An Explanation for the Ideological Insanity Surrounding Western Support for Ukraine

In response to my post here:

It’s really strange to watch the Nazi Left and the Nazi liberals going crazy over cluster bombs. Over on Reddit Worldnews, there’s a Ukraine thread. It’s mostly liberal Democrats and they are the most slavering, debased Nazi scum you’ve ever seen.

For one thing, all US liberals love the military industrial complex now. They are praising arms manufacturers to the skies and saying the war is good for business, MI complex business! And most are calling for increasing the already insanely bloated military budget. Remember these liberals? The ones that opposed the Vietnam War? Look at them now. They’ve all gone full Nazi.

One thing I don’t get is that antifa anarchists (!) liberals, social democrats, progressives, centrists, and conservatives in the US and Europe are all head over heels Nazi supporters. The only people against the Nazis are the Hard Left (good for them) and some rightwing nationalists who could almost be called fascists. The only people opposing the Nazis in the US are the Far Right MAGA’s which at this point are a fascist movement.

Only fascists, communists, and a few nationalists and Russia supporters (in Moldova, Bulgaria, and Serbia) are anti-Nazi. In other words, the anti-Nazis are commie and fascists. Two groups with homicidal hatred for each other!

The entire rest of the spectrum, especially the liberal – progressive Left are wild Nazi supporters. So the pro-Nazis are the liberal – progressive – social democrats. How does that make sense? What the Hell is the Nazi Left?!

Someone chimes in and explains it to me:

How does this ideological kerfuffle make sense?

It’s the enemy-of-an-enemy-being-friend thing. Everyone that hates Russia (or wants Russian resources) have bunched up in one big pile of filth. They still hate each other, and plan on stabbing each other’s back once they finish off those pesky Russkies.

This thing already happened in a way. Almost every European nation had “volunteers” fighting for Nazis on the Eastern Front in WWII. I’ve read somewhere that more French were on the Eastern Front than in the French Resistance. I have no idea if it’s true, but it surely seems plausible.

My response:

I like to call these idiots Nazis because that’s who they support. But there are a ton of Nazis who aren’t fighting Russia. They’re just fighting for the White race. The Nazi-lovers hate those Nazis. In fact, they think they are the worst thing on Earth.

But the Ukies and the rest of their East European Nazi brethren are different. Those are the good Nazis!

I think we just use Nazis as a tool the same way we used the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda. The US would use the Devil Himself to fight our enemies if he had an army.

All of these groups are terroristic too, and the US has always favored Alex’s droogy ultraviolence to enforce its rule: Fascist regimes, rightwing death squads, Nazis, mujahedin, and headchopper Salafis. These groups are terrifying, and it is just that terror itself that the US state finds very useful.

Bottom line is fascists, mujahedin headchopper Islamists, and Nazis are very good at one thing: killing Leftists, socialists, and Communists. The Nazis, fascists, and Islamists are simply the greatest Commie-killers and exterminators of the Left that the world has ever seen. No one hates Commies more than Nazis and fascists. That’s almost their very reason for existence. Nazis hate Commies and the Left more than they hate Jews!

And there are different kinds of Nazis. There are “kill the Jews” Nazis and “kill the Russians” Nazis. There aren’t many Jews left to kill in those countries, and the Jews who are left have made a bizarre Nazi-Jew alliance. So the Jews are not an issue.

The Nazis hated Russians and Slavs as much as they hated Jews. They killed 27 million Russians. That’s 4.5X the Holocaust total. For whatever reason, these East European Nazis could care less about Jews these days and all of their genocidal hatred is directed at Russians. It’s not “exterminate the Jews.” It’s “exterminate the Russians.”

Remember Generalplan Ost? The Nazis did not have a happy future in store for the Russian people. 25

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36 thoughts on “An Explanation for the Ideological Insanity Surrounding Western Support for Ukraine”

  1. It’s an interesting clusterfuck.

    So do you think Trump is fascist? I mean, I consider the European/Western mainstream as fascist, and lately nazi.

    Trump wasn’t accepted by the mainstream. Is he a fascist? Who is he? Is it because of the domestic policy? Because internationally, he did calm things down. Calmed down things with Russia, and I even think he stopped supporting Islamic terrorism. But he remained strongly pro-Israel, which is why he had Suleimani killed, which was not ok. On domestic policy, what did he achieve? Even if, his supporters don’t seem to be. Back then, weren’t they much more normal than the opposite side? I would deem the opposite side as ‘fascist.’ I mean, they even faked the elections. An explanation would be appreciated, why Trump is fascist. He seems to be odd.

