“Anyone Can Become a Low Paid Adjunct Faculty in a Liberal Arts College”

Some STEM idiot: “low-paid adjunct faculty in a liberal arts college.”

Try to get a job doing this. I dare you. I just got a Masters in a social science, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And I have a genius IQ. I had to take the test over and over. They really didn’t want to give me that degree! They make you work for it!

I now publish in peer reviewed journals and books in my field, and believe me, you better be good or you are not getting published or even making it through the murderous peer review. If you do get it published and it’s still not good, your piece will be destroyed after publication, and people will not be very nice about their critiques at all. In fact, they will be extremely mean.

I’m dealing with that right now. I could put my papers up on Academia for informal peer review by a group of my peers, but I won’t do it because I know they will rip me to pieces like wolves on an elk carcass.

We don’t put up with mediocrity in our field. And there is no woke crap in this field either. For one thing, there are almost zero jobs in this field other than professorship so there’s nothing to fire you from. I got a job as a Field Linguist for an Indian tribe, but those jobs are very rare.

Some STEM bonehead acted like anyone on Earth could become a low paid adjunct social sciences professor at a university. First of all, they’re all adjuncts now, all of the professors of this type. And they’re all low paid.

First of all, you will need a Master’s degree and preferably a Doctorate to even get a job like this in the first place. These clowns say that anyone can get a Master’s or even a Doctorate in the Social Sciences because they have no standards and they give these out to anyone. Go try it. You do it. Go get one. And get back to us about how easy it is.

Those degrees are murderous. Even for a Master’s, the whole time they act like they’re not going to give you the degree even if you are 3.5+ GPA like me. They really make you work your ass off for it and they are perfectly happy to deny the degree to anyone not cutting it.

Dissertations are murderous, the whole time your advisor will act like you’re not cutting it and he’s not going to give  you the degree, he keeps handing your dissertation back and telling you to make it better, then you have to “defend” your dissertation to a committee of professors. The defense session usually goes on for eight hours. The committee will take apart your dissertation bit by bit, looking for every flaw. You have to answer all of their complaints or maybe even admit you were wrong or don’t know the answer.

The whole time they will act like you’re not cutting it and you’re failing your defense and  they’re not giving it to you.

Then if you successfully defend your dissertation, then and only then do you get the degree.

Advisors are famous for rejecting dissertations as not good enough. The advisor will show little or no sympathy for your plight. He will act like you’re not cutting it so you’re not good enough.There are cases where they kept handing it back for up to a decade. In a few cases, they kept handing it back for 20-30 years.

I’m aware of one case in particular of a man working on a mathematics dissertation who had been getting his work denied and handed back to him with the message to improve it for thirty years. The man murdered his advisor in his office with a claw hammer!

Even if you get the professorship, you will have to work your ass off to keep the job, and they act like they can fire you at any time for any reason or no reason. You can’t get any student complaints. If students complain too much, you will be laid off and not rehired. The complaints need not be valid. The administration tends to always side with the students, especially if there is some woke complaint.

And if you want to get tenure, you will have to publish in peer reviewed journals with murderously hard-ass referees who act like they’re not going to publish your work or order you to make 80-90 changes, or throw it back to you in a very mean way with the message that your paper is garbage. Peer review is hard-ass as Hell!

You also need to publish to keep your job. Academia is about publish or perish.

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One thought on ““Anyone Can Become a Low Paid Adjunct Faculty in a Liberal Arts College””

  1. I’ve had anti-White teachers get the shaft for being White. That almost seems what college is about these days. Sticking it to Whites, men, and straights, likely cisgenders these days too. I had a physical science degree and they pushed SJW crap in nearly every class. It’s funny the propaganda was thick in classes that had nothing to do with SJW issues. Man-hating feminists were the worst. They really had it out for me as a straight White man. I was very passive and laid back at that time in my early college years.

    I’d now like colleges to be run by the opposite of who they were run by before, but I’d of been fine with equal treatment for everyone.

    My first major was a social science.

    I think teachers long ago or at least teachers of that mindset are the best. I had one teacher who would laugh at mild racial jokes like Bill Clinton was our first Black president. He was banging college chicks too, no sure if they were his students but probably. He settled down now but was certainly like one of the older generation teachers.

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