Ukraine Attacking Russian Civilians Again

They’ve been shelling and shooting drones at Russian civilian targets for months now. They don’t even aim. They just shoot at cities and towns and kill or injure Russian civilians. Evil people.

Russia has almost never done this in this war, though there may be a few cases in Kherson. But 99.9% of the attacks on civilians have been by Ukraine. They’ve attacked civilians in Donbass since 2014. Nazis.

As noted, they’re terrorizing Russian civilians. Banderists. They shelled their own city, Kharkov, to blame Russia. Everyone in the city said the shells were coming from Ukrainian positions. They were doing it because a vast number of people in that city are ethnic Russians or Russian speakers and they Ukrainians hate them. Nazi collaborators.

In Izyum, Ukraine shelled Ukrainian civilians fleeing Izyum after the Russians left. This is the macabre scene you see on the Izyum bridge with all those civilians and their cars smashed to bits. The Ukrainians said very quickly that this was Russia shelling the civilians. But why would Russia shell civilians who were fleeing a city before the Ukrainian Army came in? They’re obviously Russian sympathizers or at least they’re afraid of the Ukrainian army. Ukraine thought those people were “collaborators” and that’s why they shelled them on that bridge. Scumbags.

Ukraine did this again north of Kharkov. As the Russians left and before Ukrainians moved in, convoys of cars fled ahead of the adv advancing Ukrainian troops. Ukraine shelled the convoy, killing 20-30 people. They immediately blamed Russia. Obviously, Ukraine thought these fleeing people were Russian sympathizers, or “collaborators.” Banderite rats.

In Zaporozhye, convoys were fleeing Ukraine to go over to the Russian side. Apparently Ukraine was just letting them leave if they wanted to go. But a couple of these convoys were shelled, and 20-30 people were killed in each case. Obviously they were killed as Russian “collaborators.” Murderers.

All of these shellings of civilians were presented by the Western news as “Russia shelling Ukrainian civilians.” To this day, this has not been questioned in the West and the Izyum massacre is blamed on Russia loudly to this day.

The Ukrainians have committed crime after crime in this war, and the Western media has reported almost all of these as Russian war crimes. Russia never does that, ever. Not even once. Russia doesn’t commit war crimes and then false flag them as Ukrainian deeds. Russians are way above that fake crap. This is one more reason I cannot support the sickening West and their vile Ukrainian Nazi pawns. I don’t support sides that do false flag fakes!

I’m Against Ukraine Because Ukrainians Are Wicked Nazis

Never seen the US or the media project as much as they do now. Also never seen the US involved in so many false flag attacks. This whole Ukraine war has been one giant false flag attack after another. Disgusting.

That’s one more reason I refuse to support these Nazis. They’re basically evil as far as I am concerned. I don’t support evil countries or forces unless the other side is worse. Ukraine is obviously the Principality of Darkness in this war. Russia is the Angel in White, enforcing the Kingdom of God and Good. It’s simplistic but true.

Russia rarely if ever hits civilian targets in Ukraine. There have been only a couple of Russian war crimes, whereas with Ukraine the whole damn war has been one giant war crime. See? They’re evil. That’s why I call them Nazis.

Russia hasn’t done false flags in this war. Ukraine’s done nothing but. Wickedness.

They have treated Ukrainian POW’s with compassion and sensitivity. They want the Ukrainians to surrender. If you want the other side to surrender, you treat them nicely. Ukraine on the other hand has murdered so many Russian POW’s I can’t even keep track of them. A number of Ukrainian units are on record saying that they have executed every Russian soldier they took prisoner. They are on video saying this. Nazis.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Ukrainian Army gave an order to castrate all Russian POW’s, and in fact, many Russian POW’s came back castrated. They’ve been doing this since 2014. They also at times come back missing fingers, toes, legs, or arms. I don’t think even Nazis did that!

There is a video of this showing two Ukrainian medics castrating a Russian POW. He dies afterwards. Ukraine released it but said he was Russians castrating a Russian and the entire West got fooled and went along with this. To this day, there are West-tards ranting about Russians castrating prisoners. We noted that they wore Ukrainian uniforms and had the blue gloves of Ukrainian medics. And they had Ukrainian symbols on their shoes. Castrating POW’s? A physician making it an official policy? That’s evil!

Ukraine has routinely murdered its own soldiers for going AWOL or for surrendering or even retreating. There is a recent video out of Ukrainians retreating carrying a wounded. Another Ukrainian unit comes upon them, shoots them, and kills them all. Just evil.

Russia has never done this even one time. All of the reports about Russian blocking units are lies. A former officer in Wagner said Wagner was executing men for surrendering or refusing to fight, but we later learned that he was ordered by his Norwegian handlers to tell these lies. He made a video talking about it.

A Ukrainian soldier recently executed another Ukrainian soldier for speaking Russian! Shot him in the head. The others didn’t like it but no one turned him in. From 2014-2015, Ukrainian soldiers were executing people in Mariupol for speaking Russian. They executed a Greek woman in a Greek village for this. They terrorized the Greeks the whole time they were there. They’ve also been terrorizing the Hungarians in the West since 2014. The Hungarian language was just made illegal in Ukraine. Evil people.

In Izyum after the Ukrainians took over they took away 2,000 civilians, all wearing bags over their heads. The abducted included 93 schoolteachers, many of them women. None have been seen since. They were probably all murdered and rolled into pits like the lady schoolteachers we saw getting murdered in Kupyansk. That’s what Nazis did.

Russia has never done this a single time in this war to my knowledge. They’ve never gone into a town, threatened to kill everyone in town and then led thousands of people away to be murdered, accusing them of being collaborators. Russians have arrested a few civilians for being guerrillas behind the scene or helping them. But they killed Ukrainians who worked with Russia. Russia has not murdered even one of these guerrillas or their helpers.

Shot in the head, rolling into a pit. Once again, imitating their Nazi heroes who also dug pits and made their victims stand over the pits, shot them in the head and let them roll into the pits. How evil can you get?

That’s how we know Katyn was done by Nazis. A former German soldier recently confessed that Germans had done Katyn. His unit was stationed there and he saw the whole thing. Also all bullets were German bullets, except Russia did it? Huh? And all of the bullets were from 1941 when the Germans controlled the area. The Russians controlled it in 1940 when the massacre supposedly occurred. But it really happened in 1941.

The Ukrainians threatened to kill everyone in the town, calling them all collaborators. They banned the use of rubles in stores and said they would only accept hyrvinas. They shot a woman in the head for trying to buy something with rubles. A man said they were executing people all over town. He said there was a dead man in front of both houses next to him, both shot in the head as “collaborators.” Just pure wickedness. He was trying to figure out how to escape.

We also have a video of Ukrainians surrendering to Russian forces and walking towards them when their own men in the rear shoot them and kill them all. See why I call them evil Nazis?

Their heroes are Nazis and they act a lot like them. They act like Nazis! They’re that depraved. I suppose it’s logical because Ukrainian nationalism is simply Nazism and all of their heroes were proto-Nazis or Nazi collaborators.

Even before then, Ukrainians were busy pogroming Jews. You hear about “Russians pogroming Jews,” right? Well guess what? From 1820-1905, it was all Ukrainians pogroming Jews! The Russians didn’t do it. There was finally one pogrom in Russia and another in Belarus around 1905-1910.

The Ukrainians ramped up their pogroms. In 1919, the Ukrainians committed 2,000 pogroms against Jews. 30,000 Jews were killed.

Finally during the Civil War, Russians started pogroming Jews in vast numbers. But those were the Royalist Whites we were supporting. We even sent troops to fight with them. In contrast, our enemies in the Red Army were generally rescuing Jews every chance they could.

Wagner to Invade Poland!

I hope everyone realizes that this is absolutely false. Wagner is absolutely not planning to enter or invade Poland in any way, shape, or form. Instead NATO and Poland are probably planning some sort of provocation, after which they will accuse Wagner.

Every time you hear NATO saying Russia is getting ready to do this or that, realize that that really means that NATO is ready to do this depraved provocation and then blame Russia. Ukraine, the US, and Britain have done this so many times in this war I can’t even count them. I’d list them but I don’t have the time.

All Over Africa, Leaders Are Throwing out the Neocolonial West and Inviting Anti-Imperialist Russia in

Coup in Niger was the same thing. US said it will interfere with our war against Al Qaeda. LOL. These African countries said the French forces in their countries were actually helping Al Qaeda. And why not? The West did in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. They say that when Wagner came in, they seriously kicked Al Qaeda’s ass for the first time. They threw the French out!

The West just brings terrorism and neocolonialism.

Western Jews Have Been Holding Hands With Damned Nazis Since World War 2

Here it is 2023, and the Jews of the West are back to their old tricks, allying with Nazis again! There are very few Jews in the West who will stand up and defend their people and refuse to ally with their enemies.

As noted, Russians committed few pogroms until the Civil War. Almost all pogroms before that were done by Ukrainians. In the Civil War, the Red Army saved the Jews. How do Western Jews react to this? By allying with their worst enemies who pogromed them for 120 years, the Ukrainians! And by waging all out war against the descendants of the Russians who rescued them. Sickening!

Of course under the USSR, all pogroms ended. Antisemitism was made a capital offense. You will never see a Western Jew praise the USSR for this. However, some Israelis have noted this and I respect them for that. I despise Shamir but he noted that the USSR was good for the Jews. In fact he said it was the most Jew-friendly country in history. And I do respect him for that, much as I don’t like him. Shamir had some core moral values, a solid core of a conscience at the base of his personality. There were lines he would not cross.

How did the Western Jews react to this after World War 2? By going to total war against the Soviets who saved their sorry asses.

And they started lining up with Nazis right away. Western Jews have been hand in hand with Nazis ever since World War 2. As you can see, they are working with Nazis again in Ukraine. One prominent Western Jew even said he was supporting the people (Ukrainian nationalists) who murdered his family. But he justified by some crazy contingency. This man had no moral core, zero, a void.

A lot of Western Jews are like this. Everything’s a goddamned contingency! Core moral values? Zero! Everything’s up for grabs. I’m sorry but I will not support people like that. My religion is an extremely radical Reform Jewish sect called Christianity. We believe in having a moral core and don’t believe in the anything goes to get what we want, ends justifies the means, no rules, everything is fair game, zero sum game of far too many Jews.

Patton talked about this at the end of World War 2 when he came out against the genocidal Jewish Morgenthau Plan which planned to genocide the German people and do to them what the Nazis planned for Russians in Generalplan Ost.

He said this was a war between what he called Anglo-Saxon values and what he called “Semite values.” By Anglo-Saxon values he meant true Christian values, at the core of which is the concept of Mercy which is absent form most forms of Judaism. He saw the Morgenthau Plan as a rejection of Christian Mercy and an implementation of the eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth values of the Old Testament. No general could make a remark like that today. He’d be run out on an antisemitism charge.

This is one thing Christians really don’t like about Jews. The lack of a core moral base. Aligning with their worst enemies. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a Western Jew, the best way to fight antisemitism is to have a core base or morals.

For instance, Honest Guy on here is Jewish, and I believe he has said that he will ally with lots of people, but he will never ally with Nazis. I respect that! He’s defending his people! He’s refusing to ally with his enemies!

There are a fair number of Jews like this in Israel too, and much as I despise Israelis, I must say that I have a tiny bit of red glowing love and respect for the fact that they stand up and fight for their people. They refuse to ally with their enemies. They have a small glowing core of morals at the base of their essences.

Any Jew who will ally with Nazis is someone I’m not going to talk to, sorry. Come back and talk to me when you grow a moral core.

And You Guys Wonder Why I Don’t Like Cops…


It’s mostly in the private Delphi group. They’re mostly a bunch of cop lovers and justice system lovers in there. I definitely hate the Injustice System.

How many articles like this do we need to see? Did you see the conditions that Epstein was being held under on Riker’s Island? That place needs to be torn down. By the way, Epstein didn’t kill himself. He was murdered. He had to be. There’s no other explanation and that’s based on the autopsy.