    1. The Dems didn’t steal the election. Obviously, Trump and his supporters don’t believe in democracy. They want some sort of rightwing dictatorship or rightwing authoritarian country where it would be almost impossible to elect a Democrat and every election would automatically go to a Republican. That’s either authoritarian or dictatorship. At any rate, it’s an absolute rejection of democracy. Fascism has nothing to do with foreign policy.

      Trump and the Republican Party look like the Latin American Right. That is an authoritarian or dictatorial rightwing politics. They feel that the Left has no right to rule and that the Right must always rule in their country. If the Left ever gets in power they try to throw them out by all sorts of dictatorial means.

      And the Republicans did try to steal an election. They’ve been stealing elections with those damned voting machines ever since 2000. The gerrymandering is absolutely authoritarian and anti-democratic. The Democrats can’t get a majority in the Wisconsin slate in the House unless they get 63% of the vote. So you need 63% of the vote to get 51% of the seats.

      They’re ferociously anti-democratic and they’ve put in all of this policies to make it harder for groups that vote Democrat to vote. That’s called voter disenfranchisement.

      Look, you’re either democratic or you’re a dictatorship or authoritarian. The Republican Party is anti-democratic. All rightwing dictatorships and authoritarian states are considered to be fascists of some type or another. Also his brand of rightwing populism seems very fascist. Rightwing populism is pretty much fascism right there. It always goes in that direction.

  2. I don’t know, Robert. Gerrymandering is a natural outcome of the Anglo voting system.

    Interesting, I don’t think Trump was all that harmful. I mean he was besieged for his entire term. I’m still convinced the election was stolen. Aren’t today’s Democrats yesterday’s Republicans? I mean the Democrats for me seems to be more dictatorial, neoliberal, and neoconservative than Republicans.

    Ok, Trump may be undemocratic, but I always thought his enemies were much worse. He didn’t even have an opportunity to carry out these supposed tendencies.

    You do know that Deep States, the CIA, all were against him? He tried to make America a more normal state, from the international point of view.

    Ok, your notes taken into consideration.

    1. You must understand that I am a Leftie, a Leftist. I always vote Democrat. I wouldn’t vote Republican if you paid me. I utterly despise the Republican Party and everything it stands for. I searched types of conservatism all over the world and I couldn’t really find one that I agreed with, in spite of liberals always calling me rightwinger.

    2. Lotzer, could you give us some background? Your English is excellent but for some reason, I think you are not a native speaker. That and some wording “Anglo voting system” makes me think you are not an American. Or a Brit or Aussie.

      Lotzer is not a common name. I’d have to go look it up again but this what I recall about the name:

      I recall it is a Germanic name known from the Hesse, the Rhineland and from Wurtemburg. I think it’s also known from Austria in the west around Carinthia and Styria. It’s known a bit from Italy, probably the nothern part where they speak German. It’s also known from Hungary, maybe the German enclaves there.

      1. Hi Robert, I’m actually the Czech commenter from the discussion two days ago, where you mentioned that Czech is one of the most difficult Slavic languages. I’m sorry, could have let you know I’m the same person, but I wasn’t going to use the nickname from the above mentioned discussion any more in here.

        As for Lozter (not Lotzer), it’s just a random name I typed. There’s no meaning in it.

        I’m aware of the rules, so I’m sorry for having broken them.

          1. No, it’s just fine. You’re a good person. I can tell because you are being so apologetic. As a good person, I don’t think you’ll get into trouble here. Almost everyone who gets banned is a big asshole. I don’t like to ban good people.

            I’m just warning you. I really like you a lot and I’d like to keep you around. Just talk about other stuff like stuff we might agree on. I write about a million things on here. You have an interesting mind and I’d hate to see you leave.

          2. Yeah ok, no problem 🙂 I have actually known your blog for a long time, but I only seldom commented. I think one time your blog even vanished.

        1. Ah, ok. A Czech! I want to ask you, can you understand Moravian speakers? I wrote a huge paper on the Slavic languages. You’re welcome to look it over if you wish. There’s a huge section on Czech.

          1. I’m a Moravian myself, but I don’t speak any dialect. I can imitate a Central Moravian dialect though, which my grandparents spoke. And which can still be heard. It’s not even very hard, you just change some endings and you alter the vowel system.

