The “Democracy” Scam

Ever notice how the US won’t stop talking about “democracy?” Before during the anti-communist retardation (Cold War), it was all about “the free world.” Guess what phrase shitlibs are regurgitating now? “Free world!” Did you know that every shitlib in the US supported the entirety of US foreign policy, every monstrosity, all through the Cold War?

Except for Vietnam, it’s true. But Vietnam was more of a case of, “We’re not winning. Let’s pull out.” The Domino Theory kept right on going into Cambodia, Laos and all the way to the end.

That war created a crisis because it smashed the “foreign policy consensus,” a horrendous idea if there ever was one.

The US pushes the democracy bullshit. Somehow, miraculously, every single enemy of the United States is always a dictatorship! Even if they’re not! And all leftwing and socialist governments the US hates (which is most of them) are always dictatorships. The message Ameritards get his “the left is always a dictatorship.” “Socialism means dictatorship.” And liberals – shitlibs – are promoting this awful idea that Left means dictatorship!

The project of the US is this BS called “free minds and free markets.” Really it’s just classical liberalism from Europe, which is nothing like the social liberalism in the US, although they had similar origins. US social liberalism came out of Radical Liberalism, a now-largely defunct ideology out of Europe in the 19th Century.

Along with the rise of classical liberalism in that era came radical liberalism, basically the left wing of classical liberalism. It veered off from classical liberalism in some ways, supporting state intervention in the economy, regulation of business, and progressive taxation. Other than that, on secularism and freedom of speech, etc., they’re just liberals. Out of that came social liberalism in the US and social democracy.

The problem is that all US allies are automatically democracies or if not, we are silent about it. But if half of our allies are dictatorships, why do we have issues with lack of democracy? We don’t! You can have rightwing dictatorships til the cows come home. There’s nothing the US loves more than a rightwing dictatorship. Even if the US ally is a hardcore vicious murderous dictatorship like Ukraine now or El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, or Colombia in the 80’s, the US still insists that they are democracies.

Russia is vastly more democratic than Ukraine. In Ukraine you can be murdered for opposing the state. If not, it’s 5-7 years in prison. As soon as Zelensky came in, he banned all opposition media. First thing he did. Ukraine had already banned the most serious opposition parties, but recently Zelensky banned all opposition parties, singling out the leftwing opposition for particular abuse like the fascist he is.

Now the only other church in the country is effectively banned, and its top priests are in jail or have been chased out of the country. Anything like that going on in Russia? Of course not.

It’s a scam! It’s the “democracy” scam.

You see, capitalists can always buy their way into power in a bourgeois democracy. First they buy up the media and after that, it’s a piece of cake. If not, a democracy opens up the potential for endless coups, assassination attempts, and color revolutions by the US. That’s another reason we like democracies. The more democratic our enemies are, the easier it is to overthrow them.

If the opposition still has no power because everyone hates them, the US simply installs the opposition and claims that’s the new government. That’s the scam we pulled, with bipartisan support, in Venezuela and Belarus. If they still have no power, we demand that the ruling party open up the state and the Congress and install the US-backed opposition no matter how little support they have.

Even when our enemies are democracies, we insist that they are not. That’s because all of our enemies must be dictatorships, whether they really are one or not. Every single election in a US enemy state that elects someone we don’t like was fraudulent. No enemy of the US could ever win anywhere on Earth other than via fraud. Where they can’t prove fraud, they say the election was “rigged,” which means just about anything the US wants it to mean.

Every time the Chavistas won in Venezuela, the US screamed “massive fraud.” The fascist-supporters in the EU lately have chimed right along with us. On a couple of occasions, the opposition won, once winning Congress and another time winning a No vote on a new Constitution.

Somehow or other, the fraud went away those times, and those elections were miraculously free and fair! How did that happen? The Chavistas rig and use massive fraud in every election they win, but every now and then they shut down the fraud, fail to rig the election, and just let the opposition sweep the slate?

What kind of sense does that make? But this is what almost every American believes! Never mind that honest pre-election polls and exit polls almost always line up exactly with whatever the Chavistas win by. The problem in Venezuela is the Right is fascist and they own a lot of their own polling firms. All of their polls are dishonest and they always show the Right having much more and the Chavistas much less support than they really do. In Venezuela, for maybe the first time in history, I witnessed the rightwing fascists actually fake an exit poll!

  • If our guys win, it’s always free and fair.
  • If our enemies win, it’s always by massive fraud and rigging.

How likely do you think that is?

Guess what? The vast majority of Moronicans, including every shitlib I’ve ever met, accepts this preposterous axiom as automatically true.

How arrogant are we? We think everyone loves us? BS. The US is widely and quite properly despised in much of the South. The only people who like us are our fellow fascist and Nazi-supporters in the EU and some rightwing fascist forces in the South, mostly in Latin America. Some countries like the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Thailand are friendly for some odd cultural reasons.

Also, the US makes up a lot of this “democracy” BS. The US goes in and does all this scurrilous illegal and insurrectionary stuff, and if the government tries to crack down on the riots, treason, coup and assassination plots or actualities, contras, or whatever, we scream dictatorship. It’s the “democracy” scam. Just another sleazy scam like everything Uncle Scam does.

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4 thoughts on “The “Democracy” Scam”

  1. This is why the US is so easily manipulated by nefarious governments that know what button to push. India is a prime example. India knows that anytime it mentions itself as a democracy, the US will believe whatever thing it says. India played the role of setting the ball rolling that get the US involved in the Vietnam War. Fifty thousand dead Americans and many more Vietnamese and Laos died and India has a bloody hand in this.

    1. Yep. I think we have 800. Seriously, fuck this country, man.

      You are saying China has one overseas base? I think that may be correct. I’d have to look it up.

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