I don’t necessarily hate cops because some of them have been real nice to me lately. But I was a crime victim for a few months there and cops are great with crime victims! You would think cops have no empathy whatsoever, being what they are, but the sympathy and empathy they have for crime victims is amazing!

The depth of their compassion is hard to comprehend, especially as they’re cops. Of course a lot of them are still huge assholes and bitches (the female cops are bitches), at least here in this town. While some of these cops were being very nice to me as a victim, a female cop was being a total bitch to me apparently because I made the mistake of talking to her and knowing her name!

I still say that unless you’re a crime victim, the further away you stay from cops the better. If you’re not a victim, there’s just nothing good to be had by having cops around in a lot of cases (not all, as even some cops who pulled me over have been real nice).

Basically the further away from you they are, the fewer problems you will have. I’ve been arrested by them a couple of times, interrogated about a crime that never happened by two psycho detectives (who came within an inch of beating a confession out of me), Yep they told me that if I didn’t confess to this crime that never happened, they were going to beat me up right in their office. And a few cops who pulled me over and gave me tickets were big dicks, including one just recently.

I’ve been pulled over by them a number of times. They came to my door not long ago and threatened to arrest me because of a neighbor complaint. In the other town I was in, they threatened to arrest me for a crime that in my opinion never happened. They came to my house one day to threaten to arrest me for trespassing because I went on this psycho’s property, though it wasn’t marked.

In other words, I’ve had a bunch of bad experiences with cops in my life. Tends to leave you not necessarily hating them, but it definitely puts a sour taste in your mouth towards. I definitely don’t see cops as being there to serve and protect, though they are in a sense. To me they’re something else, something not good.

I don’t get into the cop-hating of the anarchists, antifa, and the BLM abolish the police morons. Some things are necessary, like death, taxes, mosquitoes, and cops. Or we’d be a lot worse off without them, let’s put it that way.

On the other hand, I’m not a cop-lover. I neither love nor hate them, but I trust them about as far as I could throw one of them.

I will tell you one thing, though. You get those cuffs put on you and get thrown in that cell even one time with the way cops and guards normally treat people and you will never think the same about cops, jailers, guards or the whole rotten system ever again. If you’re still a cop-lover or system-lover after that, there’s something wrong with you.

I will tell you one thing for sure and that’s that the vast majority of cops in the US support those prison conditions 100%. If they didn’t they’d be speaking up about them, right? Or is it risky for them to speak up about it.

I guarantee that the vast majority of prosecutors, judges, parole and probation officers, prison and jail guards, etc. have no problems keeping our penal institutions in that shape. Otherwise they would speak up about it, right? A few judges have spoken up about this. They’re imposed ceiling caps on jails and prison populations so they don’t get too overcrowded.

My brother recently served seven weeks in a local jail. He was also fined $7,000, which he will be paying off until the end of his life. These fines are absurd. The conditions in there can only be described as the 9th circle of Hell.

Sometimes I think cops should have to get arrested and jailed as part of their training. I’m not sure how it would work because you would have to make it as realistic as possible.

The arresting cop and the cops at the jail would be required to be as mean to them as possible, and the guards would not be informed about who they were. Perhaps you might have to have a cop or guard in the know who was within sight of this cop going through this program to make sure nothing bad happened. I don’t want cops getting beat up by other inmates, cops, or guards as part of this training.

I would make prison and jail guards go through this same training.

I would put all these cops and guards in PC (protective custody) because I’m really worried they might get hurt or killed in GP (General Population).

You think this is a good idea? Let them see what it feels like to be one the people they arrest and jail.

My generation went to jail! 25% of the men in my generation got arrested and put in jail at least once. My Mom said that was extreme. For her generation, it was 6%.


Well, Of Course

This war has been planned forever, and NATO tried for years to bait Russia into attacking. They finally succeeded. In case you are wondering, this happens all the time in geopolitics. One party tries to bait the other party into attacking them or even fighting back against them (!) and then they use that as an excuse to destroy the enemy. It’s the oldest trick in the book. That almost no Westerner can see this just goes to show how hopeless brainfucked the West is.

It is an old Left axiom that you support whoever opposes the imperialists. Russia, China, and the Global South oppose US, and now, EU and NATO imperialism, so they’re with the good guys. Stalin had some words to say on this issue. He said he ever supported the reactionary forces in Central Asia as long as they were anti-imperialist. He didn’t like their Islamic social conservatism, but he said that’s not the point. Hell, I even support North Korea, and I don’t like them one bit.

But I’d rather have North Korea than Western imperialism, so like most things in life, it’s not about who you like, it’s about who you hate less. You look at any issue out there where, logically, you hate both sides. That’s not the case with every issue or decision in life. Sometimes you like both sides. Sometimes you like one side and you hate the other.

Where they’re both scumbags, you pick one you hate less. That’s the one you go with. Probably true with girlfriends, wives, jobs, all sorts of things.

For instance, I don’t like Assad’s government at all. It’s a dictatorship and they probably hung 50,000 Syrians at their prisons. That’s not counting the ones who died from hunger, disease, etc. And they weren’t all rebels. Some were just against the government. But I’d rather have Assad than Al Qaeda or ISIS, and that’s the choice we have. I’d much rather have Assad than salafi-jihadi Islam.

Death to NATO!

Death to the West!

Victory for Russia, China, and the Global South!

The West is the enemy of all mankind. I can’t support them. Sure the Global South has issues, but neither it nor Russia or China is literally the enemy of humanity itself, which is why I am picking sides in this war.

The Real Reason for the War in Ukraine

The Americans have been preparing this conflict (in Ukraine) for a long time. The USA has been preparing for the conflict in Ukraine for decades, Myśl Polska quoted German politician Oskar Lafontaine as saying.

In his opinion, America strives to remain the only power, and a country with such ambitions always comes into conflict with others – China, Russia and soon India.

Oskar Lafontaine is one of the veterans of German politics. At the same time, being today outside its mainstream, he allows himself to express opinions that go against the current. In his conversation with the former longtime Bundestag deputy and party leader, he voices panic about the consequences of a possible escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

This Is a Conflict Planned by Washington

Tom Wellbrock: Would you agree with the view that the West could have prevented the conflict in Ukraine but was not interested in doing so?

Oscar Lafontaine: The United States has been preparing for this conflict for decades. American foreign policy theorists such as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski have long pointed out that Ukraine under U.S. control guarantees Russia’s withdrawal from the ranks of world powers.

Ukraine is Just a Battlefield

The Americans are fighting the Russians there to shake the Kremlin’s status on the world stage.

Most countries have no interest in prolonging this conflict, nor in sanctions. The Germans appear to have a different point of view here. I recently spoke with an acquaintance who stated that our country is being destroyed. As a result, there will be nothing left of it. Ukrainians will also cease to be grateful to us for arms supplies.

Tom Wellbrock: Do you agree with this opinion?

Oscar Lafontaine: Yes, those who think that this conflict can be solved by increasing the supply of weapons should now, after a year, think twice. Hundreds of thousands of people have died. Ukraine is being increasingly destroyed, and it will continue to be so, with no end in sight. It is unbelievable that Germany continues to pursue such a foolish policy, although most of the world, thank God, has already drawn the appropriate conclusions.

Destruction of the Industrial Heart of Europe

It seems to me that the current political class is leading our country into the abyss, and eventually there will be nothing left of the German economy. Or am I exaggerating? – Indeed, this is to be feared. I am surprised that German industrialists are not sounding the alarm. One might conclude that the share of American companies in the management of German industry is so large that objections are simply impossible.

Speaking of the need to stop using Nord Stream, Biden suggested that the Americans were planning to destroy this vital energy highway for Germany, and Scholz stood next to him with a mien of a beaten dog.

How many times have I told you guys this? It doesn’t matter. The morons in the West will keep believing the lies that their governments and media are putting out until the end of time.

I’m Just a Regular Old Liberal Who Went off the Plantation

As a commenter noted a while ago, for most of my life, I have been “a man of the Left.” Leftists, progressive, and liberals can scream all they want that I’m not on the Left, but that doesn’t make it not true. I utterly despise most forms of conservatism, including most social conservatism.

I rather like Putinist Russian conservatism, but I have some issues with that too. I like some of the rightwing parties in Europe like the National Front in France, the Sweden Democrats in Sweden and the Alternative for Germany party in Germany.

People say that all of these parties are fascist. I don’t think they are, but if they are, it’s a fascism I can get behind. The National Front is almost “leftwing fascism” (if that makes any sense) as their platform was one of the most economically leftwing on the last ballot. Or are they simply “leftwing conservatives?” I believe the AfD are similar, though I’m not sure.

In that sense, Putinist Russian conservatism is almost “leftwing conservatism” because it is quite socialist. Even Turkish fascism is fairly socialist. Some Arab regimes referred to as fascist like Syria and Iran could be called “leftwing fascism,” that is, if they are fascist at all. Saddam was probably influenced a lot more by Stalin than he was by Hitler, and Saddam’s Iraq was a very socialist place.

The US liberal-conservative spectrum is absent in most of the Arab World, Central Asia, and much of East Asia. What do you call Iran? Left or right? How about neither? The Taliban? Left or right? Who the Hell knows? Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, the Stans, and most of Africa? Same thing. Our concepts of left and right make no sense in those places.

Today’s liberals are wrong on feminism and are getting away from true liberalism, which I believe Robert subscribes to.

This is exactly correct of course. Really I’m just a regular old liberal-to Left Democrat. Have been my whole life. That’s been my trajectory. No matter how much I hate the liberal-Left, I hate US conservatism and maybe conservatism period far worse.

I almost always vote Democrat and I have my whole life. I was even active in Democratic Party politics for a while. Sometimes I vote Left third party but not usually.

I absolutely despise US centrists, and I don’t like centrists in most of the world. A centrist is someone who supports conservatives half the time! The Hell with that!

The liberal-Left keep screaming that I’m a conservative and they ban me right away from all of their forums, so I keep looking around for types of conservatism that I can jibe with and not finding any. Actually I hate most forms of conservatism that I find on the planet. They keep screaming that I’m a fascist, so I keep looking for types of fascism the world over that I can get behind, and I don’t find any.

I suppose if Syria is fascist, I could support that sort of “left-fascism,” but I’m not even sure if it is fascist! I’m not sure if there is any fascism in the Arab world. It’s a rather alien concept to them.

I don’t even like most social conservatives! Believe it or not, I don’t even like most overt homophobes that I encounter online. They actively hate homosexuals, especially gay men. I don’t feel that way at all! Of course, I’m not wild about male homosexuality and most lesbians hate men, but when I ask myself if I hate gay men, the answer comes back no.

I wish there was no such thing, and if I could wave a magic wand and make them all straight, I would do it. I  think they can’t help it, and this makes it very hard for me to hate them. In fact, it makes me think we should respect them. On the other hand, I’d rather keep them away from me, and I’d prefer a divorce from them.

Gay men are a plague for straight men. There’s nothing good that comes of most close relationships with them because all they try to do is fuck you and mess with your mind to try to convince you that you’re really gay. That’s a mind fuck I don’t need. Like Jews and Blacks, the less I think about gays, the better.

I find that I can get away from much of my dislike of these groups if I simply don’t think about them. If I don’t think about them, I don’t really have strong feelings about them one way or the other. I like it a lot better to not hate Jews, Blacks, or gays. My soul feels better. It’s like the more you think about them, the more you dislike them LOL.

I’m a bit socially conservatives but true social conservatives really put me off. This is a serious problem I had with Russian and East European social conservatives. They came off like uptight, old-fashioned prudes, and that really put me off. The Russians came across that way strongly, and that surprised me. I’m not down with that type of social conservatism they have over there.

Frankly, I can’t stand US social conservatives, and I don’t agree with them at all. They strike me as a bunch of old-fashioned prudes. Keep in mind that I’m coming out of the avant-garde art movement, and social conservatives really hate modernism! They only like old stuff. They’re boring.

