The History of Antisemitism and Philosemitism in Modern American Society

Lotzer: Why don’t you write more on this topic. I frequent 4chan (the Politically Incorrect board), and this is kinda its central point of focus. I mean yeah, sometimes just for fun or irony, but still. Write more about how we are not “controlled by the Jews.”

Also, why is it essentially forbidden to talk about Jews? Do you have any explanation for that? Is it still caused by the WW2? Is it because the Western people are brainwashed (by what?)?

First of all, welcome to the site, Lotzer! Stick around as long as you like! Bit by bit.

Why don’t you write more on this topic.

I will! I will write more on this topic! A lot of people don’t like Jews as a group a whole lot, but most will make exception for individual Jews and treat each Jew on an individual basis. This is how it should be! It’s bizarre that I have a reputation as an antisemite when I speak out about hardcore antisemitism so much.

Now, if hardcore antisemitism were true, sadly, I would just come right out and say so. I’d also say, “Hey, don’t hurt them,” but I’m not afraid to talk like this if there’s something to it. It’s more that I’ve been studying this topic for decades, and I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that  most hardcore antisemitism is pretty much bullshit. They take something that has a tiny grain of truth and blow it up into a senseless theory.

I mean yeah, sometimes just for fun or irony, but still.

I don’t know about that. I think the Pol folks actually believe this crap. I was off into this level of antisemitism for a while, and after I pulled myself out of it, I look back, and it seems like I had gone insane in that period in my life! Deep antisemitism like that almost feels like a mental disorder to me.

Write more about how we are not “controlled by the Jews.”

Sure! I have a ton of information on this topic.

Look, if you’re not wild about Jews, fine. A lot of Jews aren’t wild about Jews! There are a lot of reasons people feel that way about them. I call this watercooler antisemitism and it’s simply the things that everyone knows about too many of these people.

A lot of Jews are aggressive, greedy, rude, belligerent, morally defunct in terms of white collar crime, possessed of an an anything for a buck scammer mindset, etc. For belligerence, the stereotype of the “loudmouthed Jew,” think Alan Dershowitz. Is he punchable or what? God, he’s a pugnacious bastard. What an unpleasant human being.

Those are great reasons not to be ecstatic about this group of people assuming you dislike those qualities. But a lot of people apparently think those are complimentary attributes!

But “obsessive and conspiratorial” antisemitism like I talk about here and you see on Pol is completely different.  They’re correct on a few things like US foreign policy, but most of the rest doesn’t add up. The Jews hardly agree on anything except antisemitism and Israel. Two Jews, three opinions. On everything else, they’re all over the place, and there is no overarching “Jewish agenda” on most important questions. And where there is, they don’t push it very hard, and there are 40X more Gentiles pushing that agenda as Jews.

Also, why is it essentially forbidden to talk about Jews? Do you have any explanation for that? Is it still caused by the WW2?

I’d say it’s a legacy of the Holocaust and the new attitude about the Holocaust that developed after Raoul Hilberg’s famous book The Destruction of the European Jews* appeared in 1960. Before that, casual antisemitism was just about normal among White Gentiles.

The Jews have become a taboo subject. Any criticism of Jews reminds people of Nazis and the Holocaust, which is unfortunate as Jews deserve critique as any ethnic or religious group does, and the modern US attitude treats Jews as sacred secular gods to be worshiped instead of having a sane attitude about them. The US is not an antisemitic country. It’s a Judeophilic country, which is about as nuts as hardcore antisemitism.

Jews are not gods, dammit. Quit worshiping at their feet!

*I cannot recommend that book written by that great man Hilberg highly enough. Curiously enough, he keeps a detached historian point of view throughout the whole book, even when describing the most horrific crimes of the Nazis. He’s like that in interviews too: detached, dispassionate and purely objective, like he was reciting a list of statistics about this or that. No emotional bias at all. That’s exemplary of him considering what happened to his people!

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10 thoughts on “The History of Antisemitism and Philosemitism in Modern American Society”

  1. Your philosemitism is on point. I’ve seen that sparkle in a Jew’s eye you mentioned. I agree, deep antisemitism is too much. Old America sounds like a nice balance.

  2. Thanks for the greetings. I read many other articles about Jews and other topics on your blog.

    I wonder, why does the word ‘Jew’ have bad connotation in European countries, in their history. The narrative is that we (Gentiles) were envious of their success and also incompetent I guess. So we envied the Jews and started hating them.

    Would there have been non-Jew money lenders, weren’t it for the Jews? Would they be as capable as Jews? Would their behavior be better, worse, the same? Isn’t it natural to hate money-lenders? Why weren’t Gentiles the money-lenders? What qualities do you need to be a money-lender / banker? I suppose Jews have these qualities so they filled a hole in the European market. And also the European culture permitted the existence of this social layer.

    Sorry, just thinking aloud.

    Or maybe people really envied the Jews. Maybe it’s natural to hate another ethnic/ethnoreligious group, even more if it’s successful.

    Do you think that Gentiles were somehow infected by the Jewish ways in business and finance? I know you wrote recently about this topic.

    Yeah maybe we just blame our shortcomings on Jews. We must change ourselves, and that’s hard. I mean, only those things happen, which are allowed to happen.

  3. They’re not a true model minority as East Asians are. They’d do well to behave more like East Asians. It’s a mix bag though. Not all Jews were bad and not all antisemitism was just. Most street level Jews behave fine, just normies in my experience, which’s annoying in a different way. I’m personally not jealous of them. They did do well for themselves in certain areas, like occupations but I’d rather be Persian, East Asian, ect. than a Jew.

  4. I believe Europeans often had religious scruples about money lending and so let Jews do the dirty work.

  5. Thanks for the article. It’s praiseworthy of you, because you’re preventing the mental illness (as you stated it) of viewing Jews as blame for everything. However you’re still somewhat confusing – you for example sometimes use the triple parentheses ((())). So what do you mean by that?

    1. LOL those are “coincidence notes” or (((Cohencidence notes)). They can be used in a lot of ways. Antisemites use them but a lot of Jews and pro-Jews use them too. A lot of Jews even put triple parentheses around their own names! I guess I’m using them ironically here. I’m a watercooler antisemite, but obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is not only mental illness. It’s also potentially one of the most extreme forms of pure evil that the world has ever seen. I’m not getting on board with genociders, sorry!

    2. Feel free to repost any of my articles on Jews or anything you think might interest them over to pol. They’ve posted me a few times. Might be interesting to see what people think.

      1. Haha yes, I might to that, really. Especially about that mental illness you wrote about (and which you supposedly suffered from too – obsessive and conspirational antisemitism). I think I’ll read that again.

        I really think this change of mind would help /pol/. Because the obsessive and conspirational anti-Jewishness seems to be useless for learning about reality.

  6. I must admit I like the attitude of Putin towards the Jews. He made them like any other ethnicity/minority, and pne can actually talk about them. Unlike in the West.

    1. Jews value is based on how assimilated they are imo. I’ve considered Southern Jews the best in the past. Today, Russia seems to have the best Jews.

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