Older Man Creeping on a High School Girl at a Store

Have you see this clip? Look at the anger directed at this guy:

I could care less if that man was checking out that girl, but he was way too obvious and blatant about it. You can look at them all you want, but you need to be more discreet about it if they are that young.

That guy’s making it look pretty damn obvious. He’s looking her up and down like she’s a choice slice of beef! That’s why the clerk got mad at him. Seriously, if I were the clerk, I would not have said one thing to that man. I’m no White Knight and I’m not a Save-a-Ho or a cockblocker. The girl didn’t even know he was looking at her. How was she harmed?

I look at girls that age too but not a whole lot, and I definitely don’t look at them like that! To tell that truth, that girl looks too young for me.

What is she? 16? 15? She doesn’t even turn me on that much. She’s kind of fat and she’s way too young. I probably wouldn’t even look at her much.

I stand behind teenage girls at the coffee shop all the time. For the most part, I don’t even really look at them. It seemed like I used to look at them a lot more 5-10+ years ago. For some reason they just look too young for me at my age. They’re not that hot for some reason.

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6 thoughts on “Older Man Creeping on a High School Girl at a Store”

  1. He should’ve just grabbed her ass like Black thugs do. Seriously, I don’t need a moral lesson on this from a Black boy.

    1. Yeah thanks. Don’t young ghetto Black men hit on underage high school girls constantly? I wasn’t aware that they had any morals at all in that regard.

  2. When R Kelly fucked and pissed on a 14 yo. on tape, I asked a Chicago Black about it. He said that’s no big deal in his community.

  3. One knows the camera is there. So we have an honest view of one man and for the other guy, we have what a virtue signaling attention whore wants everyone to see.

    Old White guy is at least raising his son and still less likely to be a rapist than the cashier.

    Fat/ugly/old = creepy to a lot of chicks. Bill Maher said something like girls don’t want to be molested by guys with beer bellies. There are other factors besides his big gut but if the guy had pretty face and nice body his female critics would be saying, “Hey there, silver fox!” Alex Jones says Matthew McConaughey is a hardcore cokehead, but I don’t think any chicks care. he’s fit with a nice face.

    The reactions against the old guy are totally emotional:

    One woman on YouTube:

    Doesn’t matter if shes’ three, 18, or 40!!!

    So three year olds are the same as 18 and even 40 year olds? Wow.

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