Woketards Are Neither Stupid Nor Ignorant

“Upon first viewing the movie Idiocracy, I thought it amusing. But before the movie finished, I suddenly realised its truth and the seriousness of its plot.

One point being made about the snowball effect of this growing wokeism in society is the fact that it is being driven by ignorant elites”

No, wokies and elites are neither stupid nor ignorant. They’re just wrong and that’s completely different.

Wokeism does not promote idiocracy or ignorance in and of itself. For one, it’s not anti-education. On the other hand, it is extremely pro-education and is a heavily intellectual movement like everything that comes out of academia. However, their proscriptions for society may result in Idiocracy where people who should have stayed on the bottom due to dangerousness* were promoted to be our rulers.

*Face it, all dumb people are a little bit dangerous! I don’t mind idiots. We can’t all have 140 IQ’s. Intelligence is a crap shoot.

What I don’t like are dangerous idiots, and that’s all I see anymore.

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