Every Man on Earth Wants to Have Sex with Teenage Girls, but You’re Not Supposed to Do It.

Polar Bear: Lukewarm pro-Whiteness is less tolerated than underage non-nudes and even nude because many men enjoy them. Literal normies want very young girls. Oddly, even the men that want to kill pedos want to fuck very young chicks too.

I would say that Normies and all men want to fuck young chicks if you mean teenage girls, sure. I really don’t think most men want to have sex with little girls, and that’s a good thing!

Look! Every man on Earth wants to fuck teenage girls, ok? That’s the Goddamn bottom line. The only men who don’t are gay men and dead men and liars. It’s more the case that you’re not supposed to do it, often due to laws preventing it. And I would think that most men over say 21 would not mess with underage girls. Even if you’re 18-20, you might want to think real hard about getting with an underage girl, especially in this hysterical climate. They’re not called jailbait for no reason. Teenage girls are dangerous!

There are nudes of teenage girls out there on the web. I think there are nudist sites that have girls that age along with nude little children and nude adults of all ages. They’re just strolling through the woods or standing on a beach. For some reason, it’s not even that sexual. Also there are many nude beaches around the world. They typically allow minors. Any man who wants to can go to a nude beach and look at naked females of any age. It’s 100

I knew a woman recently who used to take her two young daughters to a nude beach. They were nine and 13. They also strolled around the house naked all the time and even lay out on beds naked together. That’s all legal. Parents can have nude households with their kids where everyone strolls around naked a good part of the time.

David Hamilton, Sally Mann, and a few other photographers made art photos of nude teenage girls. They tended to be young teens, maybe 13-15? The photos are beautiful! It’s just art. Artists have been painting nude teenage girls forever.

All that stuff is legal because nudity isn’t necessarily CP. Generally she must be having sex with herself or someone else or else there has to be “lascivious display of the genitalia.” Nude tits don’t count. Traditionally, if she had clothes on, it was never CP, but they did a very questionable bust on that a while back with the Black Cat Scans. Those guys got fucked over bad.

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