The Argument against Trump’s Domestic Policies: Yes, He’s a Fascist

Lozter: I don’t know, Robert. Gerrymandering is a natural outcome of the Anglo voting system.

Interesting, I don’t think Trump was all that harmful. I mean he was besieged for his entire term. I’m still convinced the election was stolen. Aren’t today’s Democrats yesterday’s Republicans? I mean the Democrats for me seems to be more dictatorial, neoliberal, and neoconservative than Republicans.

Ok, Trump may be undemocratic, but I always thought his enemies were much worse. He didn’t even have an opportunity to carry out these supposed tendencies.

Gerrymandering is anti-democratic. Anywhere you have gerrymandering, you don’t have a democracy, in general. If it’s influencing the actual outcome of elections, you don’t. Most other Western countries don’t have any actual anti-democratic measures in them. Also ballot initiatives to give the drawing of districts over to judges have won all over the US. Then the fascist Republicans go to court to try to get the fair maps thrown out. That’s fascism. All anti-democratic rightwing movements are fascist, period. That’s the definition of the word.

The Democrats are not more anti-democratic. They’re very pro-democracy because if we had full democracy in this country, it would be hard for Republicans to ever win. The Democrats are not more neoliberal. Well, the Republicans in the Congress are about as warmongering and neoconservative as Democrats. Actually they are worse! The MAGA’s who are somewhat isolationist are a minority.

I don’t believe all that about the Deep State and the CIA being against him. I suppose the Deep State didn’t like his isolationist tendencies but he ended up putting the worst Deep Staters of all, ghouls like John Bolton and (((Elliot Abrams))) in his administration.

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