“When a Child Predator Gets Caught in the Act”

This video is ridiculous. The narrator’s a complete melodramatic ass. He’s making a federal case out of this and so far no laws have been broken. He’s hysterical and sensationalistic.

I’m halfway through it now. The parents of the girl are stark raving nuts and so are the other parents. They keep demanding that the cop arrest the guy. Admittedly what he did was pretty damn creepy, but apparently he broke no laws. You can act awful damn creepy in this country and still be within the laws. They’re demanding he be arrested, put on the sex offender list, and finally to be put in the police car.

I like this cop. He says we can’t make an arrest because he broke no laws! We can’t put him on the sex offender registry for the same reason. And they can’t put him in a police car unless they are going to detain and arrest him.

I’m halfway through this and maybe it changes at the end.

It also seems like there’s something wrong with the guy. He says he has schizophrenia and that may well be an appropriate diagnosis. Something about him seems really off.

I’m going to keep watching it to see what happens to him but so far, it’s making me mad. Damn Americans want to arrest everyone for spitting on the damn sidewalk, huh?

Based on what he did, I’d say he’s a suspicious guy and I think maybe the cops might want to take a look at him. But he’s 35 and he has no priors for sex offenses, so I’m wondering if he’s even all that dangerous. Usually a predator will have at least a conviction or two priors by age 35, maybe even for odd things like peeping into women’s windows or breaking into women’s houses and stealing their panties. He may also have some vague arrests for trespassing or disturbing the peace or BS laws like that.

Ok, I watched it to the end. He eventually confesses that he’s a predatory pedophile and he was there to engage in a plot to kidnap a 6 year old girl, take her home, and molest her.

They brought him to the station for questioning and in the room, he grabbed a pen and attacked an officer with it. Charges.

Later when they are trying to get fingerprints and DNA, he refuses and then he tries to assault an officer in a room again. He’s been arraigned on attempted kidnapping (not sure how that one’s going to fly), and assaulting an officer (that’s a solid charge). All in all, this is one bad dude.

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2 thoughts on ““When a Child Predator Gets Caught in the Act””

  1. I watched the ending. What a idiot.

    I could likely take a single cop out, but I wouldn’t expect to make it out of the station. This one was on the ball. Then he attacks a group of them, even more foolish.

    1. The guy’s an idiot. What a fucktard! And he is a pedophile and not only that, he’s a predatory pedophile, and that’s so much worse!

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