Does Russia Use Cluster Bombs or Not?

The despicable US government is sending cluster bombs, one of the most evil weapons invented by mankind, to Ukraine. You thought we were debased before? You ain’t seen nothing yet! What’s next? Mustard gas?

Spokesman Sullivan said the cluster bombs have only a 2

The US despicably used cluster bombs during the War against the Iraqi People (Iraq War), and a very large number of Iraqi children were crippled by those bombs when they picked them up out of curiosity. Just one more crime from our Nazi-like war of aggression against Iraq.

When Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006, the US rush-shipped a vast number of cluster bombs to Israel so they could scatter them all over Lebanon. I believe that the Jews were using cluster bombs that look like toys. When children pick up these to-like objects, they are maimed. But I’ve heard that the USSR did that in Afghanistan too. You wonder how much truth there is to that story.

There is a convention banning these vile weapons that 120 countries have signed, including a number of NATO countries. These are basically banned, illegal weapons. Notably, the US, Ukraine, and Russia did not sign the treaty, but I think Russia should. These cluster bombs the US is sending are the last of our stock.

They’re from the 1980’s, so they are 35-40 years. They don’t have a 2

This is really all about money. They were going to repurpose those shells to use them in training soldiers, but that would have cost a lot of money. Instead we get to dump the whole stock on Ukraine (except we are selling them to Ukraine – everything we have given Ukraine was on loan and has to be paid back later), relieving us of the costly burden of repurposing them. Instead of spending a lot of money doing that, we get to sell them to another country!

The Military Industrial Complex and the banksters are in   ecstasy about this war. Killing and maiming people is good for business! There is a recent interview from a ghoul who works at Black Rock (one of the most dangerous corporations on Earth) laughing and talking about how the Ukraine War sure has been great for business. You wonder how many wars are in part motivating by this grasping tendency.

The lying media claims that both sides are already using cluster bombs. I did some investigation, and I found that that’s not really true!

I’m only aware of Ukrainians using them a handful of times. They have shelled Donbass cities with cluster bombs, deliberately targeting peaceful cities and towns with no military targets. The Ukrainians don’t even aim. They just shoot at the cities. Of course they’re deliberately targeting civilians because there are no military targets to hit in those cities.

They’ve also used Tochka missiles for the same purpose. Remember the Tochka they dropped on Donetsk that blew up on a street and killed 20 civilians? The Italian lugenpresse put photos of the dead bodies in the aftermath on the front page of one of its papers saying it was a Russian attack.

In fact, Ukraine has never owned up to deliberately targeting sole civilian targets in Donbass with the intent to kill and maim civilians.

Instead they say that all of this shelling is being done by Russia! Those cities are full of Russian supporters and they are now part of Russia itself. Perhaps 10

Like Russia’s going to shoot at their own supporters who were the cause of the invasion where Russia invaded to protect them. Ukraine claims Russia is shelling their own civilians, Russian citizens, as false flag attacks to blame Ukraine. But all the shelling is by Ukraine. That’s been documented with instruments that determine where shells are coming from.

The Ukrainians used a Tochka missile in Kramatorsk which the lugenpresse right now is still claiming was a Russian attack! Yeah, they attacked their own supporters! Measurements show that the Tochka was fired from a Ukrainian army position 25 miles to the southwest of the city. The Ukrainians shot at those civilians in order to kill and wound as many of them as possible because a vast number of people in that city support Russia. By doing a false flag, they got to kill a lot of “Orcs” and blame Russia at the same time. Touche!

However, Ukraine has only used cluster bombs and Tochkas to attack civilian targets a handful of times.

Now, the lugenpresse insists that Russia has used cluster bombs in this war, but I don’t think they have.

In fact, one pro-Russian ethnic Russian living in the US (Russians with an Attitude) stated on Twitter that Russia refuses to use cluster bombs because they think they’re evil. In fact, he was complaining about the decision, and he really wanted Russia to start using cluster bombs because he said they’re very useful weapons.

It’s really strange to watch the Nazi Left and the Nazi liberals going crazy over cluster bombs.

Over on Reddit Worldnews, there’s a Ukraine thread every day with hundreds of posts. It’s mostly liberal Democrats, and they are the most drooling, debased Nazi scum you’ve ever seen. For one thing, all US liberals love the military industrial complex now. They are praising arms manufacturers to the skies and saying the war is good for business – MI complex business! And most are calling for increasing the already insanely bloated military budget.

Remember these liberals? The ones that opposed the Vietnam War? Look at them now. They’ve all gone full Nazi. Shame on you! And you guys wonder why I hate liberals so much. It’s because of things like that.

One thing I don’t get is that antifa anarchists (!) liberals, social democrats, progressives, centrists and many conservatives in the US and Europe are all head over heels Nazi supporters. The only people against the Nazis are the Hard Left (good for them) and some rightwing nationalists who could almost be called fascists. The only people opposing the Nazis in the US are the Far Right MAGA group, which at this point is a fascist movement.

Only fascists, communists, and a few nationalists and Russia supporters (in Moldova, Bulgaria, and Serbia) are anti-Nazi. The commie and fascist anti-Nazis.

The entire rest of the spectrum, especially the liberal – progressive –  social democratic Left in the Anglosphere and Russia are wild Nazi supporters. How does that make sense? What the Hell is the Nazi Left?!

Does Russia Use Cluster Bombs?

I have never heard of one single instance in this entire war of Russia using cluster munitions. As the poster said, apparently they refuse to use them. Russia does have Tochkas but these are decommissioned and not in use, phased out in 2019. This is the only cluster bomb weapon that Russia has to my knowledge

They used this crap argument (Russia has it and uses it too!) for DU. The US and UK decided to send their evil DU weapons to Ukraine, but the liberal Nazis all screamed that Russia has DU weapons too and they already use them. I believe Russia has them but apparently they don’t want to use them, and they have refused to use them thus far in the war.

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