Also, I’m a degenerate in a lot of ways, and a lot of social conservatives are into being “good boys.” A lot are religious and highly moralistic too. I’m not a good boy and I haven’t been since I was a teenager, sorry. I’m a permanent rebel.

Liberals and the Left totally hate my guts, but I must say that those are my people, no matter how much they hate me.

The basic values of conservatism are despicable and absolutely alien to me. I hate their guts! Especially US Republicans. I really, really hate those kind of conservatives. I hate Latin American conservatives.

I don’t like Japanese, British, Polish, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Azeri, Filipino, Indonesian, SE Asian, South Korean, Hong Kong, and Indian conservatives. I don’t go for the anti-Communism of most of those groups. The Croats, Spanish, South Koreans, Italians, Turkish, Azeris, and Indians are basically fascists, and I cannot support that at all.

Though Communism has its issues, I’m not really an anti-Communist. I suppose I think if people want to have that sort of a system, they’re entitled to it. And as a socialist, of course I’m sympathetic to it in some ways.

Americans Are Geo-illiterate – People in the Global South are Much More Geoliterate Than Americans

I talk to Europeans, Russians, Pakistanis, North Africans, Latin Americans, and Arabs, and they are vastly more geoliterate about geopolitics than Americans are.

The Global South is actually more intelligent than the America about most of these things, and even in the West, say, Italians are a lot more politically, culturally, historically, and even religiously hip than we are. I had a friend from Trieste and to this day, I am stunned at the breadth of his knowledge. I suppose he was of fairly average intelligence, though I never asked. But he had a way of seeing “the big picture” in everything, in particular as grounded in history. That guy’s wisdom in that sense was off the charts.

I dated a French woman as a young man – same thing. Off the charts in that sense. She even read literature and philosophy. How many Americans do that?

Talk to an ordinary Arab, say Palestinian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Syrian, Algerian, or Yemeni. They will blow your socks off with their knowledge of geopolitics and even history. We have Pakistanis and Punjabis in my town. The Punjabis don’t seem to know much about geopolitics for some reason, but I’m amazed at the Pakistanis. Their geoliteracy is amazing, and even their knowledge of local languages and the history of Pakistan is incredible. I knew an Argentine woman – same thing. She told me, regarding the Argentine Left:

You see, the Left in Latin America had a dream – a dream of a better world. And in Latin America, that is a dangerous thing.

That’s such a beautiful quote!

I used to talk to a Peruvian woman and I was shocked at how much she knew, especially about the history of her country. And take a look at our Venezuelan commenter Manuel. Look at how much he knows!

Your average Russian is very smart that way. You would be shocked at how smart they are in that sense. Even Ukrainians, who I despise, are very literate geopolitically. Their heads are screwed but they are not stupid.

The West Isn’t Left at All – It’s Fascist and Nazi

If you support fascism, you’re a fascist, right? That’s what we call citizens who support fascist governments in their countries, right? If you support Nazism, you’re a Nazi, right? Wasn’t that what we called citizens in Germany and elsewhere who supported Nazi Germany. What else are Nazi supporters but Nazis themselves, right?

If you support fascism, you’re a fascist.

If you support Nazis, you’re a Nazi.

Look how brainwashed the West is about Russia and think again. Look at the “socialist” countries in Europe supporting death squads (Colombia, Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil), fraudulent stolen elections (Bolivia, Honduras, Ecuador), fascist or authoritarian coups (Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Ukraine, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Guatemala, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia), massacres of workers and minorities (Ukraine, Bolivia, Haiti, Turkey), shootdowns of passenger liners (Ukraine, Iran), Nazi mass murders (Ukraine).

The European “socialist” population is going on with all of  these outrages.

The West isn’t Left at all. The NATO Anglosphere West is Nazi and fascist and has been since WW2. And that’s the fault of their pro-Nazi, pro-fascist populations.

Does Public Opinion Push State Rhetoric or the Other Way Around?

Answer? Both are true.

Sure, but if public opinion started seriously going off of the direction that the powers to be want it to be, it would start showing up in polls. Furthermore, public opinion pushes elite opinion more than you might think. If a majority of Americans stated in polls that they want no more military support for the Ukrainian Nazis, one interesting thing that would happen is you would start to see some elites changing their minds to go along with the public’s opinion.

But public opinion tends to follow elite opinion and not the other way around, and in general, Americans are completely brainwashed by whatever the elite masters of discourse demand that they believe.

For instance, on this Ukraine-Russia war, there are absolutely zero major media outlets anywhere in the West that will give you anything but the full Western propaganda lines. Furthermore, all outlets are singing with exactly the same voice and reading from the same lines. They may as well be robots. So your average person has no access whatsoever to the other point of view. Sure, there are some weird websites like this one with the other side, but who reads sites like this or the opponents of US foreign policy? NO ONE, that’s who. 0% of the population.

It used to be that speech was free to anyone who could afford a printing press or a TV or radio license, but the Internet threatened to change all of that. Notice who quickly the elites moved to reign in the Internet? Very quickly, the presidents of Facebook, Google, and Twitter were sitting on important committees in the Executive branch having to do with US security policy. Just like that! They got roped into the Deep State quick!

Now Musk is a bit of a renegade, but he’s not that much of one, and he’s paying a price for not joining the Deep State. Before we censored the press by making media production unavailable to anyone not a millionaire or now a billionaire.

When the Net threatened to democratize speech, the elite flipped. The Net was getting flooded with wrong-speak and thought crime.

What to do? They quickly outsourced all of the censorship to the private sector! The private sector worked in service to the state, as handmaidens, and censored and banned all speech that opposed US foreign policy. Even Musk is doing that now. We’re never going to get real free speech in this country, and what’s worse is no one seems to care.

About polls, as an example, when people spelled out the Clinton health care plan in the early 90’s, solid majorities of 65-70% supported it in every poll. This happened when they merely said what was in the plan without naming it. So most people supported Hillarycare! But then when they asked these same people whether they supported the Clinton health care plan, only a minority of 43% supported it.

See? They supported the plan as long as you didn’t call it the “Clinton plan.” Obviously these morons didn’t even know what was in the Clinton plan. All they knew was that the masters of discourse told them it was bad. So therefore it was bad. No reflection at all. That they supported the idea as long as the word “Clinton” was removed from it never occurred to them.

Insect Apocalypse

More Than 75 percent Decline over 27 Years in Total Flying Insect Biomass in Protected Areas


This article discusses a 76% decline in insects in protected areas in Germany. Concomitantly, birds have declined by 2/3 also in Germany! Global warming was ruled out although global warming is causing serious insect declines in tropical areas. These effects are much more mild in temperate or colder climates.

The article ruled out global warming because they could not associate the decline with any climate factor. They also ruled out habitat loss because they surveyed protected areas.

The only thing that they could conclude was causing the insect decline was pesticides, as all of these areas were surrounded by agricultural lands. They also listed fertilizers, but it’s beyond me how this causes declines in insects. Herbicides are also known to cause insect declines.

The US EPA has utterly failed to regulate pesticides as it is controlled by agricultural corporations who make these chemicals. I can’t remember the last time they banned a chemical. Glyphosate herbicide should definitely be banned as it causes lymphoma. The EPA refuses to ban it! Neonicanoid or neonic pesticides are causing horrendous declines in bees. I believe that the EU has banned these pesticides.

The EPA has documented the disastrous effect of these chemicals on insect life but they have stubbornly refused to ban them. As I said, in the US, corporations run society and run the government. The corporations and the rich are over the state instead of the other way around. They run the show here. The state is just a slave of the corporations that does everything they order it to. It’s a colossal failure of the American capitalist system.

The stater is simply unable to regulate the capitalists.

Fisheries councils are packed with fishermen and they routinely preside over disastrous declines in fish stocks, only stepping in when the stock is down to 5% of its previous abundance. This is an obvious case of the tragedy of the commons. Forestry departments in states, including my own, are stacked with logging company people and they utterly fail to regulate the forests in our state. The state refuses to step in when ranchers overgraze their land like idiots. I think it should be illegal to overgraze your land.

Jerry Brown, our last governor, refused to regulate the oil companies in this state. As you can see, the EPA is stocked with chemical industry people, so it utterly fails to regulate agricultural toxins. Theoretically, the state is supposed to regulate the corporations but in our system, the corporations simply take over the state and all of its regulatory agencies. There is continuous turnover with industry people going to work for regulatory agencies and regulators leaving to go work in the industry they were regulating.

Things don’t get much better under Democrats, though they do improve.

It is quite depressing that I almost never see bugs or insects of any kind anymore, at least here in this city. We are surrounded by agricultural fields which spray their crops with insecticides and herbicides. I suspect that this is the reason for the declines. My manager sprays insecticides in the complex every now and again, and every time she does that, we find lots of dead bees.

The neonicanoid or neonic pesticides are the worst of all and are known bee-killers. Further, insectivorous birds now show high levels of neonics. Even the herbicide Glyphosate, which absolutely causes lymphoma, has been known to reduce insect populations and even adversely effect birds.

By the way, I never see any good birds anymore. When I lived in the Sierras, the first year I moved up there, that whole area was flooded with birds. Damn birds were everywhere you looked, on the ground, in trees, in the air.
Acorn woodpeckers, flickers, screech owls, horned owls, various warblers, white-breasted nuthatches, pygmy nuthatches, hairy woodpeckers, scrub jays, brown towhees, rufous-sided towhees, robins, and God knows what else were everywhere you looked, and birdsong filled the air with what was frankly a raucous chorus. I lived there for 15 years. Every year there were fewer and fewer birds.

I also noticed an incredible array of insects when I first moved there. There was a Himalayan blackberry bush on the property and I used to go out there and look at the insects. One thing that I marveled at was the unbelievable variety of what appeared to be bees using the flowers of the plant. There are 2,000 native bees in the US, so I assume this is what I was looking at.

There were also lots of ants, so many that they became a serious problem one year when they invaded the house. At nighttime, moths and other bugs would swarm the outdoor lights, many dying in the process. June bugs and all sorts of other weird looking beetles were also attracted to the lights and could be seen on the screen door in the back at night. Some nights there might be 20 beetles and bugs on that damned screen!

I saw bugs I hadn’t seen in forever, like walking sticks and praying mantises.

These bugs were ubiquitous when I was growing up in the the Southern California suburb where I lived until the mid-60’s. The whole world was literally crawling with damned insects. The mantises were so common that we used to catch them and put them in these plastic cages. You had to feed them live flies and moths, as that was all they would eat. We somehow figured out how to catch live flies and moths! They only lived about three weeks before they died.

In this city where I live, as I noted, there are almost zero bugs of any kind. Hell, I’d be happy to see some flies! Which reminds me, we used to have a lot of different kinds of flies. Now we just have lousy houseflies, but there used to be blue-bottle flies, green-bottle flies, and even monsters called horseflies.

Bees, including huge bumblebees, and other stinging bugs were everywhere and were a huge problem because we grew apricot and plum fruit trees in the backyard and a lot of the fruit fell on the ground and rotted, which attracted a lot of stinging bugs.

All sorts of wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, and other stingers were around. In fact many a picnic was ruined by these damned pests, especially the yellowjackets. Paper wasps regularly made nests on our property, sometimes on our house. You had to watch out for them. I lived in the capital of California one summer as a boy. We had to deal with vast swarms of gnats, no-see-ums, and midges that swarmed around the Sacramento River right outside our apartment.

In addition to a lack of insects, we also have almost zero birds in this town, though I’m starting to hear some now. We have lots of pigeons and there are some house sparrows that nest here. You do hear mockingbirds. But all of these birds are notorious for being well-adapted to urban settings. I did see a magpie recently. And I had the luck to see a Cooper’s hawk twice. They live in our city, preying on the pigeons.

Worldwide, insect declines are being caused by various factors or combinations of factors such as habitat loss, pesticides (the major factor in colder climates), and global warming (a huge factor in the tropics). If insects go extinct, all of humanity will follow them.

I honestly think that modern capitalist society is suicidal!

Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXI from the Pisan Cantos

We were talking about Ezra Pound in a previous post. His major work is The Cantos. He worked on it for decades, slowly releasing it bit by bit. This is from The Pisan Cantos.

Honestly, Pound is far worse than James Joyce or T. S. Eliot, two contemporaries. Pounded edited Eliot’s The Wasteland!

The only way to read The Cantos is with an annotated edition that explains every little thing. The Cantos are absolutely flooded with references and allusions to everything under the sun from Antiquity to the modern day.

To make matters worse, The Cantos are littered with lines in foreign languages! There’s a lot of Spanish in this poem, and there’s also some Italian. To make matters worse, there’s a line in Scots Gaelic!

He discusses the Romagnolo language, part of the Italian family. A lot of people say Romagnolo is an Italian dialect, but Italian speakers can’t understand it. Hell, even people 50 miles away can’t understand it! Romagnolo is spoken a bit to the south of Venice, Italy. I know Pound spent time in Trieste, and I know he hung out in Venice too. He spent most of his life overseas, mostly in Italy, and it was there that he died.

I could understand a lot of this poem, but I wasn’t quite sure what he was getting at. The first part is about Spain during World War 1. Perhaps he was there?

Anyway, see if you can make sense out of any of this or if you have to give up, and if so, where you threw in the towel.


Zeus lies in Ceres’ bosom
Taishan is attended of loves
                        under Cythera, before sunrise
And he said: “Hay aquí mucho catolicismo—(sounded
                      y muy poco reliHion.”
and he said: “Yo creo que los reyes desparecen”
(Kings will, I think, disappear)
This was Padre José Elizondo
                                        in 1906 and in 1917
or about 1917
                and Dolores said: “Come pan, niño,”   eat bread, me lad
Sargent had painted her
                                        before he descended
(i.e. if he descended
                but in those days he did thumb sketches,
impressions of the Velázquez in the Museo del Prado)
and books cost a peseta,
                         brass candlesticks in proportion,
hot wind came from the marshes
       and death-chill from the mountains.
And later Bowers wrote: “but such hatred,
       I have never conceived such”
and the London reds wouldn’t show up his friends
                        (i.e. friends of Franco
working in London) and in Alcázar
forty years gone, they said: go back to the station to eat
you can sleep here for a peseta”
               goat bells tinkled all night
               and the hostess grinned: Eso es luto, haw!
mi marido es muerto
                 (it is mourning, my husband is dead)
when she gave me a paper to write on
with a black border half an inch or more deep,
       say 5/8ths, of the locanda
“We call all foreigners frenchies”
and the egg broke in Cabranez’ pocket,
                thus making history. Basil says
they beat drums for three days
till all the drumheads were busted
                 (simple village fiesta)
and as for his life in the Canaries…
Possum observed that the local portagoose folk dance
was danced by the same dancers in divers localities
                in political welcome…
the technique of demonstration
                Cole studied that (not G.D.H., Horace)
“You will find” said old André Spire,
that every man on that board (Crédit Agricole)
has a brother-in-law
                        “You the one, I the few”
                        said John Adams
speaking of fears in the abstract
         to his volatile friend Mr Jefferson.
(To break the pentameter, that was the first heave)
or as Jo Bard says:   they never speak to each other,
if it is baker and concierge visibly
               it is La Rouchefoucauld and de Maintenon audibly.
“Te cavero le budella”
                              “La corata a te”
In less than a geological epoch
                                      said Henry Mencken
“Some cook, some do not cook
       some things cannot be altered”
Iugx.  .  .  .  . ’epotí dwmandra
What counts is the cultural level,
        thank Benin for this table ex packing box
        “doan yu tell no one I made it”
                      from a mask fine as any in Frankfurt
“It’ll get you offn th’ groun”
                      Light as the branch of Kuanon
And at first disappointed with shoddy
the bare ram-shackle quais, but then saw the
high buggy wheels
                      and was reconciled,
George Santayana arriving in the port of Boston
and kept to the end of his life that faint thethear
of the Spaniard
                        as grace quasi imperceptible
as did Muss the for of Romagna
and said the grief was a full act
              repeated for each new condoleress
working up to a climax.
and George Horace said he wd/ “get Beveridge” (Senator)
Beveridge wouldn’t talk and he wouldn’t write for the papers
but George got him by campin’ in his hotel
and assailin’ him at lunch breakfast an’ dinner
                        three articles
and my ole man went on hoein’ corn
       while George was a-tellin’ him,
come across a vacant lot
                where you’d occasionally see a wild rabbit
or mebbe only a loose one
            a leaf in the current
                                           at my grates no Althea
Ere the season died a-cold
Borne upon a zephyr’s shoulder
I rose through the aureate sky
                               Lawes and Jenkyns guard thy rest
                               Dolmetsch ever be thy guest,
Has he tempered the viol’s wood
To enforce   both the grave   and the acute?
Has he curved us the bowl of the lute?
                               Lawes and Jenkyns guard thy rest
                               Dolmetsch ever be thy guest
Hast ’ou fashioned so airy a mood
       To draw up leaf from the root?
Hast ’ou found   a cloud   so light
        As seemed neither mist nor shade?
                                Then resolve me, tell me aright
                                 If Waller sang or Dowland played
                   Your eyen two wol sleye me sodenly
                    I may the beauté of hem nat susteyne
And for 180 years almost nothing.
Ed ascoltando al leggier mormorio
        there came new subtlety of eyes into my tent,
whether of the spirit or hypostasis,
            but what the blindfold hides
or at carneval
                                  nor any pair showed anger
            Saw but the eyes and stance between the eyes,
colour, diastasis,
      careless or unaware it had not the
   whole tent’s room
nor was place for the full EidwV
interpass, penetrate
      casting but shade beyond the other lights
              sky’s clear
              night’s sea
              green of the mountain pool
              shone from the unmasked eyes in half-mask’s space.
What thou lovest well remains,
                                                  the rest is dross
What thou lov’st well shall not be reft from thee
What thou lov’st well is thy true heritage
Whose world, or mine or theirs
                                            or is it of none?
First came the seen, then thus the palpable
        Elysium, though it were in the halls of hell,
What thou lovest well is thy true heritage
What thou lov’st well shall not be reft from thee
The ant’s a centaur in his dragon world.
Pull down thy vanity, it is not man
Made courage, or made order, or made grace,
         Pull down thy vanity, I say pull down.
Learn of the green world what can be thy place
In scaled invention or true artistry,
Pull down thy vanity,
                                        Paquin pull down!
The green casque has outdone your elegance.
“Master thyself, then others shall thee beare”
       Pull down thy vanity
Thou art a beaten dog beneath the hail,
A swollen magpie in a fitful sun,
Half black half white
Nor knowst’ou wing from tail
Pull down thy vanity
                        How mean thy hates
Fostered in falsity,
                        Pull down thy vanity,
Rathe to destroy, niggard in charity,
Pull down thy vanity,
                       I say pull down.
But to have done instead of not doing
                     this is not vanity
To have, with decency, knocked
That a Blunt should open
               To have gathered from the air a live tradition
or from a fine old eye the unconquered flame
This is not vanity.
         Here error is all in the not done,
all in the diffidence that faltered  .  .  .

“Profit-Driven Systems Are Driving Us to Our Doom”

Another incredibly great article by Caitlin Johnstone. Her worldview is probably close to mind that most writers you see out there. There are some other writers out there  who are channeling me too, but Caitlin lets you use her stuff for free, so she’s the only one for now.

Also, she’s practically Alt Left already. Sadly, she’s a big feminist, but that’s mostly because too many men have treated her like crap in her life, so I almost don’t blame her.

Notice how she never talks about culture nonsense? That’s because all she cares about is geopolitics and economics. All else is dross, as Ezra Pound might say.

What thou lovest well remains, the rest is dross
What thou lov’st well shall not be reft from thee
What thou lov’st well is thy true heritage

― Ezra Pound, The Pisan Cantos


From the Cantos!

Profit-Driven Systems Are Driving Us to Our Doom

Jul 13, 2023

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):

I just read a disturbing paragraph in a New Yorker article about the Instant Pot, a popular electronic pressure cooker whose parent company recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

“So what doomed the Instant Pot? How could something that was so beloved sputter? Is the arc of kitchen goods long but bends toward obsolescence? Business schools may someday make a case study of one of Instant Pot’s vulnerabilities, namely, that it was simply too well made.

Once you slapped down your ninety dollars for the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1, you were set for life: it didn’t break, it didn’t wear out, and the company hasn’t introduced major innovations that make you want to level up. As a customer, you were one-and-done, which might make you a happy customer, but is hell on profit-and-growth performance metrics.”

Just think about that for a second. Under our current systems for profit generation, which is the primary driver of human behavior on this planet, making a quality product that lasts a long time instead of quickly going obsolete or turning into landfill will actually drive you into bankruptcy.

An article in The Atlantic about the bankruptcy filing similarly illustrated this point last month:

“From the point of view of the consumer, this makes the Instant Pot a dream product: It does what it says, and it doesn’t cost you much or any additional money after that first purchase. It doesn’t appear to have any planned obsolescence built into it, which would prompt you to replace it at a regular clip.

But from the point of view of owners and investors trying to maximize value, that makes the Instant Pot a problem. A company can’t just tootle along in perpetuity, debuting new products according to the actual pace of its good ideas, and otherwise manufacturing and selling a few versions of a durable, beloved device and its accessories, updated every few years with new features. A company needs to grow.”

This just says such dismal things about why our planet is facing the existential crises it’s now facing. Corporations will die if they don’t continually grow, and they can’t grow without things like inbuilt planned obsolescence or continued additional purchases, which in a sane society would just be regarded as shoddy craftsmanship. Our entire civilization is driven by the pursuit of profit, and to keep turning large profits your corporation needs to continually grow, and your corporation can’t continually grow unless you’re manufacturing a crappy product that needs to be continually replaced or supplemented, and you can’t manufacture those replacements and supplements without harvesting them from the flesh of a dying world.

As writer Robert Moor recently observed on Twitter, “The fact that Instant Pot is already being framed as a corporate cautionary tale — the company that went bankrupt because they made a product so durable and versatile that its customers had little need to buy another one — instead of as a critique of capitalism is deeply, deeply depressing.”

It’s really heartbreaking to think about all the ways human potential is being starved and constricted by these ridiculous limitations we’ve placed on the way we operate as a collective. Resources being allocated based on how well they can turn a profit stymies technological innovation, because the most profitable model will always win out over less profitable ones that are more beneficial to people and our environment.

Someone could invent a free energy machine that lasts forever and costs next to nothing, and even though it would save the world you can be certain it would never see the light of day under our current systems, because it couldn’t yield huge and continuous profits and it would destroy many current means of profit generation.

Science should be the most collaborative endeavor in the world; every scientist on earth should be collaborating and communicating. Instead, because of our competition-based models, it’s the exact opposite: scientific exploration is divided up into innovators competing against other innovators, corporations competing against other corporations, nations competing against other nations.

If we could see how much we are losing to these competition-based models, how much innovation is going unrealized, how much human thriving is being sacrificed, how we’re losing almost all of our brainpower potential to these models, we’d fall to our knees and scream with rage. If science had been a fully collaborative worldwide hive mind endeavor instead of divided and turned against itself for profit and military power, our civilization would be unimaginably more advanced than it is.

This is doubtless. We gave up paradise to make a few bastards rich.

Our competition-based, profit-motivated systems limit scientific innovation, and they also greatly limit the scope of solutions we can avail ourselves of. There’s a whole vast spectrum of potential solutions to the troubles we face as a species, and we’re limiting ourselves to a very small, very inferior fraction of it.

By limiting solutions to ones that are profitable, we’re omitting any which involve using less, consuming less, leaving resources in the ground, and leaving nature the hell alone. We’re also shrinking the incentive to cure sicknesses and eliminate problems rather than offer expensive, ongoing treatments and services for them.

Or even a project as fundamental to our survival as getting all the pollution out of our oceans. The profit motive offers no solution to this problem because there’s no way to make a surplus of money from doing so, and in fact it would be very costly.

