About the Frankfort School

This was a group of mostly or all Jewish professors centered around Frankfurt, Germany who published a number of important Marxist works after World War 2. (((They))) are presently blamed for the Cultural Left, but I think that is a fake charge. To tell the truth, I am not completely familiar with (((their))) work, as I’ve never read it!

(((The Frankfort School))) actually hated examples of garbage, trash culture of capitalism and slammed the Hell out of it.

They’re only guilty in that they spawned the Satan called Critical Theory.

If you want to look at a father of the Cultural Left, Wokism, and Cancel Culture, (((Herbert Marcuse))) is your man. I’m afraid he’s guilty as charged. (((Saul Alinsky))), author of Rules for Radicals, is even more of a guilty party.

(((The Frankfort School))) was just a group of German Marxist Jews who survived the Holocaust and were scrambling around in the typical inept Jewish manner trying to understand antisemitism, which almost no Jew ever does successfully because they’re too invested in the question.

As usual, (((The Frankfort School))) projected, like Jews always do. (((They))) thought that White Gentile European society was inherently tainted with “authoritarian personalities” starting with their families, and this somehow made Euro Gentiles Holocaust the Jews. Of course it was bullshit, but so are almost all Jewish theories about antisemitism because they leave out the essential fact that they are one of the two parties needed to tango.

I tend to think of the Frankfurt School as rather irrelevant to the modern Cultural Left Freakshow, and I’m not aware that they advocated any of the Cultural Left nonsense we deal with now. In fact, if they were around now, I believe they would condemn a lot of the Cultural Left’s sacred idols as products of the sort of typical bourgeois decadence that unfolds as a sickness in many capitalist societies. They probably would see this sort of thing see it as vices caused by capitalism.

Bottom line is the (((The Frankfort School))) is being framed for the crime of fathering the Cultural Left.

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One thought on “About the Frankfort School”

  1. Interesting.

    Germany is fascinating. One area may have a long history of anti-Semitism and another may have Jews tied into its fabric.

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