Stupid Complaints about Society 1,278: The Problem is Greed!

The problem in our society is greed!

How many times have you heard idiots say something like that? It’s a stupid complaint. Don’t complain unless you offer a solution! And everyone who complains about greed loves neoliberal capitalism or even wants to make it even more neoliberal and therefore less greedy. I guess most of these morons are looking for some “magic capitalism” in which serious problematic greed has been dealt with. LOL! How many times have you heard this idiots talk about their “magic” capitalism?

A common complaint among rightwingers is to complain about “crony capitalism.” Supposedly the problem with capitalism nowadays is due to government getting involved in the market and favoring some businesses over another, therefore negating the free market. That’s ridiculous. The government never does that. It never favors one business over and another and it never attacks businesses it doesn’t like to take out the competition of the business that it favors. It’s all bullshit!

So we just get government out of the market and everything will be fine.

But guess what? In all radical neoliberal societies the government is deeply involved in the market to favor business and especially to rescue business when it is failing. This is called “socializing the cost.”

Businesses always want to be bailed out by the state. They always want a strong state to favor business and attack consumers, workers, stockholders, and society, the enemies of business. They depend on an activist government.

Furthermore, in imperialist countries like ours, business depends on a nation with a huge army to crush alternatives to capitalism everywhere they appear and to forcefully open markets and implement neoliberal policies all over the globe to protect the Empire.

The US military’s function is to go all over the world threatening and attacking any alternate to capitalism or really any type of real socialism anywhere on Earth. This is why we attack Eritrea, Belarus, China, Russia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Bolivia, Peru, Haiti, Paraguay, and Brazil. That’s why the US has five military bases in Colombia.

The US hatched coups to overthrow governments in every one of those countries or at least they attacked them with sanctions and other means.

They’ve also rigged fake fraudulent elections in Ecuador

Done a legislative coup with resulting dictatorship in Peru and Paraguay

Committed repeated coup attempts by the police and army in Ecuador

Did an insurrectionary coup in Nicaragua

Made up fake human rights abuse charges against Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Houthis, and now India

Did a judicial coup using lawfare to put in a fascist in Brazil.

Committed all sorts of coup attempts in Venezuela – violent uprisings, repeated military coups, business strikes and lockout strikes to destroy the economy, assassination attempts against the president, lawfare attacks on government figures for “violating US sanctions” and trumped up fake drug trafficking charges similar to the judicial coup the FBI hatched in Brazil to convict Lula. Further, the CIA may have assassinated Hugo Chavez.

The US invaded Iraq, Libya, and Iran after they abandoned the dollar. The Pentagon goes to war all the time to defend the hegemony of the fiat reserve currency dollar.

We are waging war against Russia to take out a competitor

We are waging 3rd generation warfare against China to take out a competitor threatening to oust us from our throne at the top of the world economy.

Problem with complaining about the “greed” of capitalism – an essential ingredient if there ever was one – is what on Earth are you going to do about this essential ingredient of capitalism? I’m all ears. We hear people bitching about it all the time but we never hear what anyone is going to do about it.

On the other hand, I’m a socialist, so…we could always go the Chinese route: Socialism with American Characteristics.

Another way is to put in a socialist government that is not based on the principle of helping business maximize profits and regulating business accordingly. Most states have an agenda to support their businesses in maximizing profits because business tends to control the state under capitalism and there is an endless revolving door between corporations and the state in most states.

Only a state that is willing to limit the profits of business – that is – a socialist state – can deal with the greed and many other problems that are essential to capitalism.  But the people who complain about this never want to go in this direction.

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