Putin Is Not Rightwing on Economics

Putin has said:

I’ve always liked the ideas of Marxism, of socialism and communism.

I suppose he’s talking in terms of economics and Marxism in a social justice sense. I’m not sure Putin cares a lot about economics, capitalism, or socialism, or communism or any of that jazz. He’s more into nationalism. His concern is with the nation itself, not whatever economic system it has going on.

The present Russian economic system is referred to as Statism. Wikipedia gives the Chinese system the same moniker. Apparently this is an economy in which the state plays a huge role. Many of the largest corporations in Russia are run by the state. And many of the large private corporations have a huge state stake in the firm. The state typically owns 49

Of course the economy of Nazi Germany was something like this too, except it was a lot more rightwing than anyone thinks. Hitler, like Putin, could care less about economics. Nazi economics was not completely bad. But we do not hate Nazis because of their economics. We dislike them for other aspects of their rule which pretty much wiped out any good things they did, and they did do a few good things, of course. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

Recently a factory was on strike for a long time. Putin went out to the firm and sat down with the workers and the management and heard them both out. Putin then ordered the firm to rehire all of the workers and give them an X amount wage hike.

No economic Rightist would ever do such a thing. They’re all 100

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