The Socialism of Fools and the Anti-Imperialism of Fools

Reading the comments to this seminal article one has to realize and admit to the exploding concern about leading player roles in our situation who are — Jewish. I am not sure what are the implications of that fact.

Most of these people are conspiratorial and obsessive antisemites and they are 1) bad for the Jews and 2) generally regarded as insane and irrational. In fact, as one formerly afflicted, I would regard conspiratorial and obsessive antisemitism as a mental illness. That’s what it felt like when I was deep in it. I was nuts.

As opposed to harmless watercooler antisemites who just say the things that everyone knows about these people.

Yes, there are problems with Jews, in particular the ethnocentric tribal activist kind. They wage ethnic warfare against non-Jews to this very day. This forces non-Jews to either become antisemites to fight back or refuse to be racist and lie down and get steamrolled while the Jews get stuff their pockets, win, and get everything and they get immiserated, lose and get zero or negative numbers.

They’ve taken over our Middle Eastern foreign policy by buying the political system and via media and Hollywood power.

They have a reputation for rejecting European values of fair play and fair fighting in favor of no-rules zero-sum game all out war. However, most Gentile businessmen act pretty “Jewish” these days so this the cleavage here is not as sharp as it was once.

They engage in quite a bit of white collar crime and do a lot of lying, cheating, and stealing. Like I said, the “Jewish” style of business seems to have infected Gentile businessmen the same. Look at Trump and his crooked ruling class Gentiles. They’ve even more crooked than rich Jews.

They’re paranoid and scream racism every 15 minutes.

They’re aggressive due to their upbringing. The Jews in business and academia have a thuggish aspect about them.

All of these except for the first two merely make them act like pricks and assholes as far as the ordinary person is concerned. What do we care about shady business practices? It’s not like it will effect us. This is a problem for society and law enforcement, not the rest of us. How many of us run a business that is likely to get screwed over by some Jewish crook? Probably very few. Not to mention that Gentile businessmen act about as “Jewish” as the Jewish ones nowadays.

A paranoid, touchy, pre-emptively aggressive, belligerent, loudmouthed, person with a chip on their shoulder as wide as Moby Dick’s jaw is simply an asshole. And assholes are a dime a dozen at least here in the US. They’re unavoidable. Seems I run into at least one or two of them every day, and I don’t even go out much. It’s not illegal to act like an annoying prick. That’s not even a misdemeanor or a citation.

They don’t deserve any harm for that behavior except the harm with dish to to all the rest of the assholes. That means avoidance and a bit of suspicion and wariness, which is how you treat all annoying, irritating people. Besides, most of us don’t deal with asshole Jews. We have almost zero Jews in my town, so they’re irrelevant to my life. Instead, this town has Gentile assholes! I’m not even sure if they’re better.

At least Jewish assholes are smart and if they calm down, you can actually have a pleasant intellectual conversation with them. A lot of have eyes that light up if they think you’re smart and sparkle with delight at the prospect of a stimulating brainy conversation. Even asshole Jews are intellectually curious and they have incredible respect for learning and education and very educated and smart people. You can almost see the respect waving off of their bodies. You nearly feel it in your bones.

That’s really it for the reasonable complaints against them. All the rest of the complaints about Jews are coming from the Right – antisemitism is rightwing – and those are things I like the Jews for!

The main thing is that it is our fault if these folks are running roughshod over our society. We are allowing them to do that. America is Judeophilic and hangs on every word these secular Gods speak. We have no one else to blame if Jews are running ME foreign policy and dragging us into wars. Further, the abuse is consensual.

Everyone in power in the US is a Judeophile who loves Israel. Americans love Israel and hate Arabs. Our support for Israel is driven by 57

Antisemites blame Jews for things like the CFR, Bilderbergers, CIA, MI6, NATO, Pentagon, and the Deep States to which they are all the most central and essential part. But Jews as Jews have no effect on these entities! The Jews working for these identities have the same goals and methods as the Gentiles. There’s nothing “Jewish” about the Deep State. To think there is shows a very poor understanding of political economy.

See those bolded names above. These are the people who truly control your world. I just went down the list of the latest Bilderbergers meeting. At most 5

Capitalists have no allegiance to any state but Mammon. Patriotic capitalists are as rare as four leaf clovers.

The agenda is Western imperialism (or possibly “World Imperialism”) and rule by the rich, and the Jews are irrelevant to that. US imperialism is not a Jewish plot!

The Jewishness of the Foreign Policy Jews is irrelevant other than most of them being neocons in control of US foreign policy in the ME.

For everything else, the FPJ’s are just one more agent of US imperialism. How the Jewishness of these water-carriers for imperialism makes them worse than their Gentile colleagues in the same industry is beyond me.

Many US Jews, typically “liberal Democrats,” have signed on to the security state to cash in and butter their bread, and they hold many prominent positions in it. They figured out who writes the checks and they memorized the lines needed to get the parts they play in that drama. But other than on the ME question, their views on US foreign policy are no different from their fellow imperialist Gentiles.

Antisemites don’t get it. They look at the clusterfuck called capitalism and say it’s a Jewed-up mess, and if we just get the Jewish capitalists out and let the “real Gentile capitalism” unfold, and we will all live in Valhalla.

Problem is you get the Jews out of your country’s business class, and your corporations and rich are now a bunch of ruling class Gentiles instead of ruling class Jews and Gentiles, with the Jewish ruling class at least having the advantage of being at least rather politically liberal. I’d rather be ruled by rich Jews than rich Gentiles. The FPJ’s are probably ok on domestic policy. Ruling class Gentiles are like Trump and DeVos and the rest of the monsters. The Gentile Rich are far worse than the Jewish Rich any day of the week.

For not seeing the capitalist elephant in the room, antisemitic beefs about capitalism being wrecked by Jews are rightly called the socialism of fools.

Consequently, all these commenters seeing in these Foreign Policy Jews the “Jewish key” to the evils of US foreign policy are ignoring another elephant in the room – the fact that US foreign policy is not some Jewed-up mess with an easy cure but instead is a result of US imperialism, which is simply the foreign policy of the US rich and multinational corporations.

US unilateralism and hegemony is not a Jewish plot. Sure, a lot are on board for the ride but they’re irrelevant. Hence, seeing the FPJ’s as the key to the horrors of the US imperium is what I call the anti-imperialism of fools.

This is why rightwing populism never works.

It claims that the problems of capitalist economics are due to some wicked international banksters, probably a bunch of Jews.  Assuming you could get rid of them, now you have a ruling class of Gentile pricks where before they were ruled by Gentile and Jewish pricks.

Getting the Jews out of your economy doesn’t change anything! The problems of your capitalist economy are not caused by “international banksters.” Even assuming you could get rid of them, they will be replaced by domestic banksters who will act just as bad. You didn’t fix anything. The socialism of fools!

Get the Jews out of your foreign policy and now it will be run by Gentile wealthy and corporate imperialists as opposed to Gentile and Jewish wealthy and corporate imperialists. You haven’t fixed a thing. The anti-imperialism of fools!

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One thought on “The Socialism of Fools and the Anti-Imperialism of Fools”

  1. Why don’t you write more on this topic. I ftequent 4chan (the Politically Incorrect board), and this is kinda its central point of focus. I mean yeah, sometimes just for fun or irony, but still. Write more about how we are not “controlled by the Jews”.

    Also, why is it essentially forbidden to talk about Jews? Do you have any explanation for that? Is it still caused by the WW2? Is it because the Western people are brainwashed (by what?)?

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