            I don’t think any person from Bohemia or Moravia would have trouble understanding any dialect, except probably for the Polish dialect in the very northeastern part of the Czech Republic. Eastern Moravian and Moravian-Silesian (Lach) dialects are the more divergent/archaic/geographically distant Czech dialects, but still there can be no talk about trouble in good understanding.

            I even had a CD with examples of dialects from the whole Czech Republic, which I borrowed from a library.

          2. I thought they said that Eastern and Western Lachs can’t even understand each other. I doubt if Czechs can understand East Slovak. Even Western Slovaks can’t understand those people.

            So all Moravians and Lachs are fully intelligible? What’s this about Lachs not even understanding their own western and eastern dialects?

          3. What about the people in other parts of Czechia? Can they understand Moravians and especially Lachs?

          4. Isn’t that called Ciezsin Silesian or something along those lines? That lect is actually Czech-Polish transitional, and I don’t think Czechs can understand it well.

          5. I think I did see your paper on the languages (not sure if just Slavic languages or more languages). Like I said, I’ve been visiting this blog for a long time, more or less regularly. I also remember exchanging some comments with you, about Czech, maybe its dialects, and the mutual Slavic intelligibility! I sometimes made comments on your blog, but generally not ver much.

          6. It is often said that Eastern Slovak can’t be understood, it’s often said by Slovaks too, lol. As you say. Slovak Easterners are also said to have a temperament.

            Honestly I don’t have much knowledge about Lach dialects. As I said they’re the more divergent dialects, but I doubt there would be great trouble in understanding. As for Eastern vs. Western Lachs, I wonder what exactly that means.

            I have a conception about the Eastern Moravian dialects, which would have been about at the same level of divergence as the Lach dialects. And I don’t see great trouble in understanding Eastern Moravian dialects.

            Sure, Lach and Eastern Moravian dialects might be harder to imitate, but.. I might borrow again that CD with examples of Czech dialects.

            People from Bohemia can surely understand Central Moravian dialects. And I think that everybody also understands both Eastern Moravian and Lach (non-Polish dialects), even if the accents might feel more alien,more different. Some peripheral subdialects in Eastern Moravian and Lach dialects might be harder to understand I guess?

            I hope I responded to some of your questions.

          7. You mean everyone in Czechia can understand Lach? Or just people in Bohemia and Moravia. I should send you my Slavic article. I split Lach into actually three separate languages – Lack, Eastern Lach, and Western Lach, and if that’s not true, then I need to change that. Want me to send you a link to that?

          8. Yes, it may be called Cieszyn Silesian. Yes, it’s to a degree transitional, but then again all dialects are. It’s called “transitional” mainly for “political reasons”. Who would want to admit that we grabbed basically a Polish-speaking land?

            Why not call it a Polish dialect? It linguistically belongs to the Polish Silesian dialects. But I wouldn’t put it under the “Silesian language”. “Silesian language” is the language of culturally somewhat Prussianized Poles. But in Cieczyn/Těšín there was never no Prussia.

          9. I think I called Cieszyn Silesian “Polish transitional to Czech,” and “I called Lach Czech transitional to Polish.”

          10. Silesian language speakers cannot understand Cieszyn Silesian. Hell, Silesian speakers cannot even understand themselves. There are some varieties of Silesian that cannot be understood by other Silesians. Opole Silesian dialect is one and Niemodlin Silesian dialect cannot understand each other, for instance. Poles like to say that they understand Silesian but they don’t. There is a watered down Polonized dialect that is just Silesian Polish and then there is a Silesian language. They can’t understand the language at all.

            Sulkovian Silesian:

            Gwojźdźaurz mau wjelkům familijam. Ćynżko mu je wszyckich ućůngnuć. Ale robi dźyń i noc, ażby dźeći mjały co jejść, co se oblyc i czim zostać. We wszyckim půmaugau mu baba. To je dobrau baba. Kaj chłop być ńy może, tam je ůna. W leće stauwau rano o jednej a leći na trauwam. Tam daleko za huczńicam. Jak przychodźi du dům, warzi na blasze. Dauwau świńům, gańśům, kurům a odbywau krowy. Po śńaudańu idźe na poly. Krůtko przed połejdńym zajś je důma. Mujśi warzyć objaud a gotować lau bydła.

            I gave that to my Slovak informant and he told me he didn’t really understand it and he said if it was spoken, he might understand 5%. He could figure out some of the words by his knowledge of Slovak.

            I believe the language has been getting more and more Polonized though. Part of the problem is that the speakers are Germans! And Poles and Germans do not have a good history. A lot of Silesian speakers got thrown out of the country after WW2 in a process in which many people died. The rest have tended to keep their heads down. This may be why a lot of the Germanic words are going out.

