Manufacturing Consent in the Era of Social Media and Internet by State Outsourcing of Censorship of the Press

There’s some pretty good evidence now that social liberalism in the US and social democracy in Europe doesn’t believe in free speech at all. Look at how they are banning all Russian and pro-Russian media in Europe and the US. Look at how social media is banning all pro-Russian and anti-US foreign policy voices here in the US (much to the cheers of shitlib scum I might add).

Ever heard a shitlib complain about social media shutting down all US voices supporting Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Russia? See? We live in a completely censorious state that practices massive censorship of the press.

At first the government simply controlled all the US media via corporate ownership of the press and Operation Mockingbird in which every prominent US journalist (including all shitlib journalists) ended up literally working for the CIA! In that case, freedom of speech meant “freedom for anyone rich enough to own a newspaper, magazine, or TV station.”

The Internet promised to change all of that almost create the communist idea of “every man with his own printing press.” The state rightly saw this as a threat and mobilized its forces. Pretty much all social media companies were literally working for the Deep State. Google’s top executives somehow got seats on US “Security Council” type organizations in the state.

Somehow, through some amazing coincidence, all of the social media companies ending up supporting US foreign policy to the hilt! In other words, just as all journalists and media outlet owners worked for the CIA and the Deep State, now all of the new media social media companies somehow or other all ended up working for the CIA and the Deep State too!

Someone needs to explain to me exactly how this works. How is that whenever a company suddenly becomes a big media, quick as a flash and they’re working for the CIA and the Deep State?

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2 thoughts on “Manufacturing Consent in the Era of Social Media and Internet by State Outsourcing of Censorship of the Press”

  1. I was listening to the radio today briefly before the gym. A woman was talking about making the Internet safer for African-Americans and other “vulnerable internet users.” We really baby Blacks here in the West. It’s so odd. I swear they live in their own world, but many Whites buy into it too. Imagine some brainwashed White Western man supporting Black businesses and teaching his White daughters Black is ideal beauty before tucking them in at night.

    1. You’re right. We’ve gone too far. We are guilty of too much of a good thing. Too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing! Hell, we need water but you drink enough water, and you’re dead.

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