The Rightwing Populist BS about “Globalists”

“Removing all possible borders to international capital” and the “commodification of all possible values” (including your precious borders and democracy) is what this guy and his ilk “globalists” are all about.

Rightwing populism has decided that the enemy are these people called “globalists.” I don’t even know what that is! Their opposite, I suppose, are? Nationalists? There can’t be many of those. Isolationism is a money-loser for the rich and the corporations, which is why they oppose it.

There’s no such thing as “globalism.” Globalism is simply what the corporate class in US and European multinational corporations want. Those are your globalist enemies. As are the richest people in the US and Europe. The villains here are the same as always, the corporations and the rich. “Globalism” is a smoke screen because all the rich and all the corporations are effectively “globalists” because this is how you maximize profits and pad your bank account most effectively.

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