So the pollution stays in our seas, year after year. People have come up with plenty of solutions for removing pollution from the sea, but they never get rolled out at the necessary scale because there’s no way to make it profitable. And people would come up with far more solutions if they knew those solutions could be implemented.

How many times have you had an awesome idea and gotten all excited about it, only to do the math and figure out that it’s unfeasible because wouldn’t be profitable? This is a very common experience, and it’s happening to ideas for potential solutions to our problems every day.

The profit motive system assumes the ecocidal premise of infinite growth on a finite world. Without that, the entire system collapses. So there are no solutions which involve not growing, manufacturing less, consuming less, not artificially driving up demand with advertising, etc.

It’s hard to appreciate the significance of this artificial limitation when you’re inside it and lived your whole life under its rules. It’s like if we were only allowed to make things out of wood; if our whole civilization banned the entire spectrum of non-woodcraft innovation.

Sure such a civilization would get very good at making wooden things, and would probably have some woodcrafting innovations that our civilization doesn’t have. But it would also be greatly developmentally stunted. That’s how badly we’re handicapping ourselves with the profit motive model from the pursuit of viable solutions.

And some solutions would be really great right now. This planet just had its warmest week in recorded history, and Antarctic sea ice is now failing to form in what for the southern hemisphere is the dead of winter.

Even if you still want to pretend global warming isn’t real, this planet’s biosphere is giving us plenty of other signs of looming collapse, including plummeting insect populations, a loss of two-thirds of Earth’s wildlife over the last 50 years, ecosystems dying off, forests disappearing, soil becoming rapidly less fertile, mass extinctions, and oceans gasping for oxygen and becoming lifeless deserts while continents of plastic form in their waters. So our need for immediate solutions to our environmental crisis is not seriously debatable.

But we’re not getting solutions, we’re getting a world ruled by corporations whose leaders are required to place growth above all other other concerns, even concerns about whether the future will contain an ecosystem which corporations can exist in or a human species for them to sell goods and services to.

Corporations function as giant, world-eating sociopaths, because our current models let their leaders and lawyers wash their hands of all the consequences of the damage their monsters inflict in the name of growth and the duty to maximize shareholder profits.

People worry about the world getting destroyed by machines driven by a heartless artificial intelligence, but we might end up destroying it with a kind of artificial mind we invented long before microchips: the corporation. So much of humanity’s dysfunction can be explained by the fact that corporations (A) pretty much run the world and (B) are required to act like sociopaths by placing profit above all other concerns.

As long as human behavior remains driven by profit, ecocide will continue, because ecocide is profitable.

As long as human behavior remains driven by profit, wars will continue, because war is profitable.

As long as human behavior remains driven by profit, exploitation will continue, because exploitation is profitable.

As long as human behavior remains driven by profit, corruption will continue, because corruption is profitable.

There is no “good” model in which human behavior can remain driven by profit without these destructive behaviors continuing, because so many kinds of destructive behavior will always necessarily be profitable. No proponents of any iteration of capitalism have ever been able to provide any satisfactory answers to this.

The call then is to move from competition-based, profit-driven systems to systems which are based on collaboration toward the common good of all. We’re a long way off from that, but a long way can be cleared in a short time under the right conditions. Our species is at adapt-or-die time, and the adaptation that must be made is clear.

Solution to the Guess the Famous Writers Post

From here. This post is reprinted below in italics. I listed famous writers with only their last names, and asked you to give me their first names, when they wrote, and to name at least one of their famous books, or, Hell, any book they wrote. No one responded so I will provide the answers here.

Give me the first names of the writers I have listed below and at least one of their books. At least as many as you can come up with, that is. See how well you do. I sort of gave you some clues.

Some great writers of the modern era. A few are still alive; most are not. A few old-timers are thrown in there from the 1500’s, 1700’s, and some more from the 1800’s. I count six who are still living.

Barnes, Boll, Bukowski, Burroughs, Camus, Cervantes, Chekhov, Conrad, Dostoevsky, Eliot, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Franzen, Genet, Goethe, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Jackson, James, Joyce, Junger, Kerouac, Koszinski, Mailer, McCarthy, McCullers, Melville, Miller, Nichols, O’Connor, Oates, Palahniuk, Pound, Proulx, Pynchon, Rechy, Roth, Rousseau, Rhys, Schopenhauer, Stein, Sterne, Stevens, Tolstoy, Twain, Wallace, Warren, Waugh, Woolf

Some hints:

When they wrote:

1500’s: Cervantes

1700’s: Goethe, Rousseau, Sterne

1800’s: Chekhov, Conrad, Dostoevsky, Hawthorne, James, Melville, Schopenhauer, Tolstoy, Twain

1900’s: Barnes, Boll, Bukowski, Burroughs, Camus, Conrad, Eliot, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Franzen, Genet, Hemingway, Jackson, James, Joyce, Junger, Kerouac, Koszinski, Mailer, McCarthy, McCullers, Nichols, O’Connor, Oates, Palahniuk, Pound, Proulx, Pynchon, Rechy, Roth, Rhys, Stein, Stevens, Wallace, Warren, Waugh, Woolf

2000’s: Franzen, McCarthy, Nichols, Oates, Palahniuk, Proulx, Pynchon, Rechy, Wallace

Still around: Franzen, Nichols, Oates, Palahniuk, Proulx, Pynchon, Rechy

Where they came from (typically where they were born)

Dominica (Caribbean): Rhys

Denmark: Schopenhauer

France: Camus, Genet, Rousseau

Germany: Boll, Goethe, Junger

Ireland: Joyce

Poland: Conrad, Koszinski

Russia: Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy

Spain: Cervantes

UK: Eliot, Sterne, Waugh, Woolf

I posted this a while back and nobody answered so I will do it myself. Looking at the initial list:

Barnes, Boll, Bukowski, Burroughs, Camus, Cervantes, Chekhov, Conrad, Dostoevsky, Eliot, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Franzen, Genet, Goethe, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Jackson, James, Joyce, Junger, Kerouac, Koszinski, Mailer, McCarthy, McCullers, Melville, Miller, Nichols, O’Connor, Oates, Palahniuk, Pound, Proulx, Pynchon, Rechy, Roth, Rousseau, Rhys, Schopenhauer, Stein, Sterne, Stevens, Tolstoy, Twain, Wallace, Warren, Waugh, Woolf

Barnes: Djuna Barnes, American writer who lived most of her life in France. Famous book: Nightwood.

Boll: Heinrich Boll, German writer. Famous book: The Lost Honor of Katerina Blum and Billiards at Half Past Nine.

Bukowski: Charles Bukowski, American writer. Famous book: Factotum, among others.

Burroughs: William S. Burroughs, American writer, lived much of his life overseas in Tangier, Morocco. Famous book: Naked Lunch.

Camus: Albert Camus, French writer. Existentialist. Famous books: The Stranger, The Plague.

Cervantes: Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author who wrote in the 1500’s. Famous book: Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Chekhov: Anton Chekhov, Russian writer from the late 1800’s. Wrote mostly plays and short stories. Famous works: The Seagull (play), among others.

Conrad: Joseph Conrad, Born in Poland but lived most of his life in the UK, wrote in English. Wrote in late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Famous works: Lord Jim, The Heart of Darkness.

Dostoevsky: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Russian writer from the late 1800’s. Famous works: The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment.

Eliot: T. S. Eliot, British poet in the early 1900’s. Famous works: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (poem), The Wasteland (poem).

Faulkner: William Faulkner, US writer from the South, wrote from 1920’s-1960’s. Famous works: The Sound and the Fury; Light in August; As I Lay Dying; Absolam, Absolam!; many others.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: American author from the Northeast, wrote from 1920’s-1940’s. Famous works: The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night.

Franzen: Jonathon Franzen, American author writing currently. Wrote from the 1980’s-present. Famous work: The Corrections.

Genet: Jean Genet, French writer who wrote in the middle of the 20th Century, mostly in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Famous works: A Thief’s Journal, The Maids (play), The Balcony (play), Our Lady of the Roses.

Goethe: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer who wrote from the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s. Famous works: Faust, The Sorrows of Young Werther.

Nathaniel Hawthorne, American writer who wrote from the 1820’s-1860’s. Widely regarded as the greatest American writer of that period. Contemporary and friend of Herman Melville. Famous works: The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, Young Goodman Brown (short story).

Hemingway: Ernest Hemingway, American writer who wrote from the 1920’s-1960’s. Famous works: The Sun Also Rises, Death in the Afternoon, A Moveable Feast, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Men without Women, Winner Take Nothing, The Green Hills of Africa, The Old Man and the Sea.

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Ezra Pound, American writer who mostly lived overseas, often in London, Paris, and Italy, especially Trieste and Genoa. Famous works: The Cantos (epic poem), Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (epic poem), Cathay (poems), A Lume Spento (poems).

Proulx: Annie Proulx, American writer currently writing. Famous work: The Shipping News, Brokeback Mountain.

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Arthur Schopenhauer: Danish philosopher who wrote in the 1880’s-1920’s. Famous works: On Women, The World as Will and Representation, Parerga and Paralipomena, Studies in Pessimism.

Stein: Gertrude Stein: American writer who spent much of her life in exile, particularly in Paris. Wrote from 1900’s-1940’s. Famous works: The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Tender Buttons, The Making of Americans, Three Lives, Lucy Church Amiably.

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Waugh: Evelyn Waugh, British writer who wrote Decline and Fall, A Handful of Dust, Brideshead Revisited, Vile Bodies, Black Mischief, Scoop, Put out More Flags, The Loved One, Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen, The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfoil, Waugh in Abyssinia.

Woolf: Virginia Woolf, British writer who wrote from the 1910’s-1940’s. Famous works: Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando, A Room of One’s Own (nonfiction), The Waves.

Don’t Be So Quick to Reject “Conspiracy Theory”

Americans have very good reason to suspect conspiracy. American governments and government agencies have a horrific history of conspiring against citizens and lying about it.

The FBI under J.E. Hoover sent a blackmail letter to Martin Luther King Jr, instructing him to commit suicide lest his sexual history be exposed. The Freedom of Information Act has led to whole volumes of FBI files being made public, showing it had files and actively interfered in the lives of innocuous groups and individuals.

The FBI admits its COINTELPRO program was designed to insert disinformation into various organizations in the hope they would spin out of control.

Similarly, agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration are known to have given informants kilos of cocaine as payment or incentive. There was warrantless wiretapping exposed by Edward Snowden. The CIA experimented on the unknowing with LSD, plutonium and syphilis.

So Americans come by the conspiracies legitimately. What you sow, so shall ye reap, someone once said. Americans are highly trained conspiracists.

The government sterilized the feeble-minded (i. e. blacks), incarcerated the homeless after Louisiana floods, and routinely classifies everything Top Secret. Most recently, government agencies have taken to seeding protest marches and demonstrations with thugs who start fights and riot in the streets to discredit the efforts. So yes, there is reason to suspect conspiracy.

None of this justifies the crazy conspiracy theories like the Sandy Hook false flag, Pizzagate, Moon Landing fake, “the UN is about to invade the US,” “the Las Vegas shooting was orchestrated by Obama or Mexicans or ISIS,” and so on.

But we see that US foreign policy is rife with conspiracy. In fact, US foreign policy itself seems like a huge conspiracy about which, I might add, the truth is never revealed.

I’ve revealed the lies the US State has peddled regarding Russia, the Russia/Ukraine war, China, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

Bottom line is the US is a pathological liar about the countries it sees as its enemies. In any war situation, the US Lie Machine goes into overdrive.

Look at how much the West has lied during this Ukraine war. I’ve tried my best to uncover the lies, but there are so many that it’s hard to keep up with them. These lies are being recorded as historical fact by the US media and Wikipedia. I’m worried about the future of History as a field of inquiry because History itself is being so mangled and destroyed on Wikipedia and in the Western press.

