Kushner’s Sleazy Abraham Accords Peace Plan

Kushner’s Sleazy Peace Plan

Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews. He recognized Jewish control over the Golan Heights that the whole world says is illegally occupied.

He recognized Morocco’s criminal claim over Western Sahara that the whole world has condemned in order to bribe them into supporting his horrible peace plan by rightwing Jew Jared Kushner. Trump supported Kushner’s awful peace plan to the hilt. He called it The Abraham Accords.

The Jews have never had a friendlier president than Donald Trump. The guy may as well be Jewish himself. Look how he acts. Hell, he’s 500 years kosher! Right off the streets of New York. Why do you think New Yorkers act like that? The city’s full of Jews so everyone acts like a Jew!

The Abraham Accords were the worst peace plan ever. It ratifies all of the Jews’ stolen land in the West Bank and the Golan. It says Jerusalem is a 100

Kushner bribed other Arab states to go along with this plan. He paid them off with billions of dollars! Kushner’s plan also offered to pay Palestinians $50-100 billion to move to Jordan. They thought they could buy them off.

Sadly, some Arab states agreed with this monstrous deal, probably because the Jews have a lot of money, and they want to get in on all that Jewish money and do deals with them. The UAE is already very bad this way. Also, they want Israeli military equipment since it is excellent, world-class stuff. Sudan, UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco all sold out to the Jews. However, majorities in all Arab countries opposed this agreement and the normalization that followed. The lowest support was 58

Honestly, normalization is no big deal. Egypt and Jordan did it a long time ago. All it means is that the country recognizes Israel’s existence. Big deal, huh? They can also put embassies in each other’s countries. I suppose they can trade if they wish.

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