Was the USSR Antisemitic?

According to Judeopedia, I mean Wikipedia, it was. I was editing Jewish articles for a while on Judeopedia. All of the Jewish articles got taken over by the meanest, worst Jews on Earth, all Super-Jews, real quick and they ran out everyone who disagreed with them as “Nazis” on flimsy or made-up charges. These unpleasant people had “Wikipedia Nazi” lists that they passed around on which they put anyone who gave these Chosen People so much as a dirty look. I believe I was on one of those Nazi lists at one time.

Those Wikipedia Jews were infuriating! They were as punchable as a human gets. They broke all the rules and then infiltrated a number of Jews into administrator positions. These administrators then let the Jews break all the rules with no punishment, while their enemies were busted on the tiniest charges, often wholly made up.

The bottom line is that any and all articles on Jewish topics are wildly biased.

Also, Wikipedia should be called CIApedia because all of their articles about recent world history are “the world according to the CIA.” They say they’re on the Left, but that’s BS. They hate socialism and communism and anything with even a whiff of that. They love radical freemarket economics and all of the articles on that subjects are badly biased.

The founder, Jimmy Wales, was Libertarian Gentile who was a strong Zionist. He was seen hobnobbing with some of the wealthiest Zionist Jews on Earth. I guess he knows who signs the checks!

The only way those Wikipedians are “left” is on the society-wrecking program of the Cultural Left Freakshow with every sexual and gender minority elevated to sainthood and a strong anti straight cis White male bias. In other words, the Fake Left! Woketards + rightwing economics + the world according to the CIA. That’s the modern Western Left in a nutshell.

One of the Western Jews biggest criticisms against the USSR was that it would not let Jews emigrate from the country.

The USSR wouldn’t let the poor Jewish babies immigrate.

Oh boo hoo! Poor Jews! Wa wa!. Cry me a river, Jews!

Nobody got to emigrate in the USSR, nobody but nobody but nobody. That was the rule. Of course, Jews are special people so there are rules for them and rules for everyone else. Dual morality.

Also, they all wanted to go to Israel! The USSR was hostile to Israel. At first they were neutral but Israel very quickly went to the West, and a lot of liberal Jews started spying for the West against the USSR. That was part of the reason Stalin went anti-Jewish towards the end. He thought they were traitors.

Also, this was a useful Cold War club to beat the Soviets over the head with, and many liberal Western Jews got in on this bullshit.

The USSR finally started letting Jews emigrate, but they made it very hard for people with degrees to emigrate while making it easy for working class Jews to leave. What ended up happening is that Israel was full of Russian Jews who were former janitors, while all the mathematicians stayed in the country.

There was indeed an “antisemitic” period in the USSR under Brezhnev, at least according to the typical line. During this period, quotas were put on Jews at the universities.

Before the new policy, Jews were overrepresented by 6X at Soviet universities. After the USSR went “antisemitic,” they were “only” overrepresented by 3X.

We’re not overrepresented enough!

Boo hoo! Poor babies!

Reportedly the quotas went down to 2

Wikipedia also discusses the “antisemitic math” problem in the late USSR.

Yes, there was a problem in the math departments in the USSR which went antisemitic at the end. However, this was very controversial in the USSR, and even today, rightwing, Soviet-hating, antisemitic Russian academics now say that this was wrong.

I recall a quote from a Jewish professor at a university during this “antisemitic” period. He said that in his department, there were 300 people and maybe three or four of them were not Jewish. He said no one ever asked  whether someone was Jewish, and the matter never even really came up. In the USSR you didn’t discuss such things. Everyone’s ethnicity was “working class” and everyone’s religion was the state.

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