Will historians in the future be able to untangle this  web of lies to figure out what really happened? And please note that anyone who tries to reveal these lies and report on what really happened is labeled a conspiracy theorist or a conspiracy monger. It’s getting to the point where with regard to US foreign policy and US policy during wars it has an interest in that I would say

Conspiracy theory is truth and the official story is always a lie.

I’ve taken this a bit further to the point where I am starting to think that there is so much lying in the West now that we are getting to the point where I might say:

Life itself is a conspiracy theory.

We also seem to be entering the what I might call “The Era of the False Flag.” I’ve never seen the West doing false flags and fake attacks as I have in this Ukraine War. The Syria War had a lot of false flag attacks too.

I’m not sure why false flags have become so popular.

In part it is because the media in the West is controlled by the Western Deep States, so the West can set off any conspiracy theory they want and be assured that the media will go along with. Tucker Carlson was the only one who refused, and look what happened to him. There is not one single major news outlet in the West that will call out the lies, fake attacks and false flags of the West. That’s pretty terrifying and pathetic right there.

I’m not sure what’s going on. I think this Russia matter has driven the West insane. The decades of Russia hate that the West smothered us with in the Cold War has come home to roost. The USSR and later Russia is the ultimate enemy of the post Cold War West. Note that no one in the Global South particularly gave a damn about the USSR or cares about Russia. It’s only the West that is afflicted with Russia Psychosis.

A few examples of fake attacks and false flags.

All of the chemical attacks in Syria were fake. Syria destroyed its chemical weapons just like Iraq did. The Deep State honed in on WMD’s and chemical weapons because that was the only way they could intervene legitimately in the war. If Syria used WMD’s, the West had a right to attack Syria. So the endless chemical weapons fakes took off.

Keep in mind that all of these attacks were done by Al Qaeda, ISIS, or allied groups.

The dead in the chemical attacks were all civilians, often Christians or Alawis, who had been abducted from villages in the north of Syria and kept captive. They were murdered in large numbers before the attacks, typically with carbon monoxide poisoning but also in other ways.

The First Attack “Chemical Weapon” Attack in Damascus in 2013 under Obama

Many victims of the first chemical attack had their throats slit. I wasn’t aware that sarin cut your throat! The murdered enemy civilians were then presented as “chemical attack victims of Assad.”

Obama almost attacked Syria after that first attack, coincidentally exactly one year after Obama drew his red line that said, “Any use of chemical weapons by Syria will result in a US attack.” Pretty suspicious! There was almost no sarin found at the scene of the attack, although a few civilians and even rebel forces had very low levels of sarin in their bodies. The levels were so low as to not cause any harm. The rebels had apparently released a small amount of sarin to make the attack seem more real.

The MI6 examined the sarin and concluded that it was not Assad’s sarin. All of Assad’s sarin had a particular quality to it and this was “bathtub sarin,” probably made in Turkey. The MI6 reported this to the CIA and the CIA told Obama that Assad didn’t do the attack. Obama called off his attack but he never told us that the attack itself was fake. To this day, everyone in the West believes that Assad attacked his people multiple times with chemical weapons. Not even one of the attacks occurred.

It appeared that Turkey was deeply involved in this false flag. The Jews (this means Israel0 ran interference for it too, intercepting a phone call from the Syrian Defense Ministry asking, “Why did we launch a chemical attack on Damascus?” They didn’t say that the army had done this. They had only heard this repeated by the foreign lugenpresse and assumed it was true. According to the Jews and the media of the West (who speak with one voice), this proved that Assad launched a chemical attack on his people. Except it didn’t.

US Attacked Red Crescent Convoy near Aleppo, Syria under Obama in a False Flag to Blame Russia

As the battle for Aleppo was reaching a crescendo, a convoy of Red Crescent vehicles appeared in the era to help the wounded and deal with the dead. The US flew a drone over the convoy and fired a Hellfire missile at it, killing ~10 workers and wounding 20 more. These were health care and ambulance workers. The US immediately accused Russia of bombing the Red Crescent convoy. However, the video of the attack shows an explosion that only occurs with a weapon that a US drone fires. Even Pat Lang accused Ashton Carter of pulling a false flag attack and murdering health care workers in a false flag to accuse Russia.

The Mass Murder of Wagner Mercenaries in Syria on Fake Pretenses under Trump

Over in the eastern part of the country, Wagner and the SDF traitors who work with the US were faced off across a river in Deir Ez Zor province. The SDF was guarding an oil field. There were secret negotiations going on between the SDF and Wagner whereby the SDF was going to vacate the oil field and let Wagner guard it. The SDF then left the oil field, signaling Wagner to take over. Wagner crossed the river in the middle of the night and moved into the oil field.

Very quickly they were bombed in the middle of the desert by US aircraft. They were sitting ducks with no cover and 200 of them died. They had been double crossed to take over the oil field and then they got attacked. Then the US media put out a fake story that Wagner had “invaded” the oil field in order to steal it so Wagner could run it to make money, but the US quickly bombed them. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then went on TV and told this fake story. He also gloated that “We killed 200 Russians.” He was gloating as he said that.

The Russian Bombing of 40 Different Hospitals in Aleppo under Obama, All of Which Were “the Last Hospital in Aleppo”

There are four government hospitals in all of Aleppo Province. Even though they are in enemy territory, Assad continues to pay their salaries. The hospitals are open to all. However, I believe that the rebels have set up a number of field hospitals. A lot of these hospitals have also been turned into rebel bases housing rebel soldiers and weapons.

Russia had been bombing these rebel field hospitals, often housed in nondescript buildings. I absolutely do not agree with that, but that’s what they did. Every time the US media reported that Russia “bombed another hospital” in Aleppo.

At some point, they reported that Russia “bombed the last hospital in Aleppo.” At one point, Russia had bombed “the last hospital in Aleppo” something like 40 times! In other words, they bombed 40 different hospitals, each of which was “the last hospital in Aleppo.” Suzanne Power was a spokesman in Obama’s State Department. She went to Aleppo while this was going on and she was hysterical, screaming one wild lie after another. I have no respect for this lying freak after that.

The US Is Occupying Syria’s Oil Fields and Stealing All Their Oil

The US is occupying almost all of Syria’s oil fields. We are pumping the oil and then shipping it out of the country and keeping the money either for ourselves or to give to the SDF traitor Kurds. So the US government is stealing almost all of Syria’s oil.

The US Has Set Most of Syria’s Wheat Fields on Fire to Starve the Syrian People

The US government has set a very large portion of Syria’s wheat fields on fire on purpose. The purpose here is apparently to starve the Syrian people, where malnutrition is a serious problem.

The US Put Massive Sanctions on Syria Due to a Dodgy Atrocity File

The US has put massive sanctions on file due to “Caesar’s Law” passed when a man named Caesar revealed photographs of dead bodies supposedly murdered by the Syrian government. Definitely some of those people had been murdered by the Syrian government. Many showed signs of beatings or torture. However, of the 50,000 photos, at least 20,000 of them were not killed by Assad. 10,000 were simply photos of rebels who had been killed in the fighting. Another 10,000 were simply civilians killed in the fighting.

So a good portion of the Caesar files are fake.

US Sanctions Always Cover Food and Medicine and Have Resulted in Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths, Mostly of Children

The sanctions on Syria, like those on Venezuela, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and Nicaragua, cover all trade, including food and medicine. Heavy US sanctions on any country always cover food and medicine and they always result in many civilian deaths.

During the North Korean famine and in later years when North Korea had poor harvest and needed food aid, the US refused to give food aid to them and in fact stated that all food aid to North Korea violated US sanctions. So we were just trying to kill people, civilians, with that policy.

US sanctions on Venezuela of course cover food and medicine. The sanctions have already killed 40,000 Venezuelans.

America continues to kill.

The Root of the Problem of Which the Ukraine War Is a Mere Symptom

The US promised Russia in 1990 that NATO would not expand “one more inch” to the West. It was the liar and former CIA director George Bush who made that statement.

Russia kept warning us that the West was asking for trouble with this endless expansion of a hostile military alliance with the stated goal of the destruction of Russia or its reduction to a weak, easily-controlled colony of the West which would allow the West to loot its resources at will. The model is the Yeltsin Era.

NATO wants nothing good for Russia. It’s either total subjugation or destruction. The earlier model was subjugation, but it’s shifted to destruction. However the “Destroy Russia” plot in which forcing Russia into this war with Ukraine was the centerpiece is not working out well. In fact it may be backfiring.

That photo above is all you need to know about why this war is even happening in the first place.

The Future of the World Is African

The future.

Not to beat up on Black people or Africans, but this picture of the future doesn’t make me feel very optimistic. Africa is extremely poor and Africans are flooding into Europe in search of a better life. Most of these people are a poor fit for a largely White Europe, and as a group, they’ve caused all sorts of problems.

I’m ok with letting a few select Blacks in. A friend of mine from Togo had a PhD in Computer Science and regularly worked with MIT Computer Science folks on cutting edge issues. They let him into France along with his sister and maybe the rest of his family. I’m not sure about the rest of his family, but I’m not worried about him becoming a problem for France. But far too many Africans are coming in to Europe completely unscreened, and they are causing serious problems in France and Italy and lower levels of problems in Ireland and the Scandinavian states.

This whole mess is looking more and more like The Camp of Saints, a vicious but prophetic novel.

People Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut about Conspiracies or Crimes? Maybe Not So

Rambo: The only problem with conspiracy theories is that they go against a basic fact of life: PEOPLE CAN’T KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT SHIT.

Once more than one person knows about a crime, you’re busted.

People Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut about Conspiracies or Crimes?

You also hear this about crimes. It’s not necessarily true. A teenager, I believe a teenage girl, murdered another teenager some 20 years ago. A number of other teens knew about it or even witnessed it. 20 years later, not one of them had talked. All of this came out after she was finally arrested for the crime.

A Lot of People Talked about the CIA Murder of JFK and a Way Too Many of Them Ended up Dead

It’s clear that a number of people know that the CIA was involved in JFK’s murder and a number of folks with reason to know these things have come right out and stated that it’s true.

Apparently a whole lot of other folks are keeping their mouths shut. Way more people than you think are keeping their mouths shut about this stuff. Remember early on how many people with peripheral relationships to this murder were ending up dead in mysterious ways, often just before they were supposed to meet with the FBI.

I have seen an actual worker at an insurance firm talk about all of these very strange murders. He said that based on actuarial tables, there’s no way on Earth that all those people died in that short period of time through non-homicidal means. It simply couldn’t have and therefore didn’t happen. It looks like if you knew something about the JFK murder, you were in serious danger of getting murdered. A good reason to keep your mouth shut.

People Have Blown the Whistle on Republicans Stealing Elections with Voting Machines Since 2000

We know for a fact that Republicans have been stealing elections with the computers for a long time. A man who tried to blow the whistle on it ended up having his dog poisoned. Soon after, he was found dead in a hotel room under mysterious circumstances. He had said that he was afraid that people were following him. So one guy who blew the whistle on the election stealing was murdered.

We were trying to figure out who killed him, and we finally settled on the idea that George Bush, Jr. had his own group of thugs and hired killers who he could send out to kill for him.

Other than that, Karl Rove himself told a Republican operative that the Republicans had been stealing elections with those machines since they were put in in 2000. He also said that if the election was close, say within 3%, they could steal it, but if it was more than that, it would look too bad to steal it, so they won’t do it. He has now denied that he made this statement and threatened the operative who quoted him.

It seems that the candidates who stole the presidency seemed to know about the thievery. So did a number of top officials like Rudy Guiliani based on statements they made. George Bush Jr. and Donald Trump apparently knew that their elections were stolen with computers. None of these people talked, at least not publicly.

Dick Cheney Had Paul Wellstone Murdered and No One Talked

It’s also pretty clear that Dick Cheney had Paul Wellstone murdered decades ago by messing with his plane and causing it to crash. Former Senator Barbara Boxer has openly accused Cheney of this murder. We looked into that deeply too, and we came to the conclusion that Cheney had his own group of hired thugs or killers who he could call on to do dirty stuff.

