

    1. Actually Trump, together with his only serviceable brain Dr. Henry Kissinger, organized a coup in Brazil mirroring quite accurately the one that the latter set up to oust Chile’s Allende in favour of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. With a difference however : in Brazil, Trump and Kissinger involved more US Army personnel as normally qualifies for an invasion rather than for a mere coup of the kind where secret agents do most of the job on the Empire’s part. It was a major American military intervention with very blurry boundaries between American plus Brazilian regular military personnel, American plus Brazilian soldiers of fortune, and local plus multinational organized crime (I don’t take into account the US-faithful Zio-Evangelist sects that count for quite a big part of Brazilian religiosity as these latter scoundrels never fail to intervene anyway no matter there is an actual operation going on or not).

      Hearing praising Trump as the lone US president having abstained from involving his country into foreign wars makes me wince. One other item that makes me desperate about the mere possibility to wake up but a negligible number of real potential opponents is that Henry Kissinger is never mentioned nor by his devout admirers nor by his professional detractors.

      To make the Trump story short, Henry Kissinger had realized that presenting his own person on any hustings would raise an international scandal so manifestly disgusting he is : he just hid behind Trump as a decoy — actually he alone ushered DT into the WH as the more permanent resident who was about to spend far more days and night mounting the guard while DT was to spend far more time on golf courses and in resorts — so as for the shallow liberal opinion to project such a mass of negative energy onto a grosser, more clownish target many deplorables and basket-cases (they are indeed) would vote out of sheer (and unfortunately well-deserved) anti-intellectual resentment, repeating at far more jumbo scale Nixon’s infamous Southern and Silent Majority strategy. The reality is too horrible for any clownery to qualify it.

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