Why Almost All Normal Men Are Aroused by 13 Year Old Girls

Our resident hebephile graced our presence with this video in response to a post of mine about 12-14 year old girls. By the way, the post is very nonsexual. It mostly discusses these girls’ biological milestones in the sort of clinical way that you might find in a doctor’s manual. Of course I’ll get smeared as a pedophile nonetheless for penning a harmless post on pediatric medicine.

Studies show that 83

I suppose this girl is 13? She’s some sort of an influencer from Brazil. When I first started playing it, I thought she was hot! That’s because she has the naturally curvy body of a woman complete for breasts and an enlarged ass. Thing is, all normal males see breasts, an enlarged ass, an hourglass shaped body, and their caveman brain thinks, “Breed it!” as in, “Impregnate it!”

Now you may edit your thoughts soon afterwards but the truth is that as soon as females stop looking like little girls and start looking like women, bottom line is every normal man on Earth wants to have sex with them! And that’s a perfectly natural, normal, healthy way to feel. In fact, it’s downright human. If you feel that way, it just shows that you’re a real, true, pure human male.

Pretty soon into the video, I thought, “Whoa! Wait! Way too young!” Of course this is my frontal lobe chiming in and editing my caveman thoughts. And I truly believe this too. It’s not some idea society put into my head. In fact, I look at most high school girls nowadays and think, “Too young.” That’s independent of how good they look, and some of them look ok. They seem “too small,” too. I suppose that means they have not reached their full adult height.

However, once those high school girls get to ~17, they look perfectly hot to me. They also remind me of a lot of girls and young women that age that I dated when I was around that age myself. They remind me of a lot of my old girlfriends.

By the way, all males react to 17 year old girls as if they were 18-24 year old women. They are aroused by them on the same level, and men are more aroused by 18-24 year old women than they are by women of any other age. So one can make the case that men are more aroused by 17 year old girls than they are by women in any other age class from mid-20’s on. Nothing turns us men on as much as those girls!

The notion that it’s sick and evil to get turned on by them is insane. And if we are maximally aroused by them, it implies that nature wants us to try to breed those girls. It’s probably not optimal for a 17 year old girl to get pregnant and her hips are not wide enough yet. It’s better if she waits until 18-19 when her hips finally widen enough to carry a baby.

But it’s not a serious risk to the female as it is when 13 and 14 year old girls try to carry a baby, which in a high percentage of cases is disastrous and tears the girls up inside. They will need surgery if they ever expect to bear a child again.

I suppose you could argue that it’s normal for men to want to have sex with 17 year old girls, but we should try to avoid impregnating them. That would be a good compromise between nature, society, and medicine.

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14 thoughts on “Why Almost All Normal Men Are Aroused by 13 Year Old Girls”

    1. I like thongs too. I’ve seen very big women speak out against thongs. Of course, women that can’t pull thongs are jealous haters of thongs.

      I know a lot of pedo-hunters that want barely legal women. Some young chickies have fully developed adult asses. Say a man’s with a mature looking teenybopper and another guy’s is with a middle aged MILF that looks underage. Who’s got the short-eyes? Many I know think 16 is illegal in the state of MN. It’s not but you’ll be seen as a pedo by many.

      So yeah, there’s hypocrisy going on.

    2. I didn’t say the video was nonsexual. I said my prior post was nonsexual.

      Obviously this 13 year old girl made a video trying to act sexual and turn people on. She posted it on Youtube for everyone to see. It’s not illegal. Her sex drive has probably come on and she may be quite horny. She’s a sexual being now (an adult), so she’s making videos with sexual, flirtatious content.

      Why, are you offended? LOL I’m not even really into girls that age. I’m not really interested in watching videos of 13 year old hotties strutting around and acting sexy. Probably not 14 year olds either. 17? Now you’re talking, brother!

  1. Seen some anti-Women porn a minute ago. “Women are equal…to shit” was on a caption.

    I don’t get why porn is so anti-White but this is allowed. My guess is that porn is run by Jews at high level and the low levels answer to big porn in some way. Perhaps they want to make it or will get shut down if they don’t obey. The growing # of White sissies don’t help matters, but I think they’re too busy getting fucked by bulls to create anything. Face it, sissies aren’t the dominant type.

    Luke warm pro-Whiteness is less tolerated than underage non-nudes and even nude because many men enjoy them. Literal normies want very young girls. Oddly, even the men that want to kill pedos want to fuck very young chicks too.

  2. I appreciate your blog very much.

    “I feel like I’m in a straightjacket! Or a cage! I dislike being imprisoned in my own mind.”


    13-14 y/o girls are peak attractiveness as demonstrated by all the great historical figures who dated them – from Cicero to Jefferson to Elvis, the list is endless.

    It is because these extremely horny girls are shedding their innocence and fully blossoming into adults, slightly before they reach their physical peak a few years later. That is as hot as it gets.

    I remember being around girls that age when I was that age and they were more unrestrained than any other age group when they thought it was safe to display their sexuality. Unfortunately I had no clue what I was doing and missed almost all my chances, it is cruel to throw boys and girls together at that age when a boy is nothing and a girl is everything.

    I worked on myself hard to become a successful man. I earned the right to at least attempt to date the best teen girls, and now the Anglosphere wants to play bait and switch and take that away after the fact and call me degenerate and evil and destroy my life completely. A broken deal and a fundamental attack on my sexuality and what it means to be a man. I’m really pissed off and refuse to accept the abuse.

    I am leaving to a non-western country with a low age of consent and much less sex hysteria. I am slogging through learning new languages and using my anger as the catalyst. I want to feel what it’s like to live without oppression again. If it works out, I will dump my American citizenship so they can’t reach me with their insane extraterritorial laws.

    I could be a leader in this country, but I will not do it because it’s not worth the effort at all, and I have a chance to leave. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    As for the video of the young black guy shaming the older white guy, it also has a racial element.

    1. I appreciate your blog very much.

      Thank you my friend! A lot of European countries have AOC’s of 14. I’ve heard of a Swedish guy in his 30’s who fucks ~15 year old girls there on the regular and no one in that country cares for some reason.

      Here’s a map of AOC around the world:


      Most of Europe is 14 or 15.

      Most of South America is 14. A few countries are 15.

      A lot of Mexican states have an AOC of 12!

    2. Wait a minute. Cicero and Thomas Jefferson fucked 13 and 14 year old girls? LOL I need to hear about this, man.

      1. For someone who claims to be a “preferential teleiophile” you seem very interested in sex with young teen girls.

        1. Eat shit and die scumface! This is the worthless Normie dogs: “If you talk about it, you do it.” I have zero interest in girls but I believe science. The only people who belong in woodchippers are sex fascists like you! Drop dead!

          1. Well, that’s child porn you know. It’s illegal to even look at it. She shot that scene for Belamodels?

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