            There is a Silesian language movement but it won’t go anywhere. Poles are pricks about other languages. Basically, if it is spoken in Poland, it is Polish! A Polish dialect perhaps but still Polish. Polish nationalism is as cancerous as any. Almost all Polish linguists are nationalist cranks, and their judgements about language are seriously tainted.

            Even Kashubian is a “Polish dialect.” As is Lemko Rusyn. Except somehow in Ukraine, Boyko Rusyn is a Ukrainian dialect! And don’t forget that in Slovakia, Slovak Rusyn is a Slovak dialect! The last is correct. Pretty much same language too. And never mind that the Polish Rusyns can’t understand the Ukrainian Rusyns!

            Polish nationalism and nation-building really got going after WW2. It was a clusterfuck just like nation-building is everywhere. They want back and rewrote all of their history textbooks and changed all the facts to lies. Every chapter in a Polish history book now begins, “Once upon a time…” One has only to look at Dudek and these other nationalist freaks to see how dangerous this psycho strain of Polish nationalism really is. I don’t like the Poles! Churchill called Poland “the hyena of Europe.”

            Here are three dialects of Lach: Opava subdialect, Ostrava subdialect, and Frenštát subdialect.


            Lachian is divided into numerous subdialects (Western, Eastern and Southern), it can therefore also be regarded as a dialect continuum, with limited mutual intelligibility between the eastern and western dialects.[citation needed] This dialectal differentiation is not typical for the Czech Republic, where there is a good deal of dialect leveling, especially in the west of the republic.

          12. Yes, Czechs wouldn’t really understand “Cieszyn Silesian”. Those living in the Lach dialectal area would be better suited to understand it, but still, Cieszyn Silesian is Polish, if we exaggerate it.

          13. Robert, yes, can you post here the link for the Slavic article. Your other comments on the topic noted, I will look at that in a few days.

    3. You’re not allowed to promote Trump, the Republican Party, their ideology, or libertarianism on here, Lozter. If you like or support them, it’s ok, but just keep it to yourself, please. You can talk about anything else you want – there are a million things to discuss.

      You can promote social conservatism though. That’s just fine. You can promote “Russian conservatism,” which is pretty much Putinism. You can also promote the nationalist conservatism of Orban in Hungary or the AfD in Germany. You can promote Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Iraqi government, the Houthis, Hezbollah, the Iranian and Syrian governments, and other Islamic or Arab social conservatives.

      I’m a socialist. This is a socialist blog. We have to have some standards.

  3. Make sure to check out the Roseanne Barr interview with Piers Morgan about Ukraine. It’s funny as hell. She went CRAZY about the fact that that the US is supporting a country that’s FULL of Nazis. (Putin has said the same thing).

    1. She’s a MAGA fascist! Why is it that MAGA fascists and Commies/socialists are the only anti-Nazis! Only fascists are anti-Nazi. What the Hell kind of sense does that make? That makes no sense!

      Where is it? I want to see it.

  4. She talked about her family, Ukrainian jews, being persecuted by Ukrainian Nazis during the holocaust and how that country has a long history of Nazi behavior, even to this day. Putin mentioned that right up front as one of the main reasons he went in there in the first place, not just the NATO thing. He said the place has been overrun by fascism.

    1. Wait, Roseanne Barr’s family of Ukrainian Jews was persecuted by Ukrainian Nazis in the Holocaust?

      He said the place has been overrun by fascism.

      That’s an absolute fact. Ukraine is gone. It’s like Nazi Germany. Russia needs to occupy the whole damn place and clean it out. They can’t leave any of it uncontrolled or unoccupied. The NATO Nazis will just move right in and set up shop and flood it with weapons and there will be endless guerrilla war.

  5. I guess much of her family was buried alive by Banderites. I can see why it’s personal. I actually enjoyed their talk. Piers wasn’t a prick interviewer which you see alot of in the MSM.

    1. Yeah, Polar. Roseanne looks and sounds wacky and is very bitter about what happened to her getting kicked off of TV and most media for dissing blacks and Muslims, but refuses to apologize.

          1. She played Darlene on the Roseanne show, basically Jewed Roseanne out of her job. I like John Goodman more than both. I loathed Roseanne when she butchered the national anthem and still dislike her old husband Tom Arnold. I watched the whole Roseanne interview, I honestly won’t do that for alot of women I’m not attracted to.

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