The Difference between How Russian Government Officials Talk about Jews and How We Do Here

I must admit I like the attitude of Putin towards the Jews. He made them like any other ethnicity/minority, and he can actually talk about them. Unlike in the West.

Yeah, it’s really great. It helps that all of the dual loyalty crowd and traitors pretty much left for Israel and the US. Yet a lot of the Russian Jews in Israel are still patriots. So much traitors left that the only Jews you have left are patriots.

  • Rightwing nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, supposedly an antisemite, has been revealed to be Jewish himself!
  • Putin may well be partly Jewish via his paternal grandfather. He even went back and changed the relative’s name in his biography because it sounded too Jewish.
  • Sovovlov the wild TV pro-Putin propagandist, is Jewish!
  • Prighozin of Wagner mercenary group fame is half-Jewish via his father.

I think a lot of Jews married into the Russian population, possibly to escape antisemitism. There’s a saying in Germany:

There’s a little Jew in every German

and I think it might be true in Russia too. Which is odd because that means the Nazis were literally murdering their own kind when they were killing German Jews.

And indeed, it does now appear that Hitler was part-Jewish. How much I’m not sure and it was on his father’s side. Someone on that side knocked up the Jewish maid, and this ended up being Hitler’s line.

Yes, Putin does have a nice attitude about Jews, and they can say things about Jews over there that you can’t say here. Lavrov noted, in reference to Zelensky’s Jewishness:

The wise Jewish people have told us that for a long time it has been noted that some of the worst antisemites were Jews themselves. Even Hitler is said to have been part-Jewish.

Ok, no antisemite would ever call Jews “the wise Jewish people.” They just don’t do that! No one who talks like that is a real antisemite.

But it doesn’t matter. Here in the US you can’t say some of the worst antisemites have been Jews themselves. That’s an “antisemitic canard” and you are blaming Jews for their own oppression.

You also absolutely cannot say that Hitler was part-Jewish. US Jews don’t want to investigate that question at all. They just say he wasn’t remotely Jewish and shut down all conversation about it as “bad for their Jews.” They don’t care whether it’s true or false. They just think it looks bad for them. It is absolutely an “antisemitic canard” in this crazy Judeophilic country to say Hitler was part-Jewish.

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5 thoughts on “The Difference between How Russian Government Officials Talk about Jews and How We Do Here”

  1. I looked into being Hitler being a Jew back in the day but I was never convinced. I was convinced he was not a Jew. It’s been a longtime since I looked into it but I’d need hard evidence. He always seemed a bit Jewish though…

    1. I read a recent article about it and it was quite convincing. It was on his father’s side and those people are not considered Jews anyway, and if he was, he was 1/4 to 1/8 on his father’s side. The Jews say people like that are you not Jewish. However, I do think he had some Jewish ancestry. But “having Jewish ancestry” and “being a Jew” are two different things.

      1. I actually disagree with that Jewish view. To me a half-Jew is a half-Jew. The Patriarchs are very important to Jews too, which makes going by mother only even more odd.

        I doubt the hell out of it but I’m due to read a more recent article. Hitler being a Jew was a popular idea in conspiracy theory circles years ago. I searched it and an article said Hitler had Jewish and African ancestry. I mean he’s already a Jew fucking homosexual according to some. Hitler of all people, a gay ass Jewish Negro. I guess Malcolm X is very White racially. If in fact Jewish, I’d hate to have that info during WWII. The person saying “Furor ist Juden!” in Nazi Germany can’t have a long life expectancy.

        1. There were so many Germans with Jewish blood that the Nazis had to make rules. A lot of the half-Jews got off. The army was full of them and there were quite a few in the SS. As far as 1/4 and 1/8 Jews, no Nazi cared about that. Most of those people had no Jewish identity anyway. They even let a lot of real Jews off the hook because they said they were not “real Jews.” They were Karaites. Hitler might have been 1/8 Jewish, something like that.

  2. I think Putin’s mother maiden surname was Shelomova. Shelm meaning helmet, an old loanword from Germanic. Quite possibly Putin is not of Jewish descent, but I don’t think it would change my understanding of him much, given the integration of Jews (or part of them) in Russia. (There’s a photo-edited ID card of Maria Shelomova posted on /pol/, her nationality (ethnicity) edited to ‘evr.’, as in Hebrew, lol.)

    Putin also said something like: “The Jews I talked with even say that Zelensky is not a real Jew.” Sure, quite possibly made up by Putin, but it again shows that Jews can be talked about, that they are one of many ethnicities.. unlike in the West. That quote by Putin somehow calmed my antisemitism and helped in transforming my understanding of the Jews. Somebody talked normal about Jews..

    The Western propaganda is insane and mind-crushing.. It doesn’t do Jews good either.

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