Did Ezra Pound Mentor TS Eliot?

Well, Pound did edit The Wasteland, and the book is dedicated to him. But I think this was more a case of mutual admiration and influence as opposed to mentoring or intervention.

But really you are are talking two giants here, Ezra Pound and TS Eliot, arguing in the captain’s tower while calypso singers laugh at them and fishermen hold flowers.

Pound had a massive ego and was a huge narcissist and a bit of a prick. But a giant of a figure.

Eliot was calmer but he was also a small planet with his own orbit.

Both of these guys were so far advanced into their own poetic worlds that I have a hard time believing that one was mentoring the other.

Also, Pound was off doing Imagism in Paris, Trieste, and Venice and hanging out with Joyce. Eliot was outside of the literary scene in the London fog.

They were both modernists, sure, but Eliot was not an Imagist. They were both rather obscure, but Eliot at least gave you footnotes and was less pretentious. He was also so much more accessible. Pound is way off somewhere else with The Cantos. Eliot never tried anything remotely like that.

Pound was translating works from Chinese with Ernesto Fennelosa and working with Old Occitan troubadour lyrics. Eliot was somewhere else entirely with a lot of background in old stage plays.

That they were both antisemites at some point or other I suppose is one of their major colliding points. Other than that, they were two orbits circling different objects, never to meet.

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