They Called a Revolution and No One Came!

I’m going to point out how the Cultural Left is of no benefit to the Left at all and in fact is extremely harmful to those the Left wishes to protect and serve. It’s really only good as a tool for the capitalists and conservatives to divide the working class. Notice how they divide us?

Man 1: Let’s make a revolution!

Man 2: Cool, when do we start?

Man 1: Yesterday!

Man 1: Ok, first let’s get all the woman workers to hate all the male workers!

Man 2: Cool, comrade!

Man 1: Then let’s get all the non-White workers to hate all the White workers!

Man 2: We have nothing to lose but our brains!

Man 1: Then let’s get all the gay workers to hate all the straight workers!

Man 2: Death to the kulaks!

Man 1: Next let’s get all the tranny workers to hate all the cis (normal) workers?

Man 2: There is no other way!

Man 1: Whoa wait?

Man 2: What happened comrade?

Man 1: Well, for one thing, we called a revolution and no one showed up! Free beer, free live band, party til you drop, and no one came.

Man 2: Huh?

Man 1: And all of the men, Whites, straights, and cis people went rightwing after we designated them enemies of the people!

Man 2: Oh noes! Now what?

Man 1: Double down! More feminism! More White-hating antiracism, more radical gay rights and faggoty pride parades! More transsexual bathhouses for all ages!

Man 2: Low wages and pride parades! Fascist death squads and bicycles! Nazis and gay bars! BLM and ISIS! Environmentalism and open borders! Diversity and fascist coups! Neoliberalism and puberty blockers!

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