Was Theodore Kaczinski Schizophrenic?

Somehow or other this man wrangled a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia out of some silly psychiatrists. There’s no way on Earth that is true. True to the modern Zeitgeist, of course now we have a clamoring chorus chiming in claiming he was autistic.

This man was not autistic.

And there’s no way on Earth that he had any type of schizophrenia, much less paranoid schizophrenia. After five years the condition deteriorates into chronic paranoid schizophrenia, and everything they write sort of “doesn’t make sense in some odd way.” Their writing at this stage all has a classic look and feel about it, and you can diagnose from a writing sample.

Kaczinski’s writing is coherent if some of his theories are a bit odd. But odd theory does not a paranoid schizophrenic make. All sorts of people have all sorts of weird ideas and unless those ideas are demonstrably false, they’re not delusions. They’re just a case of one more kooky human with their nutball notions.

There is no delusional thought process going on there. Thinking that technology is the end of man and hunter-gatherer days were better is said to be a delusion. Sure, it’s an odd notion, but it’s not a delusion. It’s simply a matter of opinion.

I believe the correct diagnosis other than Autogynephilia (Yes, the Unabomber was a tranny) is Schizoid Personality Disorder. He didn’t have much to do with other people at all, and he was just fine that way. It’s also commonly misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, and it is best seen as a mild form of that illness.

Most are not violent but a few are. A few serial killers had this diagnosis, including Leonard Lake, one of the psychos in California 40 years ago who, with his Asian army buddy Charles Ng, set up a cabin in the mountains and lured unsuspecting folks out there to imprison, torture, and murder them.

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