More on Russia/Ukraine and Cluster Bombs

This is going wildly viral now. Spain, the UK, and Germany have all voiced strong opposition to the US sending cluster bombs to Russia. Everyone who posts on this including those who oppose the move takes it for granted that Russia has used cluster bombs in this war.

Human Rights Watch even issued a report claiming that Russia used cluster bombs ~175 times in this war. But they also issued a report saying that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons a large number of times. It listed every single incident in detail.

However, I researched most of these attacks in depth and there is no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons, even chlorine, even a single time! So I would trust those Human Rights Watch pricks about as far as they would throw them along with their creepy Frankenstein half-human Jewish leader, Kenneth Roth*. Also Human Rights Watch is deeply embedded with US imperialism, the state department, the CIA, the Pentagon and the whole rest of the den of snakes. But note that they recently went against US imperialism on the Israel-Palestine issue and took tremendous flak for it.

For the millionth time, Russia does not use cluster bombs. The only Russian position I saw on this is from Russians with an Attitude on Twitter. He said Russia refused to use them because they think they’re evil weapons. However, he opposed this decision as he said they can be very useful in war.

Then, asking around, I learned that Russia uses “submunitions” but not cluster bombs. Both sides use Grad missiles which have incendiary submunitions. But apparently those all blow up just like regular artillery.

They also use remote mining, but mines aren’t cluster bombs. It’s the same as laying a minefield. Also Russia can program its mines to go dud by a certain date and all of their mines have this capability. Also Russia can turn its mines on and off somehow. I’m not sure but it’s all electric. I believe they can switch off a whole field if they wish.

Russia also uses “submunitions” in the form of “leaflet bombs” that tell the enemy to surrender.

Also, Russia does not use anti-personnel mines either because they think they’re evil. It’s only Ukraine who uses those evil “petal mines” that looks like tree leaves.

None of those can be considered cluster bombs.

Russia considers these lands where they are fighting to BE Russia. That is Russian TERRITORY. Why would Russia litter its own territory with unexploded and unmapped minefields?! Why would they litter their own territory with cluster munitions?! Why would they poison their entire land with DU radiation?! None of this makes sense.

On the contrary, Ukraine is more than happy to poison that land with DU and litter it with unexploded cluster bombs because most of the people who live there are orcs who need to be exterminated!

Ukraine has used few cluster bombs in this war. However, from 2014-2015, they used a huge number of cluster bombs, mostly on civilian targets in Donbass cities. Ukraine has also used antipersonnel petal mines in the Donbass. They have only targeted civilians with those.

And for the record, the Donbass rebels also used cluster bombs when they fired Tochka missiles.

Tochka missiles are the only cluster munition that Russia has. They were phased out in 2019 and Russia is destroying its stock.

The Tochka attack on pro-Russian civilians in Kramatorsk was done by Ukraine to kill pro-Russian “orcs” and blame Russia at the same time. To this day, the lugenpresse continues to insist that Russia bombed that train station! In addition, there was a famous Tochka missile attack on Donetsk early in the war that killed 20 civilians. Photos of the aftermath appeared on the front page of an Italian newspaper saying it was a “Russian artillery attack.”

And we know that Ukraine has never taken responsibility for the bombing of civilians in the Donbass during this war. They have said all along that Russia is bombing their own civilian supporters in order to blame Ukraine for the attacks! Apparently the lugenpresse plays along when they mention it at all.

I have seen video of only a few Ukrainian cluster bomb attacks in this war. All were against civilian targets in Russia and Donbass. I think they ran low them after they used them up in 2015. However, during this war, the French Nazis sent the Ukrainian Nazis a huge stash of cluster bombs.

A photo is making the rounds of “Russian cluster bombs used in Kharkiv.” However that is a photo from 2015 of a stockpile of cluster bombs used by Ukraine against Donbass! There is another photo claiming the same thing that cannot be tracked down.

There were quite a few reports of “Russian cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Kharkiv.” This mystified me because I believed that Russia doesn’t use them and why would they target their own supporters, as a vast number of Kharkiv residents support Russia. Russian support was at 100

I was following a pro-Russian Telegram out of Kharkiv for a while. They reported on these shellings of civilian targets in Kharkiv. They said that all locals said that the shells were coming from Ukrainian territory. They said everyone in the city thinks Ukraine is shelling their own city. They were probably doing this because they see Kharkiv as full of orcs anyway and hence “kill em all.” Also, they are also doing it blame Russia. Kill enemy civilians and blame Russia at the same time, 2-2.

*I’m not saying this guy is bad because he’s Jewish. He’s just lousy like so many Jews in the West because being smart and talented people with degrees, a lot of them have figured out the way to cash in in US international relations is to get on board with US imperialism. Hence, US imperialism has many Jewish cheerleaders. But they are outnumbered vastly by Gentile cheerleaders.

The imperialist Jews are not bad because they’re Jews. They’re bad because they’re imperialists.

As for why they are acting this way, Jews in the West are part of the West and the West now is just an extension of US imperialism.

It’s interesting that the Jewish state of Israel has taken a much more neutral position on this war. And inside Israel, Jews have appeared on TV programs calling Zelensky a kapo for buddying up with Nazis! Quite a few Jews inside Israel say Ukrainians are antisemites. And it’s interesting that there’s still a lot of tribal memory about the glee with which the Ukrainian nationalists slaughtered Jews. Some Israelis even discussed how their relatives were killed or escaped from Ukrainian nationalists.

I’ve noted before that it is in this respect that I like Israeli Jews, and I really hate Israel. But I do respect the fact that they fight for and defend their people. I also respect the fact that a lot of them refuse to make alliance with their enemies. I believe in giving credit where it’s due.

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7 thoughts on “More on Russia/Ukraine and Cluster Bombs”

  1. I was reading a Polish thread on another forum. Battle hardened German SS soldiers were shocked by the genocidal nature of Ukrainians towards Poles, Jews, ect. during WWII. Like Nazis actually turned into werwolves.

  2. Robert, have you watched the Israeli series Fauda? It’s about an Israeli anti-terrorist unit and about their Palestinian enemies. A lot about personal and family relationships on both sides too. Now of course, it’s just a TV series, but it does portray the intersex and psychological relationships of the Palestinians, i.e. how the Palestinians behave.

    This made me realize how brainwashed the white Europeans are (including the US Europeans of course). The gender relationships totally don’t work in the postmodern, current-era, liberal democratic woke West. We are so removed from normal relationships between men and women.

    I feel like having a woman in the West means a loss for you. It’s a baggage, a load, somebody who drags you down, etc. But in Palestine, the TV series portrays the man-woman relationship differently. It’s sweet to have a woman there. She likes you, does things for you, doesn’t drag you down, isn’t there to make your life more difficult.

    So just saying what I noticed or realized.

      1. As PolarBear says, made by Netflix. Easily downloadable elsewhere. An easy way for Western audience to get a general overview how “3rd world” populations function and differ behaviorally from western populations. It’s an ok action series..

  3. It’s on Netflix and I think Palestinians aren’t fans of it, if I recall correctly. 1st episode of Fauda a Jewish woman takes her husband’s car keys. Seen season 1 of Kipat Barzel. I’ll get into Israeli shows.

    I have some thirst for understanding Jews/Israelis but I’m this way with a lot of groups. Tried watching all Iranian shows/movies, sadly not many options. Seen some Saudi Arabia exposed documentary.

    Watched 12 Strong on the 4th, not Jewish but pro-US military and based on a true story. They made one of the actual White soldiers Black, and I’m not sure we supported the right Afghans, but it’s still a good flick.

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