Biggest Lie of Them All: “Russians” Persecuted and Pogromed Jews

All of the pogroms and persecutions of Jews in “Russia” occurred in what is now Poland and Ukraine! Only a tiny number of pogroms occurred in what is now Russia or Belarus. There were many pogroms in Russia in the Civil War and many Jews were killed. However, 95

Poles and Ukrainians are the Jew-killers of Russia, not Russians! It is true that Cossacks killed some Jews in Southern Ukraine, but that was still happening in Ukraine, and Ukrainians say that all of those Cossacks were Ukrainians, not Russians, as they deny the existence of ethnic Russians in their country. It just goes to show that all of the massive persecution of Jews in “Russia” actually happened in Ukraine and Poland!

So, yes, some Russians killed and pogromed Jews during the Civil War, but those were the rightwing Jews who the US and the West backed to the hilt! In contrast, the Red Army who we hated was regarded as the savior of the Jews. They they only committed 5

The USSR was not antisemitic. It was “anti-anti-Semitic.”

– Yitzhak Shamir

in fact, it was the most anti-anti-Semitic country in the world until the establishment of Israel. And what gratitude to Western Jews give the USSR? Zero! They accuse them, of all things, of antisemitism!

Sometimes I think you can’t win with Jews. It’s like no matter how much you do for them, how nice you are to them, how little you persecute them, somehow or other, at the end of the day, you’re just another one of those damned Gentiles who the Jews claim “rise up every generation to exterminate the Jews.” Which is bullshit right there. I really think Jews get off on being victims. I knew a Jewish guy once and he told me:

“Whatever you do, do not take away a Jew’s sense of victimhood. It is the most important thing he has, as important as his life. And if you try to take it away from him, he will defend nearly as much as if he were defending his life.”

Be that as it may, it doesn’t seem to be a very healthy way to go through life. I would think that if I were Jewish, I would try to avoid paranoia and feelings of victimhood like the plague. Sure, at times you will be victimized by antisemites, but it’s hardly the be-all and end-all of your existence and at least here in the US, it’s dramatically exaggerated. Antisemitism in the US was dramatically worse from 1900-1960 or 1970 than it is today. Hell, nowadays, Jews are the ruling class! Boo hoo! Poor Jews! Go cry yourselves to sleep in your mansions!

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