Trump Tricked Iran into Shooting Down a Ukrainian Airliner and Killing 150 People

Trump murdered Soleimani and Mohandis. Keep in mind that these two men did more to defeat Al Qaeda and ISIS than any other two men on Earth. Since the US has always supported Al Qaeda and ISIS, I wonder if we murdered them for going after our favorite jihadis.

These were two great men who saved much of the world from headchopping Sunni jihadists. They deserve to be loved by everyone who hates these headchopping genocidal freaks. It’s now come out that he murdered the two heroes on orders from the Jews, but the Jews hated those two men because they supported the Palestinians.

After he murdered the heroes of the war against Al Qaeda and ISIS, Iran shot missiles at one of our bases in Iraq. Then we tricked Iran into shooting down a Ukrainian airliner, so the US actually murdered 150 civilians on that plane. After that, Trump threatened to bomb and destroy the 50 most important cultural sites in Iran – mosques, archeological sites, etc. He was talked out of it by the Pentagon. Trump was a warmongering psycho freak!

Trump Tricked Iran into Shooting Down a Ukrainian Jetliner!

He tricked the Iranians into shooting down a Ukrainian airliner so they could blame Iran for shooting it down. So really it was the US that shot down that Iranian airliner. The US used electronic warfare to take out the transponder in the airliner.

The airliner’s transponder was not working, and that’s why Iran shot it down. With the transponder out, it looks  like an enemy aircraft because they will always have their transponders turned off.

However, transponders cannot fail. They almost never go out, and if they do, they literally have two or three backup transponders to take over. The transponder would have had to fail, and then the three backup transponders would have had to fail, and that’s never happened on any plane.

At the same time, the anti-aircraft site that shot down the plane had its radar jammed by US electronic warfare. Radar doesn’t usually get jammed or fail on those weapons unless someone takes it out with electronic warfare. If that weapon’s radar was jammed at the same time the three transponders failed, that means the US used electronic warfare to take out the transponders and then jam the anti-aircraft unit.

With the transponders out, the airliner looked like an enemy aircraft. With the unit’s radar jammed, he could not communicate with his superiors. If his radar was not jammed, he could have talked to his higher-ups, and they would have told him it was a civilian airliner and not to shoot.

Note that this happened right after Iran fired those massive missiles at the US base in Iraq.

Afterwards, the US put out lying stories that fleets of US aircraft were heading towards Iran to retaliate. They reported them in real time, and at one point they said the attack planes were crossing the border. But it made the Iranians think they were getting attacked. While they made fake reports of fleets of fighters crossing the Iranian border to attack Iran, we took out the transponder on the jet and jammed the radar on the anti-aircraft station.

Since the Iranians thought they were being attacked, they were on the lookout for enemy aircraft. Taking out the transponder made the airliner seem like one of the attacking jets and jamming the unit’s radar made it impossible to the unit to check with his superiors to see if the plane was enemy or not. The unit operator did the right thing. If what looks like an enemy aircraft appears on your screen, you have to shoot it down whether you can check with your superiors or not.

Note that this happened right after Iran bombed our base. Immediately afterwards, we trick them into shooting down an airliner! What are the odds that that happened as some sort of natural process as opposed to a set up? About zero.

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