The implications are rather frightening – that a number of our highest ranking politicians have teams of personal thugs or killers who they can call on if need be to do dirty stuff against the enemies of the politician. And apparently the crime will not be investigated. All people have to say is, “The murder was related to US intelligence,” and everyone backs off, especially local agencies. And the FBI always backs off in these cases.

This is a lot of people do talk about these known conspiracies, but nobody believes them, the media refuses to report it and memory holes it.

White Helmets Blew The Whistle on Fake Chemical Weapons Attacks

40-50 former Al Qaeda White Helmets, an organization set up by the British MI6 spy agency, moved to Europe, mostly Switzerland, and made a video. In the video, each of the ~45 former White Helmets state that there were no chemical attacks by Assad in Syria and that all of the attacks were faked by Al Qaeda and other jihadis, usually with the help of the MI6.

That’s ~45 people blowing the whistle. The video is out there and you can go watch it. What’s the result of that revelation? Nothing! The entire West still insists that Assad used chemical weapons on his people though he didn’t do it one time. So do all of the media outlets and states of the West. So does the official history organ of the planet, Wikipedia.

What I’m saying is it doesn’t matter if people come forward or not. Even if they do, no one listens to them and everyone says they’re lying. And they can have their careers ruined or even be thrown in jail. Look at Assange and Reality Winner. You can also be murdered and the killers will never be caught. Look at all the murders of those who knew too much about the JFK assassination.

So the “if lots of people know it, someone will talk” argument doesn’t really work.

Does Russia Use Cluster Bombs? More Information

Please note that the text in red is the only possible Russian use of cluster bombs in this war. The author states that he has seen countless videos of Russian troops in this war and he’s never seen one of Russian troops using this particular weapon. Yes, there are allegations that they use them on pretty rare occasions, but he hasn’t been able to document it. He then notes that the official Russian state position on cluster bombs is that they have not used them in this war for whatever reason.

Me: Well, fine, so does Russia use cluster bombs or not?

Hate to get technical again, but ‘cluster bombs’ is a subset of the wider category of weapons with submunitions. I’ve seen a handful of clips of mortar and artillery shells with submunitions being used but not many and only in very specific circumstances. Those are technically not cluster bombs, but I suspect your question includes them.

I’ve also seen a fair few number of clips of (MLRS-fired) rockets deploying incendiary submunitions. Again, technically those are not cluster bombs. And Russia has made no secret of using artillery-deliverable mines (including those that come as submunitions).

I’ve heard it said that Russia has occasionally used genuine MLRS-fired rockets with cluster bombs, but I can’t recall having seen any clips to support that.

I believe that the official position is that so far Russia has refrained from using them, although they almost certainly use a stricter definition of cluster bombs than you appear to do.

Me: People are saying Grads are cluster bombs.

Those people are idiots. Grads fire rockets. There are different kinds of rockets they can fire. Some of those have submunitions. And some of those come as bomblets.

Me: Do submunitions from Grads fail to explode?

Yes, there’s never a 100% success rate for any kind of round, bullet, or bomb. These submunitions are no exception.

Me: Do all weapons that use submunitions have bomblets that fail to explode and therefore have fail rates?

No, some submunitions have incendiary charges for example, not bomblets. But those too can fail to go off and have some potential of hurting innocents later on. And there are of course cluster-delivered mines, also technically not cluster bombs.

Me: How about regular mortar and artillery shells? How many of those are duds?

Hard to say. Depends of the type of artillery, type and age of round, storage conditions, production standards, fuse settings, etc. There have been reports of some Ukrainian troops (ethnic Russians conscripted into the Ukrainian army) leaving notes with mines they emplaced stating that they deliberately tampered with them so that they wouldn’t go off. It’s likely that some artillery rounds will also have been tampered with somewhere along the line, resulting in additional duds for the Ukrainians.

Me: If some of those are duds, how is it not as bad as a cluster bomb? Because it’s large enough to see?

Partly, and also because regular mortar and artillery shells have both more mass and more velocity than a submunition’s bomblet. That means that duds typically bury themselves into the ground, sometimes quite deep, depending on the type of soil. Bomblets on the other hand fall onto the ground and stay on top of it, posing a much more direct hazard. And they have different fuses.

Me: Will an unexploded mortar round blow up if you pick it up?

Possible, but highly unlikely. They have different kinds of fuses than bomblets do and are much, much less dangerous to handle. Still not a good idea though.

The butterfly mines that the Ukrainians have been firing into Donetsk for example have a pressure fuse, and the pressure from your fingers holding it is enough to trigger it (if the fuse is set right). Obviously, these are amongst the most dangerous of submunitions, as they have an intentional delayed explosive action.

Modern Russian submunitions (at least the mines – I’m not sure about the bomblets) have either a timed self-destruct feature or one that turns it inert after a while. But, of course, those features can fail too.

Cluster Bombs: Biden Is Lying Again

About those cluster bombs the sadistic, venomous, murderous Biden just sent to Ukraine, the US is lying about them. The Pentagon says they have a 2% fail rate. Well, no part of the US government lies more than the Pentagon! They’re lying!

Perhaps the new ones have that rate, but even that rate is way too high. These bombs are from the 1980’s. The dud rate is 14%, but that was the dud rate at the time. It’s going to be even worse than that because they’re so old. A dud rate of up to 20% is more like it.

Also, the liar Jake Sullivan said that there are mine-clearing operations that can get rid of cluster bombs. Well, it’s not so easy.

The US dropped 270 million cluster bombs on Laos. 80 million of them or 30% did not go off, so Laos is littered with 80 million cluster bombs that can go off anytime. If you go to Pnomn Penh and Ventiane, you will see minors, little kids, and adults everywhere with artificial arms, legs, and feet hobbling all over those cities. That’s all the fault of the US. If you go those cities and have an ounce of life left in your hardened heart, you will never support the use of those damned weapons ever again.

If it’s so easy to “de-mine” those cluster bombs, why doesn’t the US do it in Laos and Cambodia? Good question! The truth is that this de-mining never seems to happen – note the outcome in Southeast Asia. Also a number of US officers are on record opposing cluster bombs because it’s very hard to get rid of them by demining because they are hard to see. Hence a lot of US sappers have been blown up and badly injured by these infernal weapons.

See, Ukraine doesn’t care about those bombs. They don’t care that 20% of them will not blow up and will be blowing up kids for decades to come. Because, you see, they will be using those bombs in areas where most of the residents are ethnic Russians. Ukraine hates those people. They say they’re not even human. They’re all “orcs.” Ukraine’s attitude has always been that all the disloyal ethnic Russians should be killed.

A prominent Ukrainian politician went on TV and said that that the 3 million Russians in the  Donbass were “excess people” who should be exterminated. Other pundits have gone on TV to say similar things.

Others have later echoed him. Plans for a massive invasion of the Donbass just a few weeks after Russia invaded have been leaked. All of the residents would be told to leave for Russia or be killed. No doubt an awful lot would simply be murdered as “collaborators” anyway. In Izyum, 1,900 residents, including 93 schoolteachers, were accused of being “collaborators” and hauled away with bags over their heads when the Ukrainian army took the town back. None of them have ever been seen again. They’ve probably all been murdered.

Indeed, I released a video of Ukrainian forces in Kupyansk shooting female schoolteachers in the head and letting their bodies roll down hills into a pit. The teachers were Russian language instructors who had been brought form Russia to teach Russian. No doubt this was the fate of the Izyum teachers.

A pro-Ukrainian Chechen said all Russian civilians should be killed, even children, I suppose on the “nits make lice” theory.

The head doctor of the Ukrainian military said he gave an order to castrate all Russian POW’s. Indeed a number of Russian POW’s were returned to Russia having been castrated. Russia has kept this information close to its chest, as it fears that if word gets out about this, its citizenry will scream for blood.

There is a video out of two Ukrainian medics castrating a Russian soldier, who then dies. Ukrainians did this act, and then they released the video with the message that this is a video of Russian troops castrating a Ukrainian soldier. Every shithead in the West bought this lie and went hysterical. However, the medics were wearing Ukrainian uniforms. They had blue medic gloves and Ukrainian medics use blue gloves. Russian medics use white gloves. The medics had on blue and white shoes that were sold in Ukraine around the time of the Olympics 15 years ago.

So Ukraine doesn’t care how many of those Russians are maimed or killed. The cluster bombs will mostly be maiming or killing Russian civilians because that’s mostly who lives in these regions. Ukraine is just fine with Russian civilians and kids getting their legs and feet blown off for decades to come by these cluster bombs.

The “Sex Trafficking” Bullshit


This is part of the general sex hate hysteria being promoted by the sex fascists. The sex fascist movement has its genesis in man-hating and male sexuality-hating feminist harpies.

The latest, tied deeply in with the preposterous hysteria over teenage girls having sex, now extended to a bizarre preoccupation with “age gaps,” which are apparently the same as “pedophilia,” is the “sex trafficking” bullshit. Really, the fed pigs started all of this BS in 2012 when they passed a very stupid and utterly hysterical “Sex Trafficking” bill. “Sex trafficking” which used to mean “being held as a prisoner and forced to work as a prostitute or sex slavery,” now had it’s definition exploded wider than the Grand Canyon.

Now any teenage girl working as a prostitute was somehow being “trafficked.” Suppose they are working fror themselves? Logically they are trafficking themselves? But of course not. It turns out that any man who purchases the services of a teenage prostitute is somehow or other, in some possible universe, “trafficking” her. Bullshit, huh?

In reference to the soldier above busted for bringing a 14 year old prostitute onto Camp Pendleton and having sex with her on the base. That man didn’t “traffic” anyone. He bought a teenage prostitute. Or he bought a teenage girl who was sold to him for sex.

Trafficking is a bullshit word the pigs made up out of thin air. The real word is “pimping,” but even that’s not a good definition unless the pimp is keeping you prisoner somehow. There are indeed pimps who do not let their prostitutes leave. In these cases, the term sex trafficking applies. However, assuming there are pimps whose girls are “free to come and go as they choose,” there’s no trafficking at all involved.

Anyway, there are no pimps anymore. All pimps are now “traffickers.”

I guess the guy who sold her is a pimp and I guess he’s a trafficker if he kept her prisoner. What if he didn’t keep her prisoner? Then there’s no “trafficking.”

Actually it’s worse than that. Suppose I go and buy a prostitute like lots of men do. I haven’t done this in decades, but probably most men do at some point or other in their lives. Suppose she happens to be underage whether I’m aware of that or not. Suppose I have sex with this underage prostitute. I’ve now “trafficked” her by the mere act of having sex with her. Idiotic or what? Nevertheless, your average person, who is now a full-fledged sex fascist as sex fascism in the norm in our society, buys into all this “trafficking” hysteria full-bore.

The Epstein Bullshit

This “trafficking” bullshit played a big role in the Epstein case. No one knows whether those women were free to leave or not. Apparently on that island they were not, but it appears that they all went there willingly. In Florida, Epstein paid 14 year old girls $400 each to give him handjobs.

These poor things were so traumatized and destroyed for life by this “abuse” that they not only came back for more up to 20-40 times (!), presumably because they just could not get enough of that abuse! In fact the abuse was so horrific that they even recruited a bunch of their 14 year old friends so they could get “abused” too. These girls suffered similar fates, no doubt to the tune of up to thousands of dollars each. Oh poor girls!

They got paid $400 a pop for doing what they were probably already doing with boys in their grade. The worst-abused of all of these pitiful damsels made $8,000-16,000 giving handjobs. Not bad for a high school girl who can’t even legally work yet!

Actually, it was bad. The more money they made, the more abused they got. Probably the money just made them even more abused. I bet these girls were crying and cutting themselves all the way to the bank or their safes in their rooms! Poor girls! How will they ever survive? How will they ever overcome the abuse of getting paid over $10,000 at age 14 for giving handjobs. Clearly all of these poor things will be ruined for life!

