You Know It’s Truly a Terrible Idea if the US Right and Left Agree about It

Every time the Right and the Left in the US agree on something, it’s almost always a horrendous idea. Why is that? Because the Right, by it’s nature, can rarely be for anything that’s good. And they’re only for rightwing things, never for the opposite. To me, I agree with the US Right 10-15

So when the Right and Left agree, it just means that shitlibs are going rightwing or pro-fascist just like they always have.

The Vietnam War was rightwing. The shitlibs went along with it. Deregulating banking and telecommunications were rightwing projects. The shitlibs went along with it.

Ending welfare as we know it was rightwing. The shitlibs went along with it. US foreign policy is rightwing. The shitlibs have always gone along with it.

Not only is it a bad idea but it’s one of the worst ideas of all because even the Left is going along it!

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