Anyway, each time Epstein paid one of these pathetic victims $400 smackers for a handjob, he “trafficked” the poor, fragile, dove-like creature. The ones who made big money got “trafficked” up to 40 times and made over $ 15,000 big ones. How does a poor girl survive such horrific abuse? The mind recoils at the thought of it? All that terrible money? How awful! Thousands and thousands of dollars! With every thousand, no doubt another cut in her thigh! Poor girls!

Really, sex trafficking is all about sex slavery. Girls and women are taken by pimps and kept prisoner and forced to work as prostitutes and not allowed to leave on penalty of being beaten or killed. If you’re being held prisoner and forced to work as a prostitute with no way to leave, you’re being trafficked.

This guy didn’t “traffic” anyone. He bought an underage prostitute. The crime ought to be “Procuring a Minor for Prostitution,” or something along those lines. Not “trafficking” for God’s sake.

How the New York Times Runs Interference for the Murderous Deep State and Our Terminally Corrupted Election System

This is a ((((New York Crimes))), I mean (((New York Times))), article bashing RFK, Jr. This guy is dangerous and he’s likely to throw the election to Drumpf, who is 50X the crook than Biden ever might have been. Biden polls very poorly for no particular reason. I think it’s just because he’s too old. No one wants him to run again, including 70% of Democratic voters. But the Democrats can’t come up with anyone else who can beat Drumpf, who is now an actual, literal indicted criminal.

The first three beefs are just fine and are on target. Nevertheless, he does bring up important issues such as the biocide being committed by agricultural chemicals and their possible effects on humans and preposterous addition of completely unnecessary neurotoxins like mercury and aluminum to the vaccines we give to small children.

But the last two, where the (((Slimes))) attacks the obvious fact of the CIA’s hand in JFK’s assassination and the clearly stolen election of 2004 shows just how awful these corporate Democrats at the (((Crimes))) are. They’re gatekeepers, guardians preventing us from knowing just how deeply diseased the American system truly is. As such, they’re as much a part of the problem as the psychopaths running roughshod over all of us.

This article, titled:

5 Noteworthy Falsehoods Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Has Promoted,

has the subhead:

A Longtime Vaccine Skeptic, Mr. Kennedy Is Leaning Heavily on Misinformation as He Mounts a Long-shot 2024 Campaign

The first three charges make some sense.

The first subhead is:

He has falsely linked vaccines to various medical conditions.

Well, putting that neurotoxic mercury or thimerisol into those vaccines was outrageous. That chemical is especially toxic to the brains of immature organisms. They’ve removed it from most vaccines, but the flu vaccines still have it, and kids supposedly get as big of a mercury dose as ever. The theory makes sense but the proof is not so great.

They’ve also been putting aluminum in vaccines, and that’s a brain toxin too.

Hey pharmaceutical industry crooks: How about if you take all these toxins like aluminum and mercury out of your vaccines?

The second is:

He Has Made Baseless Claims about a Connection between Gender Dysphoria and Chemical Exposure

This is true. However, some of these estrogenic chemicals are feminizing men and sperm levels in Western men have been plunging for decades now.

I suppose you would have to look at a society before and after exposure to these chemicals. Or you could test the bodies of these tranny men and see if they have higher levels of estrogenic chemicals in their bodies than we normal folks. It seems to me that these estrogenic chemicals have been piling up in our bodies for much longer than this recent wave of tranny insanity, so I doubt this theory.

And saying that most Americans don’t get much atrazine exposure sounds like nonsense. We Americans get far too much exposure from all of these pesticides and herbicides but the US government and the chemical industry won’t outlaw any of these toxic chemicals! They won’t even outlaw the bee- and bird-killing neonicanoid or neonic chemicals.

This is one way that the European social democracies are far ahead of the US. They’re still Nazis and fascists on foreign policy on account of being part of the Western and EU imperialist system, but they are pretty good on domestic policy.

These countries are run by socialists who have no personal interest in maximizing the profits of the capitalists. So they’re perfectly willing to do things that the capitalists hate like banning these horrific biocidal pesticides.

The US government, Democratic and Republican, is captured by the big agriculture and the chemical industries, and as a result, we hardly ban any pesticides or herbicides anymore.

We are talking about the crooked, corporate-controlled EPA itself here when I say they won’t touch any of these agricultural toxins. I’m pretty sure we don’t need to spray our crops with these biocidal life-exterminating toxins to the extent that we do.

What we have here in the US is something called regulatory capture whereby corporations “capture” regulatory government agencies and render them useless through lobbying and campaign contributions.

Further, there is an endless revolving door between regulatory agencies and the industries they are supposed to be regulating. I think we need to ban this revolving door process. There are bills that would ban it for at least five years, but they never make it through the corporate-controlled Congress. I’d like to ban them for life!

The fact that regulatory bureaucrats regularly rotate back and forth between business and the regulatory agencies that are supposed to regulate those businesses is outrageous, but hey, that’s the American way, as American as Mom and apple pie. And the American people won’t do a damned thing about it because they simply don’t care!

The third is:

He has falsely linked antidepressants to school shootings.

This one is interesting but it is unproven. Really you have to look at a society that has not been exposed to this drug much and then look at them again after they take up the drug, preferably in large numbers, and you would have to see if there’s a link. I’m not sure if there’s a link myself, but one definitely hasn’t been proven yet, I suppose. Nor has it been disproven! I’m not aware that anyone has looked into it at all.

The era of mass shootings has coincided with the era of mass consumption of SSRI’s, so there is a correlation, but of course correlation does not equal causation. It’s an interesting theory and I think we should look into it more.

He Has Bolstered a Conspiracy Theory That the C.I.A. Assassinated His Uncle

An archival photo of John F. Kennedy in his motorcade just before he was assassinated. He is in a black convertible, smiling at onlookers.
Mr. Kennedy has long promoted a conspiracy theory that the C.I.A. killed his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.
He claimed without evidence during a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity in May that Allen W. Dulles, the director of the C.I.A. at the time President Kennedy was killed, helped cover up evidence of the organization’s involvement.
Referencing a House committee inquiry in 1976, he said:
Most of the people in that investigation believed it was the C.I.A. that was behind it because the evidence was so overwhelming to them.
But even that investigation, which found that President Kennedy was “probably” the victim of a conspiracy of some kind, flatly concluded that the C.I.A. was “not involved.”
And the Warren Commission, convened in 1963 to investigate the Kennedy assassination, found that the killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone and was not connected to any governmental agency.
Well, of course it’s true that the CIA, etc., really the Deep State, killed Kennedy. A friend of mine had lunch with Lyndon Johnson’s attorney when he was in the White House. This man told my friend that Kennedy was killed by “the foreign policy establishment of the United States.” Another attorney of Johnson’s openly blamed Johnson himself for playing a role in the murder. That certainly sounds plausible.
A Republican operative who ought to know about these things told a reporter off the record with an wink in his eye and a smile the same thing, that Kennedy was killed by “the foreign policy establishment of the United States.” It seems like an excellent theory and in fact, I am convinced that it is true.
Mr. Kennedy told The Washington Post in June that he still believed that John Kerry, the Democratic candidate, had won the 2004 presidential election.
Mr. Kennedy first promoted that idea in a 2006 article in Rolling Stone, asserting that Republicans had “mounted a massive, coordinated campaign to subvert the will of the people” and assure the re-election of President George W. Bush. He claimed that their efforts “prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted.”
But it is one thing to complain of vote suppression; it is another thing to demonstrate that Mr. Kerry won more of the votes cast.
Mr. Bush defeated Mr. Kerry by a margin of 35 electoral college votes nationally; he carried Ohio and its 20 electoral votes by more than 118,000 ballots.
The Times reported in 2004 that a glitch in an electronic Ohio voting machine added 3,893 votes to Mr. Bush’s tally. That error was caught in preliminary vote counts, officials said. But the event, alongside other voting controversies nationwide, spurred widespread questions about election integrity that caught traction with people like Mr. Kennedy.
Mr. Kerry, however, conceded the race a day after the election.
Well, they did steal it. Karl Rove is on the record for telling a Republican political operative who later went over to the other side that the Republicans started stealing elections with those computers as soon as computerized voting was put in by the uber-criminal Rove and his best friend, the felon (((Jack Abrahams))), a criminal Orthodox Jew who rose to be one of the most powerful Republicans in the land.
It was these two criminals who put through the HAVA bill which legalized the computerized voting machines for American elections. Immediately afterwards, elections started going haywire with wild upsets the likes of which we have hardly seen in the modern polling era.
Of course Trump stole the 2016 elections with voting machines. He tried very hard to steal the 2020 elections with those same machines, but Biden won too many votes, and they couldn’t pull it off.
And of course the criminal George Bush Jr. stole the 2000 election with the help of the crooked rightwing Supreme Court.
And with the help of Rove’s machines, Bush absolutely stole the 2004 election. The polls went off in a way that’s never been seen before in the modern polling era. Much worse, exit polls went wildly off for the first time in history since we started using them.
Since 2004, polls and exit polls have continued to go wildly off in a way that was never seen before computerized voting.
Obviously Republicans are stealing elections with those machines.
It also looks like the Democrats may be doing it too, or perhaps Republicans are rigging Democratic primaries also because exit polls went way off on in 2016 when Hitlery beat Bernie Sanders with one wild upset after another. Either the Democrats can hack their own primaries or the Republicans hacked the primary to keep Sanders out of the running.
For a while there, all of our elections were being run by three voting machine companies, all of which were run by wildly rightwing companies, most of whom were deep into the Christian theocracy Dominionist movement. They were using proprietary software that no one can even look at to run our elections. How insane can you get?
Yet this is America just like baseball and the Statue of Liberty, and the American people don’t give a toss if their elections are stolen.
Republican voters, debased rebrobates that they are, of course have no qualms about stealing elections, and Democratic voters all insist that it’s not possible.
Further, the political bottom feeders who run our system, the elites themselves, reject the very idea that our elections could be stolen. The theory itself is destructive to our democracy, they say. But what if elections are stolen and we have no democracy here, as is the case? Well, no matter, these elite pond scum say we just have to let our elections be stolen until Kingdom Come because the very theory that our elections might be stolen is more destructive to our nonexistent democracy than any actual election theft itself!

About Those Electors to the Electoral College

Rambo: Has anybody ever done a close study of who the electors of the electoral college are? They’re the only group of people mentioned in the constitution whose qualifications to be such were never spelled out. Why? It is amazing that the average Joe thinks he/she actually “votes for president.” What an illusion.

If you try to bring up the subject of the electors in the media, the subject is quickly changed and you are shut down. They are the only group of people that are NEVER to be talked about publicly, the true rulers of the US, exclusively choosing the President of the US.

I’d love to see an in-depth expose of these secretive people, but it will never happen. I did look up “electors by state” years ago, and got 2,016 names. Most of the people we’ve never heard of (which is the just the way it’s supposed to be). The whole point is, stop thinking you “vote” for president. You don’t.

I understand your concern, comrade*, but I’m afraid that they might not be quite as important as you think or worry. Really they end up being pretty mundane. They are obviously very powerful, but they end up being as predictable as the seasons.

These are just party regulars of one of the two political parties. If Democrats win a state, they send a slate of electors to Congress made up of party stalwarts and political animals who are very active and loyal in that state’s Democratic Party. If Republicans win, vice versa.

Though theoretically they could vote for anyone they wanted to, since they are hardcore party veterans and loyalists often working in paid positions in that state’s party, they almost never or never vote for the other party.

So if the Democrats win a state, they send a slate of Democratic electors from that state. Theoretically any one of them could vote Republican, but they never do or at least I’ve never heard of a case. Vice versa for Republicans.

Honestly, I don’t think they’re all that important except when the Republicans tried to send those fake slates in the last election. Now they were getting serious about this elector stuff.

*I’m a Leftie, so I like to use this word with my ideological fellows. Of course communists use that word, but socialists do too. I went to the website of the Socialist International, a grouping of mostly social democratic parties around the world and in their forums, they were calling each other comrade too. Their anthem is also The Internationale, just like the communists. It’s such a great song!

Also I sort of use it to piss off my enemies because if they see me calling commenters comrades, and you just know they’re going to go right through the roof.


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